The Brilliant Fighting Master
1122 The New Commander
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1122 The New Commander

"D*mn it!" Xiong Gang turned pale. He had pinned his hopes on this attack, but it had ended up this way. He could not think anymore. Facing more and more blades, he rolled up his right sleeve. People who knew him all held their breaths when they saw him do this. They knew he was going to go all out.

There was nothing special about the arm itself, but starting from the shoulder, there was a rune, which looked like a tattoo, extending to his wrist. When Xiong Gang exerted himself, the Doctrine Pattern looked like a living centipede twisting on his arm. Soon, that arm became extremely terrifying. His skin burst so that his muscles were visible. He launched a palm attack. A great energy was formed in this area. All of the blades stopped moving.

He closed his fist tightly. Then the blades broke apart!

"Gosh!" Seeing how dreadful the Divine Demon Hand was with her own eyes, Tian Ling was scared out of her wits. Such a powerful sword movement as Jiang Chen's was cracked so easily.

"That's how strong he is," Wang Teng said seriously.

"Isn't that...isn't that an external force?" Tian Ling asked.

"Why should it be? Jiang Chen has two Doctrine Swords, and he only has one Doctrine Pattern."

It seemed to make sense, but Doctrine Swords would not strengthen one like the Doctrine Pattern.

"Jiang Chen, go to hell!" Xiong Gang became more confident. The divine body could not intimidate him anymore. He took the initiative to attack. Closing his right fist, he threw a punch over.

"The combination of Xuan Ming Qi and Xuan Kong Qi is really great, just as rumor has it."

"If they were in the same state, Jiang Chen's last attack would have killed Xiong Gang easily."

"But he is the one who chose to challenge a person in a higher state."

Everyone was talking about the fight.

In such a desperate fight, they really did not have any extra time to think about whether Xiong Gang had cheated or not. They only knew he would win.

"You sound like you are sure you would win."

Jiang Chen focused. The Holy Thunder and the evil flame combined. The divine body of fire of thunder also transformed to a surprising legendary weapon. The two bumped. It was a competition between the divine body and the Divine Demon Hand.

The fire of thunder was burning. The Divine Demon Hand failed to resist it.

"You think one Doctrine Pattern is enough to resist the divine body?" Jiang Chen kept approaching him. Each of his attacks had an overwhelming force. This was an unexpected twist. And it made people realize how powerful the divine body was.

"I'll show you how dreadful the combination of Xuan Kong Qi and Xuan Ming Qi is when it's exerted by a person in a higher state!" Xiong Gang went mad. He pointed the Divine Demon Hand at Jiang Chen. A deep black hole appeared at the center of his palm. A strong sucking force shrouded Jiang Chen. The fire of thunder was completely sucked into the hole.

"A Devouring Doctrine Pattern?" Jiang Chen was shocked. This kind of Doctrine Pattern was fantastic. It was needed to build super Doctrine Artifacts. It was absolutely nothing easy to weave such a Doctrine Pattern by oneself. He figured Xiong Gang had gotten it accidentally.

The fire of thunder vanished gradually. At the moment he only had the divine body left, but it was still very strong.

However, after absorbing the fire of thunder, Xiong Gang closed his fists tightly, and his fists had the force of the fire of thunder as well.

"My Divine Demon Hand can absorb the energy of those in a lower state. Despite your great talent, it's impossible for you to defeat me!" He punched over. Even the sky was seemingly collapsing.

Jiang Chen raised his hands to his chest to take this punch. He was sent flying.


Seeing Jiang Chen holding the same posture, Xiong Gang knew he would have to try harder. So the Divine Demon Hand grasped the Holy Erosion Beads in his left hand, and he launched his strongest attack.

"Okay!" Jiang Chen felt relieved. He threw the Heavenly Fault Sword toward the enemy.

"Ha, ha, ha, you are too young! You really think I'm attacking you?"

To his surprise, Xiong Gang suddenly stopped. He opened the Divine Demon Hand, intending to absorb the energy of this sword attack of Jiang Chen's again. However, it turned out the Divine Demon Hand could only absorb energy once each use. After that it needed some kind of recharge. And it could not be used with the Holy Erosion Beads, because it was a completely different kind of force.

"Yeah?" Somehow, Jiang Chen showed a mysterious smile.

"As I expected, he is just bluffing." Seeing Jiang Chen's reaction, Xiong Gang was surer about his assumption. "Let me see how you cry!"

Then the black hole appeared again in the Divine Demon Hand. It was absorbing the Heavenly Fault Sword.

"Thousands of Thunders! Run!" The hundreds of thunder patterns on the Heavenly Fault Sword were released.

"Eh?" Zhang Han recalled how Jiang Chen had compressed the Holy Thunder. His eyes lit up.

"What?" In spite of the Divine Demon Hand, Xiong Gang also sensed there was something wrong. When the Heavenly Fault Sword had been drawn to the enemy, the sea of thunder broke out. The Divine Demon Hand could not devour it all!

People could not see exactly what was happening, because the Heavenly Fault Sword fell like the burning sun. It grew bigger and bigger and more and more brilliant.

In the end, with a bang, Xiong Gang became a shadow in the sea of thunder. The shadow disappeared from the sea of thunder in less than two seconds. He did not even have time to scream.

The thunder also vanished after they had released their energy completely.


Looking up, people were petrified.

Xiong Gang was gone! There was no trace of him left in the world at all. He must have been killed, unless he had escaped at extremely high speed. However, the first case was the most likely, judging from the current situation.

Taking back his Heavenly Fault Sword, Jiang Chen had won the battle.

As to whom the credit of finding the spiritual pond would go to, there was no need to argue at all. It was the new commander who would get Xiong Gang's credit.

If he keeps improving like this, I can only compete with his swordsmanship. Wang Teng was not feeling good, because he found that except for his swordsmanship, his divine body and Holy Thunder were not good enough at all. Well, it'll be enough to count on my swordsmanship. Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack and Stay Independent of All Rules! Wang Teng's confidence came back before long. This was what a genius should be like.

The news spread all over the Red Blood Field very soon. It was because of a simple reason. The recruitment had only started one day ago. People had been expecting to see who the new captains were, where they were from, and what titles they had. However, a man who had been elbowed out became captain, and then, in one day, he suddenly became a commander.

It totally stupefied those new captains who had been recruited to the five great legions.

"D*mn it, b*tch!" Xu Sheng was very unhappy to hear the news.

It was not hard to understand his reaction. He had driven Jiang Chen away, but now Jiang Chen had became a commander on the Qi Li Continent. It was a slap in the face for him. Jiang Chen's promotion caused him to lose face. However, he could do nothing about Jiang Chen. Even though he was a general, the Qi Li Continent was out of his reach.

"Boo hoo, Jiang Chen must be directing this at me. He is staying in the Red Blood Field on purpose, so that I will regret leaving him." However, when Tang Shiya appeared before him as a vulnerable woman, he decided to do something to Jiang Chen.

"The drill is coming soon. We'll have many chances then!" Xu Sheng said.

"Watch out for him. He does after all have a divine body that broke the curse."

"Huh. Broke the curse? I've done some investigation. He happened to break the curse when he was seized by a demon. It was completely circumstantial," Xu Sheng said disdainfully.

Seeing him like this, Tang Shiya sighed to herself. You'll be killed by Jiang Chen sooner or later if you keep thinking this way. I haven't taken back my threads of love yet.


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