The Brilliant Fighting Master
1121 Divine Demon Hand
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1121 Divine Demon Hand

Tian Ling arrived on the Ling Long Mountain soon after getting the news. She found herself not very surprised to see one of the two fighters was Jiang Chen.

"He is so eager." Wang Teng showed up next to her, feeling complicated. He was a commander. If Jiang Chen became a commander as well, they would be in the same position. Although he had known Jiang Chen would be a commander sooner or later, if he made it in one day, he would get famous immediately.

"Xiong Gang? Wonder whether he's been forbidden to use his right arm," Wang Teng murmured after seeing who Jiang Chen's rival was.

At this moment, Han Li happened to return to Ling Long Mountain. He explained to Tian Ling and Wang Teng what had happened when they asked him about it. They could not tell who was right and who was wrong from the account of a third party, but Tian Ling knew it must have been Xiong Gang who had pushed Jiang Chen. For once in a blue moon, Wang Teng also agreed with her, because he had dealt with Xiong Gang before and he knew what this man was like.


The fight had started.

"Jiang Chen, I have to tell you in advance. In order for you to exert your true strengths without concern, you can kill your rival or you can be killed."

This was the tradition of the Red Blood Field. The weak are food for the strong. The strong gather respect from people.

"That's perfect," Jiang Chen said.

"I knew you would say that." Xiong Gang knew him quite well, but he could not figure out whether Jiang Chen was really indifferent or was just pretending to be so. He decided Jiang Chen was just pretending. It was because of his age! He could remain calm in life-or-death situations because he had been having adventures in the world for so many years and he was used to it. However, Jiang Chen was so young. How could he confront death so calmly? He was as calm as water. Seriously?

"You geniuses only know practicing alone hiding in some safe house and getting ranked at ridiculous ages. If you run into me outside, I can even kill those ranked in the Heaven List."

"Okay." That was Jiang Chen's only answer.

He had worked very hard and experienced a lot of dangers to come all the way here from the Realm of Nine Heavens. However, he did not think it was necessary for him to talk about it.

"Let me drag you out of the limelight. Ha, ha, ha. It will be such a big irony that a divine body that broke the curse is killed by a nobody."

Xiong Gang seemed kind of insane. His strong energy broke out instantly while he was speaking.

"Oh?" Jiang Chen frowned slightly. He saw something interesting. There was something strange about his rival's right arm. Before he could take a closer look, Xiong Gang had already launched an attack.

"Demon Stars Rush Around!"

The first attack of Xiong Gang's was extremely powerful. He did not try to hold back to test the waters, because he knew Jiang Chen's swordsmanship was great. So were his martial arts techniques. If he fought with Jiang Chen with weapons, he would absolutely suffer a loss. So, he had to rely on Doctrine Methods.

He was wearing a bracelet made out of iron beads. These Holy Erosion Beads shot out as soon as he threw a punch over. Each of them was shining brilliantly, whooshing across the sky dragging long radiances after them.

"Holy Erosion Beads!" The people down below screamed his weapon's name. It was a magic weapon!

Jiang Chen was surprised. The destructive power of each Holy Erosion Bead was more than that of an all-out punch from an eight-star strongman. The most terrifying thing was that they were magnetic. Each one had some connection with the others.

The Holy Erosion Beads had a unique penetrating power. They could pierce through a mountain while leaving the mountain standing.

"This is the Doctrine Method for Xuan Ming Qi and Xuan Kong Qi?" Despite his wide experience, Jiang Chen had to admit his rival's attack had something weird about it. He was on his guard. He unsheathed the Red Cloud Sword and created a fierce flame. The Holy Erosion Beads flew through the flame, only slightly affected.

When they got very close to their target, the Holy Erosion Beads suddenly accelerated. Lining up, they pressed against the first Holy Erosion Bead.

"What?" This elicited a dangerous feeling in Jiang Chen.

Xiong Gang burst into a fit of evil laughter. When the last Holy Erosion Bead had pressed against the bead ahead, it gave a push to all of the beads. The Holy Erosion Bead in the front shot straight at Jiang Chen's forehead.

At the crucial moment, Jiang Chen raised the Heavenly Fault Sword horizontally chest high. The blade was pointed at the Holy Erosion Beads. Fortunately, he had a Doctrine Artifact. It split the Holy Erosion Beads in half. However, after the split, they still gave his divine body a heavy punch. It was like a cannon shot. Jiang Chen had to retreat a bit.

"What is that?!" Tian Ling was anxious. She never expected this to happen.

"He has mastered a Doctrine Method for the combination of Xuan Ming Qi and Xuan Kong Qi. And he is strong enough to work on three qi at the same time. Besides, his state is higher than Jiang Chen's. This result is normal." Wang Teng, next to her, explained. He was thinking to himself while speaking, The guy in the lower state will certainly be put at a disadvantage. Why is she so surprised?

On the battlefield, Xiong Gang burst into complacent laughter. All of the Holy Erosion Beads went back into his palm.

"Jiang Chen, you can only be the best among youngsters. The adult world is rather cruel! My last attack was only testing the waters." He was not bluffing. As soon as he finished speaking, the six Holy Erosion Beads turned dark red. Grains appeared on their surfaces. This time, he used both hands. The Holy Erosion Beads were whirling madly between his fingers.

In the meantime, his right arm gave off a strong magnetic field.

"The use of his right arm isn't forbidden? Or he just doesn't know?" Wang Teng was shocked after noting this.

"What's wrong with his right arm?" Tian Ling said, puzzled.

"Xiong Gang found a doctrine pattern somewhere by accident, but he didn't have any Doctrine Artifact. This guy is pretty tough. He carved the doctrine pattern on his arm! This arm of his is called Divine Demon Hand!"

"What?! Seriously?" Tian Ling was shocked.

"It's mainly because of the uniqueness of that doctrine pattern. And he works on Xuan Ming Qi, so his body can handle it."

Seeing the Divine Demon Hand and Xiong Gang's special movement, and at the thought of the result of Jiang Chen's last confrontation with the Holy Erosion Beads, the soldiers in the barracks felt worried about Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen had defeated some eight-star strongmen, but those rivals were very young. They were not as experienced as Xiong Gang.

"You shouldn't be too proud of yourself." Jiang Chen swung his right hand, which had been numb. His look turned sharp. "Kill!"

Xiong Gang was ready. The Holy Erosion Beads flew over.

This time Jiang Chen did not spend much time observing. He raised his swords directly. "Tenth Sword: Thousands of Swords Return to the Core!" His rival had been exerting his special movement ceaselessly, so Jiang Chen would not show him any mercy either.

As soon as the sword momentum started, the pressure brought by Xiong Gang was greatly relieved. The sword energy soared into the clouds. Wang Teng was shocked. "A sword momentum like this?" Soon, he realized things had just started. As Jiang Chen accumulated his force, the sword energy became as vast as the sea. which was going to drown the enemy.

"Gosh! What a dreadful sword momentum! He is only a five star," Wang Teng said involuntarily. In the barracks, many swordsmen also turned pale.

"How many qi is this Jiang Chen working on simultaneously? It's never been mentioned."

"Judging from such a sword attack, I guess he is working on three qi at least!"

"I agree. After all, he has the divine body. He can't be too bad!"

Like Jiang Chen before him, Xiong Gang now had a dangerous feeling as soon as he sensed his rival's sword momentum. At this point, he had no choice but to try his best. He shot the Holy Erosion Beads. They multiplied along the way. There were thousands of them, so densely arranged that people were scared out of their wits.

In the end, numerous blades and numerous Holy Erosion Beads bumped against each other in the air.

In a melody created by the bump of metals, the Holy Erosion Beads were smashed one after another. The blades had the advantage. They flew toward Xiong Gang.


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