The Brilliant Fighting Master
1120 Fight! Fight! Fight!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1120 Fight! Fight! Fight!

The thunder force had achieved the Holy Thunder. Through the thunder method, Jiang Chen had mastered The Five Thunders Authentic Method. Aided by the Invincible Golden Body, Jiang Chen, among Star Venerables, was only inferior to a few geniuses whose states were higher than his in terms of fighting power.

However, he thought the thunder force should be more than that. If the Holy Thunder was the destination, what would the two highest levels of the strongest thunder method be like?

He exerted the force of thunder while fighting with Zhang Han. In the fight, an idea suddenly occurred to him. He felt he had understood something. After achieving the Holy Thunder, what he needed to do was to be limitless and be able to exert the force of thunder in a simple way.

Take Divine Sword Defends Against Thunders, for example. It was only achievable after Holy Thunder had been achieved. He was currently thinking about how to exert the power of Divine Sword Defends Against Thunders to the maximum. He figured he could compress the Holy Thunder and let it break out with sword movements.

Sitting in the spiritual pond, he gave it a try. Lightning flashed and thunder roared around him. The soldiers of the Tiger Battalion nearby did not dare approach him at all.

"What is he doing?"

Different from other soldiers, Zhang Han was a Half-Monster. He was more experienced than average soldiers and he had better judgment too. So he knew Jiang Chen was not practicing.

The sky would be covered with thunderclouds and holy thunders would keep roaring when one was practicing a thunder method. However, the thunderbolts released into the pond were emitted by Jiang Chen himself.

When he could see thunderbolts as far as the eye could see, Jiang Chen started to try to bring the thunderbolts under control.

Zhang Han felt terrified. He had never seen an inheritor of thunder methods as crazy as Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was trying to compress the fiercest force in the world.

"What is he gonna do?"

These thunderbolts would explode sooner or later when they achieved the critical point. By then, Jiang Chen, at the center of them, would definitely be heavily injured.

However, as soon as he saw the thunderbolts on the verge of losing control, Jiang Chen's Heavenly Fault Sword unsheathed itself and flew into the thunderbolts. All of the thunderbolts were injected into the sword!

The Doctrine Sword shook violently. Zhang Han saw the thunderbolts leave a pattern on the sword blade! At the same time, Zhang Han saw Jiang Chen light up.

Then Jiang Chen kept repeating this process, and one and another thunder pattern appeared on the sword blade. And thunderclouds were also gathering in the sky!

This process lasted for half an hour. Seeing Jiang Chen bring the strongest force in the world under control, the soldiers of the Tiger Battalion were totally convinced.

When it was finally over, they were curious about the change in the Heavenly Fault Sword. However, the sword, with hundreds of thunder patterns interwoven in it, was sheathed right away.

When Jiang Chen came out of the spiritual pond, they found the spiritual liquid in the pond was much clearer, because its spirit had been absorbed. Some time later, the liquid in the spiritual pond would recover. But that was not their problem. The spiritual pond was the property of the Qi Li Continent. They had only discovered it.

Zhang Han came up to Jiang Chen as soon as the latter came ashore. He said excitedly, "Xiong Gang works on Xuan Ming Qi and Xuan Kong Qi. His attack is fierce and brutal. The trickiest thing is he has also mastered a corresponding Doctrine Method."

The combination of Xuan Ming Qi and Xuan Kong Qi was really rare. As a result, there were only a few Doctrine Methods for this combination. Xiong Gang did not only work on them at the same time, but had got a Doctrine Method suitable for them. He was really something. Most important, Xiong Gang was an eight-star strongman.

Just like He Wuhuan. The only thing was Jiang Chen was not allowed to use the bronze cauldron in the upcoming fight. State was ignored frequently among Star Venerables, but it was fundamental.

With one more constellation palace, more qi would be contained. It was common for Jiang Chen to challenge a rival in a higher state. However, once his state leveled up, the rival in the same state would be vulnerable before him.

"The biggest problem is his age," Zhang Han said.

Age represents time. Maybe his state was just so-so, but he must have a few trump cards.

"Don't worry." Jiang Chen smiled. Gazing at his soldiers, of whom he had lost none, he said, "Let's go back!"

The morale of the soldiers was boosted under his encouragement. They were looking forward to the future with Jiang Chen as their commander.

It will definitely be a record if he really becomes the commander on his first day. Some people were extremely excited about such a vision.

When they arrived at the barracks, the other troops of the Xuanji Army had all returned. Each troop had some gains. Some had hunted fierce beasts, and others had found mines, while they had found a spiritual pond.

However, Zhang Han and the others soon learned that Xiong Gang had taken credit for finding the spiritual pond.

Jiang Chen should get feats for having killed the Supreme Demon Scorpion, and he could use the spiritual pond once for having found it. And Empress Ling Long would give him extra prizes too.

However, claiming that it was he who had told Jiang Chen the position of the spiritual pond, Xiong Gang took the credit. The most horrible thing he did was that in the log of their marching, the spiritual pond was marked half a month ago.

"Darn it. Xiong Gang knew where the spiritual pond was, but he wasn't able to get rid of the Supreme Demon Scorpion, and neither did he want to ask others for help so that they wouldn't share credit with him!" Zhang Han was extremely annoyed when he had finally seen Xiong Gang's true colors.

So were the others. They had had the impression that Xiong Gang was only rude, but he totally shocked them with his dirty tricks.

"He is just a pup that has just joined the army. How could he find a spiritual pond on his own?" Xiong Gang was still boasting in the barracks. The other soldiers seemed to have been convinced by him.

"Come on, Jiang Chen! Show me what you have!"

Seeing Jiang Chen had returned, he provoked him loudly.

Jiang Chen remained calm, but Zhang Han and the others could not swallow it.

"Jiang Chen, are you sure you're wanna do this?"

Xiao Li, the other commander of the Tiger Battalion, showed up. His white armored coat had a red tinge. A fierce beast that was even more dreadful than the Supreme Demon Scorpion had died under his iron spear earlier this day.

And he was the person who had the right to decide who would be the other commander. Otherwise, Xiong Gang would not have shown him so much respect.

"Elder Brother Xiao, this guy is as unbridled as the rumor says. He really needs to be taught a lesson." Xiong Gang said in a sarcastic tone.

"I've made up my mind," Jiang Chen said calmly.

"You'll be the new commander if you can defeat a commander. This is the rule. However, you can only challenge a commander when you have the support of your soldiers," Xiao Li said.

This was a measure to prevent people from using military posts as stepping stones. The Red Blood Field thought it was very important to win the respect of the soldiers.

Smiling, Jiang Chen asked, "Soldiers, what do you say?" 

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" Led by Zhang Han, dozens of soldiers were shouting in sync. Their high morale surprised the soldiers who were just looking on. Jiang Chen had been here for less than one day. What kind of magic did he have?

Even Xiao Li seemed to be moved. His look seemed to be meaningful. "Start the fight then." Since the requirement had been satisfied, he had no reason to stop the fight. He would not side with either of them.

Xiong Gang kept smiling coldly, either because he was super-confident or he was bluffing.

"No external force is allowed. Elder Brother Xiao, please help me oversee this fella," he said.

Nodding slightly, Xiao Li said, "You, too."

"Ha, ha, ha, to deal with this fella, that won't be necessary."

Then Jiang Chen and Xiong Gang flew into the air. Different from the fight in the morning, this time there were drumbeats all over the barracks. Jiang Chen had fought with Zhang Han only to establish his prestige, but this one would be a real fight. The drumbeats had a unique rhythm. The folks of the Qi Li Continent all understood what they meant.


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