The Brilliant Fighting Master
1117 Spirit Stone
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1117 Spirit Stone

The body of a ferocious beast at such a level possessed a high value. It was a pity, therefore, that the Supreme Demon Scorpion was an exception, and there wasn't anything valuable in its body apart from its venom. Moreover, its poison bag was already crushed. The soldiers found this a real shame.

However, Jiang Chen's academic badge once again got around a thousand merit points, and he also officially became a wolf-grade disciple.

"Can this badge detect what is happening in the vicinity?" Jiang Chen thought inwardly

"Captain, there is surely something fishy about the Supreme Demon Scorpion's occupation of this land."

"That's right. Moreover, it isn't easy for the Supreme Demon Scorpion to grow to such a great size."

The other soldiers came back to their senses and spoke one after the other. One could discern their heartfelt respect from their tones.

"Search every nook around here," Jiang Chen was of the same opinion, and he passed down an order.

Several dozen soldiers immediately scattered and used their Holy Awareness. They didn't neglect any place or corner.

Jiang Chen also used his Heaven Eye to help them, and surprisingly enough, the black dragon who always kept it calm came over to chat with him.

"Human, why has this land got draconic energy?" the black dragon asked in confusion.

At first, Jiang Chen wanted to say that he didn't know why, but he suddenly recalled that the Dragon Realm's plane channel was opened temporarily. He informed the dragon of this matter.

"Did the Dragon Clan come into this world?" The black dragon's emotions were stirred up. He was slighted aggrieved and frustrated.

"You can be at ease, I will fulfill my promise and help you and the Azure Demon reconstruct your bodies once again," Jiang Chen said.

"I don't hold any hope of this. Humans have always been fond of boasting and talking big." The black dragon didn't show him any due respect.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes at him. If he didn't know that the black dragon's character was always like this, he might have assumed that he had a prejudice against him.

"However, where is the draconic energy you have detected?" Jiang Chen asked suddenly, displaying his excitement.

It was a true dragon! This was a being he had wanted to see personally in his previous life, and like most people, Jiang Chen was also interested in the noble, proud, and powerful Dragon Clan.

"There isn't any concrete direction, and I can only detect the presence of draconic energy."

Upon witnessing Jiang Chen's current appearance, the black dragon hesitated for a moment, and said, "Human, it will be better for you to give up on your foolish ideas."

"What?" Jiang Chen couldn't understand what he meant.

"Your body has a fire dragon's main source, and you have used it to form a divine body. The Dragon Clan won't tolerate such actions. Moreover, what is more important is that the main source is a power source, which can only be formed by a divine dragon, and it's like the treasure of an enlightened senior monk. If they learned that it's within your body, they will surely snatch it away." The black dragon, who seemed apathetic, also cared about Jiang Chen.

"The fire dragon's main source had already fused with Jiang Chen. So, how can the dragons deprive him of it?" the Azure Demon asked nervously.

"It's quite simple. They will just have to swallow him down. They will absorb what they can absorb, and discard what they can't absorb." The black dragon revealed a crafty smile.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen curled his mouth. He didn't really expect such a matter, but cowardice was never one of his traits.

"Fine, I'm also in need of a dragon's blood, and I don't mind it," Jiang Chen said.

Upon noticing that Jiang Chen dared to lust after a dragon, the black dragon's gaze became sharp. Then, however, it quickly became gloomy.

"This is a dragon who has his own history," the azure demon said in a low voice.

Upon hearing this, the black dragon was infuriated, and it moved its body back and forth. It wanted to teach this spiritual being a lesson!

"May the Lord Buddha protect us!" Asura, who was next to them, folded his hands while wearing a devout expression.

"We found it!" A delighted voice echoed not far from them, and Jiang Chen and the others rushed over and witnessed a precious object there.

"Spiritual Liquid Pond!"

The soldiers looked straight at it, and they almost choked on their saliva.

There was a spring, which had the shape of a crescent, at the top of the mountain, and steam was rising from it.

Their instincts as cultivators made them all desire to plunge into it. However, they resisted such an impulse and looked at Jiang Chen.

Even though this pond was found by a soldier, if Jiang Chen hadn't killed the Supreme Demon Scorpion, the soldier wouldn't have managed to achieve it.

Spiritual Liquid was a precious resource like yuan stones and the yellowish black gas. It was formed naturally and was an indispensable cultivation resource for Star Venerables.

Spiritual Liquid of varied grades had a varied effect, and the disparity between them was like the disparity between Spirit Elixirs, Heaven Elixirs, and Immortal Elixirs. Spiritual Liquid was divided into four grades, yellow, mysterious, earth, and heaven. The Spiritual Liquid Pond found by them belonged to the yellow-grade.

"What are you standing here in a daze? Plunge into it!" Jiang Chen said.

Upon his order, all the soldiers became spirited and cheered. They all took off their clothes and plunged into the pond.

Spiritual Liquid had another special trait: it couldn't be displaced, and regardless of what kind of vessel they used to store it, its spiritual power would quickly disappear. This was why it was difficult to buy Spiritual Liquid outside, but there were some factions who opened their Spiritual Pond for outsiders' usage and charged a fee for using it.

The pond was vast, and it would be easy for it to accommodate more than a hundred people.

Jiang Chen also jumped into it, and he felt his whole body become scalding. A sonorous bird cry echoed from his body, and raging flames emanated from him and soared into the sky.

The soldiers in the vicinity were startled by this, and it was fortunate that Jiang Chen managed to restrain the flames in time.

Jiang Chen's face was filled with delight and surprise. This was the first time he had been able to enjoy a Spiritual Pond, and he didn't expect that it would have such amazing effects.

Thereafter, the magical clone, Master Luo Cheng, who was in the Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce, looked for Xie Ting.

"Great master!" Xie Ting became delighted when she saw him, and she revealed her pearly white teeth.

"The weather is getting cold, and I want to visit a Spiritual Pond."

"There isn't any issue with this. I wonder which grade Spiritual Pond you plan to visit?" Xie Ting asked.

"Heaven-grade," Jiang Chen said.

"Ah? Great Master, there are only several heaven-grade Spiritual Ponds, and they are present only in sanctity-grade continents. Their fees are too hefty, and if you don't need to raise your cultivation quickly, you shouldn't waste your money there." Xie Ting was surprised by this request, and she explained this matter clearly to him.

"It's no bother, and it doesn't matter if it's slightly expensive."

"Okay!" Envy welled up in Xie Ting's heart. Even someone like her couldn't be as liberal with money as the Great Master was.

"Heaven-grade Spiritual Pond's effects?" Xie Ting couldn't help but say while sighing.

"Miss Xie, if you want to go there, you can accompany me, and you don't need to worry about any expenses," Jiang Chen said boldly.

Xie Ting was taken aback, and she was both startled and delighted. Her cheeks quickly became flushed, and she said charmingly, "Great Master, you are so naughty." After she spoke, she ran away.

Jiang Chen was confused by this, and it was only after a moment that he understood what had happened. He smiled bitterly, and said, "I didn't ask you to take a bath with me..."

Jiang Chen's main body was now soaking in a yellow-grade Spiritual Pond, and as he thought about a heaven-grade Spiritual Pond's benefits, he couldn't help but smile.

All of a sudden, his Celestial Phoenix's genuine bloodline helped him detect something below the Spiritual Pond. He took a deep breath and plunged underwater.

After a short while, he came out of the water holding a precious stone.

"Ah? It's a spirit stone."

"Captain, you really have good luck."

"It seems like this Spiritual Pond has existed for more than a thousand years, and that is why a spirit stone was formed here."

A spirit stone was like the quintessence of a Spiritual Pond, and it could be freely brought away without any restrictions. Its effects were better than an Immortal Elixir. After all, an Immortal Elixir was man-made, while a spirit stone was a natural object formed by the world.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, newcomers really have good luck. You unexpectedly managed to get a spirit stone."

What no one had expected was that a group several hundred people would appear in the sky.

"It's the Crane Battalion," Zhang Han said quickly after taking a look at them.

"Weren't they in charge of the southeastern side? Why have they come here?" One of the soldiers was confused by this.

"Quickly put your clothes on and be on your guard." Jiang Chen realized that something was amiss, and he quickly passed down an order.


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