The Brilliant Fighting Master
1116 Challenging a Ferocious Beast Alone
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1116 Challenging a Ferocious Beast Alone

Even though this land was fraught with peril, the team wasn't really affected because they were flying in the sky.

However, they would sometimes need to descend and check over some matters, and they would then easily end up suffering the attacks of ferocious beasts or vile spirits.

Every time, Jiang Chen would walk fearlessly in the front, which boosted the team's morale greatly. It also made them forget to reproach him because he had tried to challenge Xiong Gang.

Moreover, as they considered this matter carefully, they realized that there should be a team walking down this road, and with Xiong Gang's character, he would surely hand this over to the new captain.

"Do you really want to challenge a commander?" Zhang Han asked.

"My target isn't limited to just a commander." Jiang Chen thought of Xu Sheng, and his eyes flickered.

"Xiong Gang's talent isn't on a par with yours, but he has still been cultivating for at least fifteen more years than you," Zhang Han said.

This was the truth, and even though Zhang Han and Jiang Chen had the Earth List's halo, it didn't mean that they could ignore Star Venerables who weren't on the list.

Xiong Gang was among the best, and since he could become a commander, he obviously possessed strong traits. He was an eight-stars expert, and he cultivated at least two Qi. Besides this, he surely had other cards up his sleeve, or he wouldn't have been able to stand in front of Jiang Chen so arrogantly.

"Geniuses always accomplish such feats," Jiang Chen said.

Zhang Han nodded while wearing a pensive look.

It was at this moment that Jiang Chen suddenly stopped and looked at a mountain ridge in the distance. "Let's go over to have a look."

In other people's eyes, it didn't seem like there was anything there, but since Jiang Chen had already given the order, they could only follow them.

When the team approached the mountain ridge, the ground started moving up and down like waves. A terrifying aura emanated from there, warning the people in the sky.

"It's a ferocious beast!"

"It seems from its aura that it's among the most savage and ferocious kind."

"I wonder whether it can fly?"

The team went on the offensive and took out their long-range weapons. 

Once they were ready, Jiang Chen was the first person to land. Just as he did so, the other soldiers exclaimed in alarm because it seemed like something had torn open the ground and had emerged from the hole. 

Once they carefully observed that object, they discovered that it was a curved tail, which shone with a metallic glint. It seemed sharp and unblockable!

Jiang Chen used his Invincible Golden Body at the first possible moment and released his divine lightning. It was only then that he managed to deflect the tail's attack.

Meanwhile, the ground started becoming softer, and a colossal monster appeared before their eyes.

"Supreme Demon Scorpion!"

"Oh my God! It's a completely mature one."

"What did it eat to grow to such a size?"

The soldiers exclaimed in alarm, but they still didn't forget to attack. However, when the arrows hit the Supreme Demon Scorpion's body, just a crisp sound echoed, and they couldn't leave even a mark on it.

The pitch-black Supreme Demon Scorpion possessed a gigantic body, and as he moved quickly in the mountain range, the mountains seemed like little rocks in comparison to its giant body. Its whole body was like a great armor, while it could freely change the length of its long tail.

The Supreme Demon Scorpion climbed up a mountain's peak and waved its tail to attack the soldiers in the sky. Its attack was as quick as lightning, and no one could react in time to dodge it.

However, it was fortunate that at such a crucial moment, Jiang Chen pulled out his Heavenly Fault Sword and attacked the venomous sting with the Divine Sword of Lightning Technique. A large amount of venom spluttered out of the sting and started burning in the air, emitting a foul and harmful odor.

What surprised Jiang Chen greatly was the metallic collision sound that echoed.

"The Supreme Demon Scorpion's defense is too abnormal,'" Jiang Chen thought to himself, while he retreated along with his flustered soldiers out of the Supreme Demon Scorpion's attack range.

"Captain, what should we do?" a soldier asked.

"What are the mission's instructions?" One couldn't blame Jiang Chen for raising such a question because he had just come here recently.

"We should purge all harmful ferocious beasts," Zhang Han replied.

"If we run into something we can't deal with, we can then ask for reinforcements," a soldier added.

"Ask for reinforcements then."

Jiang Chen looked at the tyrannical Supreme Demon Scorpion. He didn't want to have a bitter fight with it. However, he quickly discovered that all people were looking at him.

"Is it me who should ask for it?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"Didn't Xiong Gang give you a communication stone?" Zhang Han asked in surprise.

"He didn't give it to me."

At this moment, a spectacular expression appeared on the faces of the crowd.

"Shouldn't we just ignore it?"

"We woke the Supreme Demon Scorpion, and it won't go back to sleep before slaughtering to its heart's content. If we leave it, it will look for other targets, and if another team ends up harmed by it, we will bear responsibility for it and will have made a serious mistake."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen realized how treacherous Xiong Gang was.

"Set a formation," Jiang Chen said.

"Captain, we don't know any formations," Zhang Han said.

"What?" Jiang Chen was surprised by this. If they didn't know any formation, why did they establish teams?

While they were speaking, the Supreme Demon Scorpion glided over to them. It waved its tail, which was becoming longer, in the air.

Jiang Chen threw out the Heavenly Fault Sword and repelled the tail's attack.

The Supreme Demon Scorpion, which was on the ground, raised its forelimbs and started waving them.

"Captain, this ferocious beast is challenging us," Zhang Han said.

"I have noticed that already." Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly.

A rich man wasn't aware of the struggle of a poor man. A formation that could be set up by a group of Star Venerables was quite shocking, and such a formation was even more precious than breakthrough Immortal Elixirs.

This was why if they ran into such a situation, and an officer wasn't present, the Xuanji Army would just depend upon its large number of people to solve it. However, the Supreme Demon Scorpion was too strong for them to deal with it.

"Oh, that's right!" Jiang Chen patted his chest suddenly, as he got an idea.

"You should just provide support from the sidelines and distract it. As for the rest, leave to me."

After Jiang Chen spoke, he flew at a low altitude, and the other people were all scared by such an action.

The Supreme Demon Scorpion wouldn't turn down such an opportunity, and its tail flew around at a speed higher than before by several folds. It reached Jiang Chen in the twinkling of an eye.

"Beast! I have almost forgotten that I don't need to fight against you fairly."

After Jiang Chen spoke, a Buddhist Light, which hadn't appeared for a long time, emerged from his body. It was a dazzling golden light. The groups of spiritual beings, draconic beings, and Asura appeared one after the other.

"Extinguish evil!" As Jiang Chen passed down an order, the black dragon roared loudly and swooped down.

"May the Lord Buddha protect us!"

The true demon's outward appearance resembled an enlightened Buddhist Monk, and he attacked while stating the same words as usual.

"I have assumed that you will challenge this ferocious beast alone," the Azure Demon said in mockery and attacked with his palm.

The tail of the Supreme Demon Scorpion was broken by the Black Dragon, and it was obvious that the scorpion didn't expect such a situation. Out of instinct, it started drilling into the ground, and its gigantic body entered the ground completely in less than a second.

However, before it managed to flee far away, the Asura approached it fearlessly, and kicked the Supreme Demon Scorpion, sending it flying away. The Azure Demon caught the scorpion, slapped it down into the ground, and crushed it. The Supreme Demon Scorpion was killed!

The people at a high altitude in the sky descended in silence, and as the wind blew over at them, the ambiance became even stranger.

"It's no wonder that he said that his target wasn't limited to just being a captain. Since he possesses such great external power, even young saints and saintesses will have to make way for him."

At this moment, Zhang Han accepted Jiang Chen wholly, and it was also the case for the other people. Even though Jiang Chen was slightly impulsive, he was anything but simple, and he always possessed enough power to deal with all issues.


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