The Brilliant Fighting Master
1114 Ferocious Tiger Battalion
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1114 Ferocious Tiger Battalion

Empress Ling Long had two armies, and they were the Ling Long Army and the Xuanji Army. It could be seen from their name that the Ling Long Army was Qi Li Continent's trump card and Empress Ling Long's main force.

It was arranged that Jiang Chen would join the Xuanji Army. This was as everyone expected, and they would have only been surprised if Jiang Chen had joined the Ling Long Army.

After Jiang Chen got his own armor, he officially joined the Red Blood Field's faction.

The happiest among them was Tian Ling because they could get then a chance to spend a long time together. It was just a pity that it didn't leave them too much time to spend alone.

Since Jiang Chen had become a captain and had received merit points, he needed to work hard.

At daybreak the following day, Jiang Chen went to the army camp which was on a flat plain. Han Li, one of the commanders of the Xuanji Army, accompanied him. There was more than one captain, and this was also the case for commanders.

When Han Li discovered that he wouldn't be managing Jiang Chen, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. He hesitated for a moment, before he said kindly, "Jiang Chen, you will join the Ferocious Tiger Battalion. You must be careful."

The Xuanji Army was divided into Crane Battalion, Eagle Battalion, Tiger Battalion, Bear Battalion, and Deer Battalion. Han Li belonged to the Eagle Battalion, and this was why he couldn't attend to Jiang Chen even though he was a commander. According to his knowledge about the Ferocious Tiger Battalion, he knew that Jiang Chen wouldn't have an easy time of it there. Despite this, Han Li was quite prudent and didn't say much about this matter.

Han Li and Jiang Chen quickly reached the edge of the camp before they went through the gate and strode into the practice plaza.

"Jiang Chen!" a muffled voice called out. A robust man not far from them was looking at them.

"He's one of the Ferocious Tiger Battalion's commanders, Xiong Gang," Han Li warned Jiang Chen in a low voice.

Jiang Chen walked to the Tiger Battalion, and he immediately felt many gazes looking at him. Some of those gazes were filled with curiosity, while others were filled with contempt, and there were even some filled with malice.

Xiong Gang, who had a thick beard, put on a fake smile and said loudly, "Come over! I will introduce everyone to our great genius, who used his connections to get here."

The whole Tiger Battalion began to roar with laughter.

"Hey! I heard that you are Tian Ling's lover; is it true?"

"How do Cang Yue's feet taste? You must have licked them and pleased her so much that she helped you to get a meeting with the Empress!"

"It can be seen with a single glance that he's just an impressive-looking but useless pretty boy."

None of the soldiers cared about their appearances and spoke vulgarly. They didn't seem at all like Star Venerables.

Jiang Chen had become a captain without going through any tests. That had never happened before in Qi Li Continent, and this was why it was difficult for others to accept him.

"Don't worry about it. An army is always like this, and they all respect true experts." Xiong Gang had a crude look, and it seemed like he didn't bother about trifles. It was obvious though that he was full of vile tricks.

"Do you think that I don't deserve to be a captain?" Jiang Chen was aware that he mustn't cower now, or else, it would be impossible for him to get any respect here.

"Why are you speaking like that? Can't you take a joke?" Xiong Gang chuckled and beckoned toward someone in the crowd. He said, "Zhang Han, come over!"

A tall youth of around 20 strode over while wearing a gloomy expression.

"I have to ask you whether you accept the new captain or not?" Xiong Gang asked loudly.

"I don't accept him!" Zhang Han was even more excited than the others.

"Captain, if you didn't come here, Zhang Han would have become the Tiger Battalion's new captain. He already went through the test, and he had the soldiers' approval." Xiong Gang's smile disappeared, and he spoke sternly.

Upon facing Zhang Han's hostile gaze, Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders, and said, "What are you waiting for? If you don't want to accept it, just fight. Don't harm your body by holding yourself back."

"Captain, are you sure about this?" Xiong Gang chuckled. He had expected this, but he still asked even though he knew the answer.

"If I lose, I will leave the Tiger Battalion," Jiang Chen said.


This was what Zhang Han had been waiting for, and a scarlet battle lance, which had a golden tip, appeared in his hand. As his Stars Sea's power erupted out, Zhang Han flew to the sky, and a metallic sound echoed from his armor.


All of the soldiers in the entire camp raised their hands. They were all looking forward to this battle.

The disturbance coming from this place alerted the people in Ling Long Camp, and after Tian Ling saw what was going on, she became worried. She went to find Cang Yue, who was in the vicinity. "Sister Cang Yue..."

"Tian Ling, it's me who decided to place him in the Ferocious Tiger Battalion. If he can't even deter such people, he shouldn't dream about establishing himself in the Red Blood Field," Cang Yue interrupted her, making it clear that she wouldn't intervene in this matter.

"That's right! Tian Ling, he's someone who got the Invincible God of War. So, let's just wait and observe this battle." The Junior Sword Venerable Wang Teng had also come over after he got news about this matter, and he revealed a smile after he heard their discussions.

He was looking forward to having a fight against Jiang Chen, but he wanted to see Jiang Chen's performance first.

"That's not what I meant. I understand all of that. What I mean is that if we don't stop him, Jiang Chen may do something atrocious matters." Tian Ling was anxious. She wasn't worried about Jiang Chen, but about the rest of the Tiger Battalion.

Both Cang Yue and Wang Teng looked in surprise at her.

"Zhang Han isn't an ordinary person. He's one of the academy's best tiger-grade disciples, and what is more important is that he's ranked eighty-seventh on the Earth List." This wasn't an easy feat because the Earth List didn't just measure one's power, and getting into it was a great honor that expressed that one was still young and promising.

"He's only ranked eighty-seventh," Tian Ling muttered. She was still worried that someone may lose his life.

Jiang Chen and Zhang Han flew into the sky above the camp and floated next to each other at the same altitude. "I will stay in the same place without moving, and if you can force me to move back by a single step, I will leave the captain's position to you," Jiang Chen said.

When they heard what he had said, the raucous noise in the camp subsided. All of the soldiers looked at each other in dismay. After they ascertained that they hadn't misheard Jiang Chen, they all let out exaggerated cries.

"Captain, it seems like you are quite confident," Xiong Gang said in a strange tone.

"Xiong Gang, what trouble you are causing this time?" At that moment, a voice filled with displeasure reverberated through the surroundings.

"Brother Xiao!"

Xiong Gang looked at the person who came over. He was a man clan in a white combat robe, and even though he was already in his thirties, he still seemed outstanding. He was the Ferocious Tiger Battalion's other commander, Xiao Li.

"If I don't do this, our brothers won't accept him," Xiong Gang explained.

Upon hearing this, Xiao Li raised his head and looked at the sky. He just pursed his lips but didn't do anything to interfere with the battle. In the army, everything depended upon one's power.

When Zhang Han heard Jiang Chen's arrogant words, he was greatly infuriated. The battle spear in his hands buzzed slightly, while vigorous power surged out of it. A phantom image formed by the light also appeared. It was the phantom image of an unknown prehistoric ferocious beast, and it circled around the spear.

"Heavenly Upheaval Draconic Spear Move!" Zhang Han used his strongest move bravely without leaving himself a way out.

"He's too impulsive! Isn't he afraid that Jiang Chen is just deceiving him?

"This is called bravery and boldness! Only lowly people will cower."

"Kill this pretty boy!"

The Tiger Battalion's soldiers were shouting loudly.

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and looked at his opponent, who was building up power. He felt then like a violent storm was attacking him.

"A member of an inheritance family? No, that's not right. He's a half-monster." Jiang Chen had seen through his opponent's attack with a single glance, and he was shocked by what he discovered.

However, before he could think too much about his matter, Zhang Han's spear, which possessed great destructive power, attacked him.


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