The Brilliant Fighting Master
1113 Empress Ling Long
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1113 Empress Ling Long

"We have just started the real business of today. You both need to cool your temper."

In the end, it wasn't Tang Shiya who dissuaded them successfully, but a warrior wearing golden armor.

"Chief officer!"

Everyone present here treated him respectfully, and even the arrogant Xu Sheng restrained himself.

"The Red Blood Field welcomes the Abundance Land Academy's disciples here, and they can play around as they want," the chief officer said. That meant that Jiang Chen could stay in the Red Blood Field, but he shouldn't have any hopes of getting into the five armies. 

The chief officer had already dealt with this matter. However, Xu Sheng still wasn't willing to accept such an outcome.

Tang Shiya transmitted her voice to Jiang Chen secretly and said, "Shouldn't you be angrily challenging Xu Sheng if you're acting as you normally do?"

Jiang Chen cast a glance at her and didn't say anything. Xu Sheng was both a general and a dragon-grade disciple, which meant that there was still a disparity between them. This, however, was only a temporary matter.

Jiang Chen looked at the Heavenly Fire Army. He didn't find failing to join them a pity. It was they who should feel regret. Just after this, Jiang Chen left the plaza along with Cang Yue and Tian Ling.

"Jiang Chen, Xu Sheng has great authority in the Red Blood Field, so you shouldn't concern yourself too much with this matter," Tian Ling said, comforting him.

However, when she saw Jiang Chen's current expression, she realized that saying anything else would be unnecessary. As she reflected on the fact that he would leave once again because he couldn't join the Red Blood Field's faction, Tian Ling found herself reluctant to part with him. She bit her lip and looked at Cang Yue, whose face was filled with displeasure.

"Sister Cang Yue, aren't we also recruiting people?"

Upon hearing this, Cang Yue was quite surprised, and she looked at Jiang Chen with her brow still furrowed. She was angered by Xu Sheng's arrogance in the previous conflict, and she couldn't help but blame Jiang Chen for this. However, she didn't reveal her resentment because she had gone through good disciplinary training.

If she was to take Jiang Chen into her camp, she must examine him once again.

"The five armies are the Red Blood Field's core power. They obey the Field Master's orders and are working to secure the greatest benefits for the Red Blood Field. It is also the case that the seven emperors control some continents, and they can form their own army," Tian Ling explained to Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen had already planned to go back and didn't expect this. But, as he looked at Cang Yue's expression he realized that he shouldn't hold out too much hope.

"Such a way of recruiting people doesn't conform to rules, and it can only be done by getting the emperor's permission." Cang Yue gave regard to Tian Ling's wishes and didn't reject this matter explicitly.

"It isn't an issue. The empress admires and like Jiang Chen." Tian Ling had great expectations of this matter.

"Huh?" Cang Yue wanted to hear the reason behind this.

"Sister Cang Yue, do you still remember that divine piece of art? It's a gift given to me by Jiang Chen," Tian Ling said.

"Is it the one with the word 'doctrine'?" Cang Yue was surprised by this, and she had another new level of respect for Jiang Chen.

"That is right."

After getting a positive reply, Cang Yue became more spirited and proactive.

Qi Li Continent was the territory governed by Empress Ling Long. Empress Ling Long was the last one to be granted an emperor title among the seven emperors. Qi Li Continent, which was handed over to her, had been conquered by the Red Blood Field recently.

Qi Li Continent had the vastest expanse of all the continents, but the issue was that it was just a primitive continent. What people meant by a primitive continent was a piece of land that wasn't hadn't yet been explored by people. The Nine Realms' continents weren't all stable. Far away from the beast hordes, there were still many continents waiting for people to explore them.

People must first explore a continent, establish a city-state on it, and gradually develop it through maintaining a connection with the outside world.

If it was limited to just driving away beast hordes, it wouldn't have been difficult. But, the most troublesome aspects of primitive continents were their terrain. The chaotic space was filled with magnetic fields, which were like a natural stronghold that would constantly bring disasters to people.

If one was asked what was the most dangerous part of those continents was, however, they would say mines because no one knew what kind of terrifying matters were hidden in the deepest parts of the earth.

When Jiang Chen came to Qi Li Continent, all he could see was a vast expanse of desolate land. It was only after flying several thousand miles that Jiang Chen spotted a palace, which was built at the very top of a mountain.

"This is Ling Long Palace," Tian Ling said to him excitedly.

When they approached it, Jiang Chen clearly detected that spirit mines were beneath the mountain, and those were what a great faction needed to base itself on land. He could see people everywhere on the mountain, and it was more lively and populated than he expected.

The three of them landed in a hall that didn't have a roof. Cang Yue asked them to wait here, while she left by herself.

An opportunity to be alone would only be achieved with great difficulty, and Tian Ling became slightly excited. Just as she was about to start talking, someone came over.

"Tian Ling, as for you... Are you Jiang Chen?"

"Why are you here?"

There were two men. One of them was Han Li, who Jiang Chen had met in the auction house, and the other was Wang Teng, who had once shown himself in the Title Battle. He was the person who got the Junior Sword Venerable's title before Jiang Chen got the Invincible God of War's title.

They hadn't seen each other for two years, but Wang Teng was still as graceful as before, and he still loved Tian Ling. Moreover, Wang Teng still remembered Jiang Chen, and he was surprised to meet him here.

"Jiang Chen will shortly join us," Tian Ling said.

Upon hearing this, both Wang Teng and Han Li had a strange reaction and response. Han Li had been thwarted by Jiang Chen in the auction, and he was still affected by it even now. As for Wang Teng, he felt a great sense of crisis when he noticed that tone in which Tian Ling spoke.

"You got the Invincible God of War's inheritance, didn't you?" Wang Teng asked out of the blue.

"What's up?"

"Let me see then who is stronger among the Junior Sword Venerable and the Invincible God of War," Wang Teng said.

Two years ago, Wang Teng was stronger than Jiang Chen, and he was curious about whether Jiang Chen had managed to overtake him in the past two years.

"How can you compete? Didn't you both get it at the same time?" Tian Ling noticed something and tried to ease the tension between them.

"In Jiang Chen's time, many titles which didn't conform to usual customs appeared. It's a pity that the Title Battle can't continue," Wang Teng said. He found it a great pity! The Ancient Race had intruded into the Title Palace and snatched away the Title Stele.

"Why don't we look for a good occasion to compete against each other?" 

Wang Teng's voice rang near Jiang Chen's ears, and he was just about to reply when Cang Yue returned. "Jiang Chen, the empress wants to meet you," she said.

Jiang Chen entered the palace as Wang Teng looked on regretfully.

Jiang Chen didn't observe the palace's decorations as usual because his gaze was attracted by a certain person, and it was Empress Ling Long, who had been mentioned by Tian Ling. She had long hair combed into a braided bun and was wearing pretty head ornaments.

She applied makeup around her brows, and the region below her brows was painted red. Her eyes shone brightly and seemed quite sharp. It was quite strange for a woman to possess such a sharp gaze, but it added another charm to her beauty.

Empress Ling Long was fond of bright colors, and her voluptuous body was clad in a bright red long dress. Her exposed shoulders had fair snow-white skin, which seemed like jade.

She was standing there calmly and sizing up Jiang Chen.

"If you join Qi Li Continent's faction, you will have to pay a grave price if you quit without a valid reason," Empress Ling Long said.

"I don't have any problem with that."

Jiang Chen wanted to express his standpoint clearly, but he was aware that it would be useless because if a conflict really occurred, he shouldn't hope in vain to solve it by speaking reason.

"You will be a captain then."

"Is that it?" Jiang Chen assumed that he would have to go through something like a test.

"That's right. The test is limited to just this. Go out now. There will be someone there to inform you what should you do, and what you shouldn't do."

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen's badge as an academy's disciple got three hundred merit points. The academies were controlling all Heavenly Martial Arts Realm's factions behind the scenes, and its disciples were like flower seeds scattered around, which would infiltrate all factions.

Those factions also benefited from this greatly because they wouldn't then need to rack their brains and expend a great effort to train and foster talented youths.


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