The Brilliant Fighting Master
1112 Female General
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1112 Female General

"It seems like Xu Sheng has a feud with Jiang Chen."

There were several people standing on the city wall which wasn't too far from the plaza. Even though they were a certain distance away, they could still see more of what was going on than the people in the plaza could.

The might of the Myriads Transformations Golden Flame born by Jiang Chen vastly surpassed the power of most other people.

"You can't say that. Jiang Chen has the Sky-burning Evil Flame, and it's obvious that he must increase the difficulty for him," a tall and sturdy man said in a low muffled voice.

"Emperor Zhan Wu, I'm just speaking here. So, please don't get so anxious," the person, who had spoken previously, said with a smile.

The people on the wall were the Red Blood Field's Emperors, and they were gathered here for the recruitment day. Ten seconds had passed while they were speaking, and after the Myriad Transformations Golden Flame dispersed, most people who went through the test felt dizzy and fell on the ground. Black smoke was rising from their whole bodies. Even a ghost-grade disciple was among those people. However, some of the people were still standing. They were Jiang Chen and another disciple.

The crowd discovered in surprise that Jiang Chen was as calm and composed as if he hadn't just experienced the Alien Flame's test.

"Did Xu Sheng let him pass it on purpose?" The crowd couldn't help but have such a thought.

The people aware of the inside story couldn't help but admire Jiang Chen's fire control. Such a person was the most suitable for the Heavenly Fire Army.

"You aren't qualified."

However, what none of the crowd had expected was that Xu Sheng would point his finger at Jiang Chen and say such a thing as he announced the results. Everyone was surprised by this, including Jiang Chen.

"Why?" Jiang Chen asked.

"If I say that you aren't qualified, then you aren't. In the army, you must follow orders without questioning them. If you even can't manage that, why did you come here?" Xu Sheng didn't explain anything and just berated him. This young general was targeting Jiang Chen for some unknown reason.

Emperor Zhan Wu, who was on the city wall, felt the odd gazes of the people next to him. "Xu Sheng must have noticed something," he said.

The other emperors didn't speak. Even though this was unfair, saying something would offend the bad-tempered Emperor Zhan Wu. They weren't willing to risk that just for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was wondering how he had offended this person. "Is Li Changqing's influence so great?" he asked himself. Jiang Chen wasn't sure that Li Changqing had anything to do with it because there was a large distance between the Divine War Clan's land and the Red Blood Field.

"Fine!" When Jiang Chen witnessed that no one came forward to speak for him, he didn't bother with Xu Sheng any longer. Instead, he planned to go to the Wind March Army or Raging Lightning Army.

"None of the five armies won't accept you. So you'd better just leave quickly!" Xu Sheng didn't give up. It seemed as though he wanted to corner him.

The crowd started discussing what was going on.

"Jiang Chen must have offended Xu Sheng."

"Jiang Chen is known for his bad temper so that's quite likely."

"One must always behave with integrity and keep a low-profile."

The crowd didn't get angry due to Xu Sheng's actions, and it was obvious from their tones that they took joy in Jiang Chen's misfortune.

"Ask that person to come out!" Jiang Chen was silent for several seconds before he spoke.

"What do you mean?" Xu Sheng furrowed his brow and looked at Jiang Chen with his sharp gaze.

"I'm talking about the person who is transmitting his voice to you in secret." Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders calmly as if he had already seen through it.

Xu Sheng's expression changed slightly, and he was just about to berate Jiang Chen when the clear sound of footsteps echoed.

"Jiang Chen, did you ever imagine that you would have such a day?"

Jiang Chen found the person's voice quite familiar. He quickly recalled who it was.

"Almost all of my acquaintances assembled here today." Jiang Chen suddenly had a flash of realization, and he curled the corners of his mouth.

"That really is a familiar-looking loathsome smile," the person who came over said in mockery.

Jiang Chen said, "Aren't you afraid that I will kill you?"

There were only a few women in the Nine Realms who would let Jiang Chen adopt such an attitude, and the one ranked first among them was none other than Tang Shiya.

Tang Shiya had undergone a great transformation, and she didn't conform to Jiang Chen's previous impression of her. She didn't have her former elegant air, and it was probably because she was wearing armor. Jiang Chen was aware that this was just a public facade.

At this moment, Tang Shiya's feet were wearing combat boots which reached her knees. It could be discerned from the decorative designs on them that they belonged to the set of armor worn by her, which shone with a metallic glint. Tang Shiya's snow-white thighs were exposed, and she wore metallic armor pieces above her skirt. It could be seen that this armor was made especially for her. She was both beautiful and soldierly.

However, regardless of how her demeanor had changed, her beautiful face still possessed the same charm as before.

"You are still looking down on me, aren't you? You will pay a grave price for this sooner or later." Tang Shiya smiled gracefully, while her black eyes became ice-cold. She said, "It's only me who can attack you here."

When her voice echoed, the soldiers of all five armies on the plaza looked at Jiang Chen with a hostile gaze.

It was only then that Jiang Chen discovered that her position in the army was a commander, and he found it quite unbelievable. This woman had really grown stronger quickly. However, as he recalled the cultivation method she had cultivated, he understood everything.

"Which person has she harmed once again to get such quick growth in power?"

After Ning Haotian, Tang Shiya's Love Thread Tribulation Technique should have succeeded once or twice more. Tang Shiya's body was becoming more powerful, while her cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds. Moreover, she was also fostered and trained by the resources of the Wizard Clan's dual-pupils wielder, and the current Tang Shiya was completely different than how she had been in the past.

"The Love Thread Tribulation Technique isn't as horrendous as you say. If it was, I wouldn't have practiced it diligently."

Tang Shiya transmitted her voice to him, and said, "If I feel that I'm in love with you now, you will reach the apex in a single step. Do you want it?"

After Tang Shiya spoke, she revealed a charming smile. She wanted to personally hear Jiang Chen express his regrets.

"I don't want it." Jiang Chen shook his head. He really pitied her, and he said, "Such a smile wouldn't have appeared on your face in the past. Do you think that it's worth it?"

Upon understanding what he meant by this, Tang Shiya flew into a rage.

"Why are you speaking to me in such a tone, and what do you mean by this? Stop looking down on me. I'm still..." When Tang Shiya was about to blurt it out, she restrained herself in time, and she took a look at her surroundings. She said, "I'm still a virgin, and besides you, I didn't even need to kiss even another man to let him fall in love with me. They are really foolish and stupid:"

"You should be careful while playing with fire," Jiang Chen said.

"With your crazy actions, are you qualified to say this to me?" Tang Shiya said mockingly.

The expression of Xu Sheng, who was on the other side, became gloomy. He couldn't bear to observe Jiang Chen's chat with Tang Shiya.

"Quickly leave, or I will kill you mercilessly," Xu Sheng shouted.

The soldiers of the five armies rushed over, encircling Jiang Chen.

"What? You are blocking my path, yet you are forbidding from staying here? You are really awe-inspiring! I just want to ask who gave you the right to drive me out even though I'm not a member of the Red Blood Field? Are you the Field Master?"

Upon facing such slanders, Xu Sheng was left at a loss for words.

"You still have a sharp tongue," Tang Shiya said.

Upon hearing this, anger appeared on Xu Sheng's face, and he said, "If I asked you to get lost, then just get lost!" Xu Sheng's thunderous voice echoed, and the whole plaza went into an uproar. The five armies' soldiers had a great fighting spirit, and they all went after Jiang Chen. The other disciples just wore a gleeful expression and took delight in Jiang Chen's misfortune. Jiang Chen was able to get a quota for himself, and this was why they were happy to see him suffer bad luck.


While they were at daggers drawn, a crisp voice echoed, and a female general came forward. She was followed by Tian Ling, whose face was filled with concern.

"It's Cang Yue! She's a general on a par with Xu Sheng."

"It seems like Jiang Chen is also supported by someone."

"We will get to watch a good show."

Cang Yue, who was mentioned by the crowd, was as beautiful as Tang Shiya. But, unlike the latter, she possessed a haughty and unyielding character.

"Jiang Chen is my little sister's friend. Why are you driving him out?" Cang Yue looked at Xu Sheng.

"Why? He's my friend's enemy. Isn't that enough?" Xu Sheng said coldly.

"Do you think that the Red Blood Field is owned by your family?" Cang Yue said angrily.

"All Red Blood Field's people are warlike and respect true experts. Simply being able to walk doesn't get you any rights here," Xu Sheng said.

"Do you think that you are stronger than me?" Cang Yue narrowed her eyes. Her great fighting spirit was apparent.

"Brother Xu Sheng, just let it be, and don't cause disharmony in the Red Blood Field for me." It was at this moment that Tang Shiya spoke while wearing an innocent expression as if everything wasn't related to her, and this conflict wasn't caused by her.


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