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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1111 General

A beauty always had enviable advantages that others couldn't get. She had just lost a battle, yet someone had traveled ten thousand miles in order to support and defend her.

"I heard that Feng Shaoyu is already the Divine War Clan's commander."

"The competition is so intense, yet he has still come here for Yao Yue. She really has resounding fame."

The Wind Department's members spread the news, and the other disciples also looked forward to the next confrontation of the Thunder and Wind Departments.

However, it was unfortunate that when the disciples started looking for Jiang Chen, they discovered that he had already gone to the Red Blood Field. If Jiang Chen hadn't left before Feng Shaoyu's arrival, people would have assumed that he was scared off by the latter.

Feng Shaoyu didn't give up, and he stated that he would teach Jiang Chen a lesson in the trial by fire. He took Yao Yue with him and proceeded toward the Divine War Clan. Feng Shaoyu had already become a commander, and he could arrange an official position for Yao Yue an official position there.

The female disciples envied her greatly, while the male disciples hoped to achieve great things like Feng Shaoyu had done so they too could become famous.

Jiang Chen didn't care about such a little incident, and he had already reached the Red Blood Field. He discovered then that everyone depended upon Teleportation Formations to travel between heaven-grade continents because it wasn't practical to fly over such a vast territory.

Jiang Chen wasn't the only one to have come here. There were many Sword God Palace's disciples who had also made the journey.

The Red Blood Field was really in urgent need of people as had been stated in the mission's description. However, the Red Blood Field preferred to get nothing rather than have incompetent people, and they must go through many tests to get their approval.

Before coming here, Jiang Chen had made inquiries about the Red Blood Field in order to improve his understanding of it. He had needed to do so because Lin Yu wouldn't come with him.

The Red Blood Field managed seven continents with a vast territory and plentiful resources. Every continent was in the control of an Emperor. A Field Master was above the seven Emperors, but no one would dare to dream about becoming such a great and influential person.

The Red Blood Field had just selected a person for a certain position, and it was an army captain. There was also another position as a miner which no one seemed to want. If one was willing to take the miner's position, he could go directly to the mine and would still manage to gain merits by working there. However, it was obvious that the Abundance Land Academy's disciples wouldn't be willing to accept such a lowly job.

"There are twenty captain positions vacant, and the most able will get them. Anyone who is interested in them should gather in the central plaza.".

Jiang Chen was now in the Red Blood Field's main city, and it was situated in the Scarlet Heavenly Continent. He followed the crowd into the plaza, and after he counted the people cursorily, he realized that more than a hundred disciples were here. Most of them were tiger-grade disciples.

"One, two... Five, six! There are six wolf-grade disciples."

"Why are you counting them?"

"There are twenty captain positions. So, who will go compete against wolf-grade disciples? Only fourteen opportunities are left for us."

"That's reasonable."

The crowd's discussion rang near Jiang Chen's ears.

"The Red Blood Field has five armies, and they are the wind, fire, mountain, lightning, and water armies. We don't need the people at the highest Realm Level, but just the most suitable among them." A fully armed general was standing in the middle of the plaza. He announced the rules.

Upon hearing him, it could be seen that the expressions of the six wolf-grade disciples changed drastically. Up until now, they had been assured of their victory, but now they all started sizing each other up and mulling this matter over.

After a short while, four people heaved a sigh of relief because they possessed an absolute advantage in the army suitable to their elements. The remaining two had the same element and would obviously have to fight each other. 

It was still fortunate that they would pick twenty captains for the five armies, and they would at least take two people for every army.

"Jiang Chen!" While Jiang Chen was calmly waiting among the crowd, a fair jade-like hand patted his shoulder. He raised his eyebrows and turned around in surprise, seeing the person he had imagined when he had heard such a voice.

"It's really coincidental!" Jiang Chen looked at Tian Ling, which was in front of him.

They hadn't previously spoken about when should they meet again, and he didn't expect to meet her once again.

"Why are you here?"

Since Jiang Chen had become so powerful, he no longer thought of Tian Ling as a woman of outstanding genius. However, he had now discovered another pleasing side to her.

Tian Ling assumed that Jiang Chen had come here for her, but as she gave it a thought, she realized that she hadn't informed him which faction she belonged to. It must just be a coincidence, but despite this she was still happy to get to interact with him again.

Jiang Chen quickly learned that Tian Ling wasn't here as an academy's disciple, and he also learned that the person who helped her establish the Civil and Martial Arts Institute in the Three Middle Realms was one of the Red Blood Field's seven Emperors.

"Which army do you plan to join?" Tian Ling started chatting with him.

"I'm still considering it."

"Why don't you tell me what you want and let me help you analyze it."

Ordinary people would choose the field they were best at, but Tian Ling was aware that Jiang Chen was a genius who was strong in many fields.

"Fire, wind, and lightning," Jiang Chen said.

"Well? Join then the Heavenly Fire Army," Tian Ling proposed. She didn't need to inform him of the reason behind this because Jiang Chen was aware that she wouldn't harm him.

As Jiang Chen pondered this, he couldn't help but recall his past days in the Flying Dragon Dynasty's army.

"It will start now, and we will start with the Heavenly Fire Army."

The general on the center of the plaza moved back, and another person took his place. He was also a fully-equipped army officer, but he was younger. His black armor shone with a splendid metallic glint and seemed to brim with power, making him seem lofty and heroic.

This man was younger than the other generals, and he was quite handsome. When he appeared here, the people of the entire city grew excited.

"He's our legendary general, Xu Sheng. He has performed outstanding military service, and he's still an academy dragon-grade disciple," Tian Ling said in a low voice.


Over the past few days, Jiang Chen had come to understand these matters, and he knew that it wasn't easy for one to become a great faction's general.

In the Red Blood Field, the rank below the seven Emperors was the City Lords, and then came the generals, commanders, captains, and ordinary workers. Disciples like them would need to rack their brains and make great efforts to become captains, while that guy was already a general. If one compared himself to others, he would only end up angry and frustrated.

Just after this, the disciples who wanted to join the Heavenly Fire Army went toward Xu Sheng and stood in front of him. They included Jiang Chen.

There were more than twenty disciples here, and Xu Sheng swept all of them with his gaze before he stopped on Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen ended up becoming the center of attention.

After a moment, Xu Sheng spoke. "You still aren't graded, are you?" This meant that Jiang Chen couldn't be considered even a wolf-grade disciple.

"That's right," Jiang Chen replied truthfully.

The people standing next to them laughed out loud.

"What's your name?" Xu Sheng asked.

It was at this moment that Jiang Chen realized that something was amiss. It seemed like this guy wasn't paying attention to him just because he wasn't graded, and Jiang Chen realized he was examining him with a vicious gaze.

"Jiang Chen!" When Jiang Chen stated such a name, the people in the vicinity stopped laughing, and their gazes became filled with surprise.

"Jiang Chen, who will fight against the Wizard Clan's dual-pupils wielder?"

Jiang Chen had performed many renowned deeds, but the most famous one was still his conflict with the Wizard Clan.

The dual-pupils wielder! This was someone who fought alone against several of the Human Clan's Junior Heavenly Kings and defeated them.

Even though a divine body who broke through the curse was already outstanding, he would still need to spend a long time to mature completely.

"Let's start!" Xu Sheng's eyes flickered, and he raised a scalding flame with his right hand. "Anyone who can bear the Myriads Transformations Golden Flame for more than ten seconds will be eligible."

The Myriads Transformations Golden flame was an Alien Flame. Xu Sheng was still controlling the flame's main source, and it wasn't just a part of it he had gotten from someone else.

Xu Sheng didn't leave people enough time to respond, and they were all immediately engulfed by the Myriads Transformations Golden Fame. Everyone held their breath and watched. Even though ten seconds was not much time, it was a long period for the people among the flames.


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