The Brilliant Fighting Master
1110 Red Blood Field
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1110 Red Blood Field

The Wind Department's members looked at each other in dismay. They didn't dare to approach Jiang Chen, but they were still worried about Yao Yue.

"Quickly, go and call someone else," someone urged them.

"The strongest person here now is Yao Yue! All the people above the Tiger Grade are outside."

"It's really dreadful!"

They could only look on helplessly as Jiang Chen crossed his tribulation. The process was shocking and appalling. The Sword God Palace's disciples found it difficult to imagine what would happen to them if they were any closer to it.

In the end, the sea of silver lightning scattered, and Jiang Chen, who had now become a Five-Stars expert, was revealed.

The crowd noticed that something seemed different about Jiang Chen now. They couldn't tell whether it was because of the advancement of his Realm Level or his victory against Yao Yue.

"Go there!" Jiang Chen looked at the anxious members of the Wind Department and waved his hand at them. One of them immediately jumped into the sea. After a short while, both Yao Yue and Fang Hong were brought out. They were both unconscious and were in a sorry state.

It was fortunate that Star Venerables didn't die easily. They woke up one after the other, and each coughed up a large mouthful of seawater while wearing a pained expression.

"Jiang Chen! I will never forgive you!" Yao Yue was infuriated, and she shouted loudly. She had suffered a miserable end and was disgraced.

However, Jiang Chen was now already a Five-Stars expert, and if they fought once again, the situation would be completely different.

Jiang Chen had already gone back to the Thunder Department, and she couldn't tell whether he had heard her.

The crowd exclaimed due to Jiang Chen's great courage. He hadn't even been scared of killing someone by accident.

"Senior brother Jiang Chen, how did you manage to achieve it? It turned out that one can really use a sword to control lightning." Lin Yu's face was filled with adoration.

"If your mastery reaches the pinnacle, you will manage to subdue lightning," Jiang Chen said.

Lin Yu nodded. This was a great boost to his morale. He wasn't confused any longer and knew he had found the right path.

"Anyhow, who will come next?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"Senior brother, are you talking about the Wind Department?" Lin Yu furrowed his brow, and he realized that the conflict between the Wind and Thunder Departments had just started.

"Most disciples, whose grade is higher than tiger-grade, won't stay for long in the Sword God Palace. It just so happens that the Wind Department doesn't have anyone stronger for now," Lin Yu said. He rejoiced greatly. 

"It seems like we can enjoy peace for a moment," Jiang Chen said. "However, all the disciples will come back shortly. This won't be the case for just the Divine Sword Department. It includes all Abundance Land Academy's lands."

Lin Yu suddenly thought of something, and an uneasy expression appeared on his face.

"Well?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Regardless of how outstanding the achievements of the disciples are, their academies will still be their greatest stage," Lin Yu explained. "Every half a year, a large-scale trial by fire will be held, and all disciples will be sent to a little world."

"Does this include even divine-grade disciples?"

"That's right." Lin Yu nodded.

At that time, there would surely be someone from the Wind Department who would take revenge for Yao Yue and teach Jiang Chen a lesson.

"I'm looking forward to it." Jiang Chen didn't get anxious, and a smile appeared on his face.

Later on, he took the Wind Department's 500 merit points and tried to exchange them for Martial Soul Stones. Jiang Chen was a five-stars expert and wasn't far from the Martial Soul's condensation level. However, he discovered that only wolf-grade disciples were qualified to buy them, and if Jiang Chen wanted to reach this grade, he must complete missions. Jiang Chen just shrugged his shoulders. It was fortunate that they would get basic resources every month that included Martial Soul Stones.

The Martial Soul was an extremely important matter to all cultivators. It wasn't something that everyone possessed, and anyone who did had a great advantage over others. If people in the Star Venerable Realm used Martial Soul Stones, they could increase their chance of getting a Martial Soul.

The Martial Soul Stone had an ash-gray color and seemed like a piece of silver. It didn't seem out of the ordinary. However, in the eyes of cultivators, it was no different from a shining piece of gold.

Jiang Chen held a Martial Soul Stone and entered the Solitary Realm. He ended up coming to a world of absolute darkness. The only light in it was a ball of orange light far away.

Jiang Chen tried to approach the light, but he discovered that the more he tried to get close to it, the further away he ended up.

Jiang Chen was confused and bewildered. Just then, the Martial Soul Stone in his hands showed its effects and pushed him toward the ball of light. 

Once Jiang Chen got close to it, he discovered that it wasn't a ball of light but a divine bird! When Jiang Chen approached it, the bird unfolded its wings, forming beautiful arcs in the air. It opened its long and narrow eyes.

It was also at this moment that Jiang Chen woke up and left his Solitary Condition. He discovered then that his blood was boiling, and flames came out uncontrollably out of him.

"The Celestial Phoenix's genuine blood?" Jiang Chen adjusted his breathing and forced the flame back into his body. He then discovered that his divine body was quite thirsty, and he quickly cultivated the Celestial Phoenix Gao family's secret art. It was only then that such a feeling disappeared.

"It seems like Yue'e wasn't mistaken," Jiang Chen said inwardly.

The main crux for his divine body's growth was the dragon and phoenix's aspect, and if nothing unexpected occurred, then his Martial Soul would be related to the Celestial Phoenix's genuine blood. As he pondered over this, he realized that it would surely be the case because he had already been reborn twice.

"My mother said that if the genuine blood was cultivated to the pinnacle, it will go through a transformation and evolve."

Jiang Chen started reading about the objects he could get with merit points. He really wanted a divine beast's blood essence!

After he had finished reading about it, Jiang Chen considered going to complete a mission.

In the Sword God Palace's greatest plaza, there was a boulder with a smooth surface. It had a height of fifty feet and was around twenty-feet-long. There were densely packed sentences written on it, and those were all kinds of missions, which were related to the heaven-grade continents governed by the Abundance Land Academy. There were also some related to great factions.

There were missions about all kinds of oddities, and the most commonly seen missions involved escorting, protection, and participation in battles. The academy wanted to send fresh blood to all those regions, yet it also wanted its disciples to infiltrate all factions.

Jiang Chen looked at them, searching for a mission suitable to him.

There were many disciples like Jiang Chen in the plaza, but they all distanced themselves from him while wearing a wary look. Almost everyone knew about how Jiang Chen had defeated Yao Yue. It was now taboo to talk about swimming on the seabed, and it was especially the case if they were in front of the Wind Department's disciples.

All of a sudden, a line of characters on the blue boulder disappeared. Jiang Chen was baffled by this, while the faces of the people in the vicinity became filled with excitement.

In the next second, many large golden characters appeared on the blue boulder.

"The Red Blood Field has an urgent need for people to assume important positions, and all five-stars experts can take part in the recruitment. One can get different merit points rewards and ratings according to the position assumed by him."

Jiang Chen read the content in silence, and when he witnessed the reaction of the people in the vicinity, he realized that this was a popular mission. Lin Yu informed him why this was the case.

"Ordinary factions will just hire us. We will work for them, while they will pay us with merit points, and it's difficult to get a chance to achieve something great there. Great factions are a completely different case because they usually control several continents, and the competition is intense there. That is why we may get a chance there."

The great factions' territory wasn't limited to just one or two continents, and this was why it was called a 'field'. The reason why such a disturbance occurred was that this mission issuer was someone from a Field.

Jiang Chen didn't have any reason to reject it, and he put his badge against the blue boulder and participated in the mission like the others.

Meanwhile, a tall person appeared in the Wind Department's teleportation formation.

"Who dared to treat Yao Yue in such an atrocious matter?" The man's voice echoed through the Wind Department, and many people heard him.

"Feng Shaoyu? Did he come back?"


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