The Brilliant Fighting Master
1109 A Divine Sword Controls Lightning
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1109 A Divine Sword Controls Lightning

As the voice echoed, it seemed like the sky bore a tremendous pressure. The sky around Jiang Chen started collapsing. Jiang Chen was floating in the sky and seemed like he was inside a teleportation gate. A magnetic field appeared around him.

The Heavenly Fault Sword was floating above his head, and as thunder tolls echoed, myriad bolts of lightning emanated from it. It was as if the sword was dry grass ignited by a spark.

Everyone was dumbfounded. They stood watching open-mouthed, especially when they witnessed the unusual bolts of lightning. It seemed like they were sharp swords, yet they still possessed lightning's might.

"This is… This is impossible!"

Yao Yue stared at the sight in a daze. The strange and swift lightning had never appeared in such a form before. The only explanation for it was that Jiang Chen was able to control lightning!

"A Divine Sword Controls Lightning!"

Jiang Chen, who was below the sword, seemed like an untouchable heavenly god at the peak of anger. He had both the sharp air of a swordsman and the tyrannical air of a lightning wielder. No one could disregard him.

The Heavenly Fault Sword flew out and erupted with numerous bolts of lightning which seemed able to crush everything.

Yao Yue felt like she was small and weak in comparison to it. However, she had no intention of sitting there to wait for death.

"Don't look down on me!" Yao Yue said and released her whole power without holding anything back.

"Boundless Sword Spirit!"

"Swords Sea!"

Yao Yue used her strongest sword move, and she managed to summon even the astral wind beyond the nine topmost clouds. The three Qi in her Star Sea were revolving crazily, and they formed a great hurricane able to purge everything.

There was a confrontation of sword moves, and both wind and lightning created a great disturbance, giving rise to giant waves in the sea. When the moves collided, it was like the collision of two worlds, and a dazzling light emanated from the place where they met.


Ear-deafening noises echoed unceasingly, and after they waited with great difficulty for the disappearance of wind and lightning, the crowd got to see the two people in the air.

"Is this your true power? You should have used it earlier." Jiang Chen was surprised by the fact that she still hadn't fallen down.

Yao Yue was gasping for breath, while her face was quite pale. She was stooping slightly while lowering her swords. Normally, this could be already considered a defeat, but she wasn't willing to accept it.

"I'm a cultivator of three Qi. Surely I can last longer than you, can't I?" As she thought of this, Yao Yue's Star Sea shone brightly, and her physical power started quickly recovering.

"Using Xuan Ming Qi and Xuan Ling Qi along with a Doctrine Method can help her recover her power in a short time."

"It seems like Yao Yue had already broken the rules she stated."

"That's not the case! Don't talk drivel! Since she faced lightning head-on, it's obvious that she must recuperate for a short while."

"That's right!"

Yao Yue stuck out her chest. She must win this fight at all costs. "Since you have been able to force me to use my whole power, you are obviously quite outstanding," Yao Yue said. "However, the outcome of this battle is already obvious."

"Hehe!" Jiang Chen just chuckled and didn't speak.

Upon witnessing such a response, Yao Yue felt like her sore spot had been touched, but she hid it well.

"Lightning attacks are always a burst of one whole power, and you can't use the previous attack again, can you?" As Yao Yue spoke, she moved around. She was so quick that no one could get a clear look at her. "It's a pity that I have just started getting serious."

A sharp sword mysteriously appeared on Jiang Chen's right side. It was as quick as lightning, and its wind engulfed the lightning around Jiang Chen.

"Foolish!" Jiang Chen reacted quickly and blocked his opponent's sword with his Heavenly Fault Sword. He was still controlling the lightning.

"He has really achieved it. He can use sword techniques to control lightning!"

"He's really a freak!"

"It's a pity that he ran into senior sister Yao Yue, whose sword wind can restrain lightning."

Every time they exchanged blows, the lighting and wind would cause a great rumbling sound. Their sword techniques were evenly matched, and this was why they ended up deadlocked.

A quarter of an hour had quickly passed, and the fight still didn't come to an end. The more they fought, the faster the two of them became.

"Why is it like this? Even a Seven-Stars Venerable like me found such an intense fight strenuous. Yet, it seems like this guy possessed inexhaustible power. Is this one of the Divine Body's strong traits?" Yao Yue had attacked for a long time without success, and she was startled by this.

"Well?" Yao Yue was startled even more when she noticed Jiang Chen's earnest gaze. "Is he just using me for sword practice?" Yao Yue was infuriated, and she gritted her teeth. She decided to throw all caution to the wind!

"Firmament Destroying Wind!" This was Yao Yue's ultimate technique, and someone as scheming as she was would obviously not expose it in front of the crowd. However, she couldn't stop halfway through and was obliged to use it.

This time, the sword wind's power was greater than the one she had used to block Jiang Chen's divine lightning sword move,

The sword wind didn't fill all corners of this region as before. Instead, it condensed and formed a divine dragon. The dragon seemed able to penetrate and destroy everything. It was unblockable and unavoidable!

After Yao Yue used this sword move, she started gasping for breath.

"A Divine Sword Controls Lightning!"

Jiang Chen advanced forward while holding the Heavenly Fault Sword, and charged toward the wind dragon. His sword and lightning's power formed a destructive force, which penetrated the dragon from its head, and it came out of its tail.

In the end, the wind dragon exploded, and shock waves spread in the surrounding.

If one took a look at Jiang Chen, he would notice that he was safe and sound, and even though he had fought for quite a long time, he still hadn't sustained any injuries.

"What a terrifying divine body!" Yao Yue was dumbfounded.

After she detected Jiang Chen's power, which seemed still at the peak, she couldn't help but ask, "Are you also a cultivator of three Qi?"

If this wasn't the case, Jiang Chen wouldn't be so tenacious.

Jiang Chen sneered coldly and pointed his sword at her.

"Fine, you are really amazing. So, let's just consider it a tie." Yao Yue rolled her eyes and started using petty tricks.

The Sword God Palace's members were aware of what the tie she had mentioned meant.

Lin Yu, who was in the Thunder Department, became excited and happy, and he started waving his arms.

"A tie? I still planned to have you take a swim down to the seabed," Jiang Chen said with a smile.

"Humph! Don't you understand yet? You still haven't injured me, and if I just focus solely in defense, you won't have any hope left," Yao Yue said angrily.

After all, Yao Yue was a Seven-Stars expert who cultivated three Qi, and she was able to contend against a four Qi cultivator like Jiang Chen, who was able to challenge higher Realm Levels.

"You are pretty good, but it's still limited to just this alone." Jiang Chen pulled out his Heavenly Fault Sword again. He still had a high fighting spirit!

"Fine, let's see how can you defeat me," Yao Yue said.

After Yao Yue spoke, a sword wind started revolving around her. She lowered her sword and wore a provocative look. She was confident in her ability to block all of Jiang Chen's attacks.

"I won't disappoint you."

Jiang Chen fused lightning with the Heavenly Fault Sword as before. This time though, there was something different about it.

Black Tribulation Clouds appeared in the sky, while a tyrannical aura emanated from Jiang Chen, and the Star Sea inside his body started surging violently.

"Is he making a breakthrough? Is he making it here? A divine body's breakthrough will always summon a Lightning Tribulation."

The previously-confident Yao Yue was stunned, and she finally understood why people stated that he was a madman. It was because his actions didn't conform to common sense.

The Heavenly Fault Sword's might was greater than before by a thousand folds, and it flew once again while bearing divine lightning strikes.

Yao Yue's instinct clearly detected the fact that, even if she was at her peak state, she still couldn't be able to block such a strike.

The Heavenly Fault Sword's radiance rivaled the sun and the moon, and none in the Sword God Palace could look straight at it. They all needed to cover their eyes.

As thunder rolls echoed, they witnessed Yao Yue flying like a kite whose string was broken, and she fell into the sea. The Wind Department's members immediately went over there to save her. But, Jiang Chen moved to the seacoast and obstructed them.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was still passing his tribulation, and thunder rolls were echoing unceasingly. None dared to approach him!

"Jiang Chen, if Yao Yue suffers a mishap, you will be held responsible for it," Fang Hong, who was the one behind the conflict, shouted excitedly.

However, Jiang Chen's reply was just a lightning bolt. He struck Fang Hong until black smoke rose from his body before he threw him into the sea.

"Who else wants to swim in the seabed?"


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