The Brilliant Fighting Master
1108 Lightning Techniques and Sword Techniques
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1108 Lightning Techniques and Sword Techniques

The disturbance caused by the black lightning continued throughout the night, and a dazzling light emanated from the Thunder Department. It seemed like a sword light, yet it was also like lightning's radiance. Most people assumed that Jiang Chen was showing off because he wanted to scare Yao Yue. It was only at daybreak that the disturbance came to an end. There wasn't much time left now until the date of the appointment.

Lin Yu went nervously to Jiang Chen's side. Before he could utter a single word, he was shocked by the sight in front of him. Jiang Chen sat cross-legged, while the Heavenly Fault Sword floated in mid-air. There were myriad bolts of lightning intertwining around the whole sword, and they fused perfectly with the sword energy.

"Can lightning and sword techniques achieve a balance between them?" Even though Lin Yu was a Thunder Department's disciple, he was still surprised by this.

Jiang Chen let out a long breath and caught the falling Heavenly Fault Sword. He sheathed it, and the lightning disappeared.

"Senior brother!" Lin Yu had many things to say to him, but he felt that there wasn't any need for it because Jiang Chen's eyes were shining brightly. He seemed to be brimming with confidence.

When it was daytime, Yao Yue appeared on the seacoast. She wasn't far from the Thunder Department's mountain peak. Everyone was aware that she was challenging Jiang Chen, and the current issue was how long would Jiang Chen delay this matter. However, Jiang Chen appeared unexpectedly and went toward Yao Yue.

"You deserve praise for your courage," Yao Yue said in surprise.

"I don't need any courage to face you."

Yao Yue gritted her teeth, but she still didn't fly into a rage. She merely said, "It's really the case. After all, you are someone who will go to the Wizard Clan's banquet to have a great fight."

When such words echoed, everyone in the Sword God Palace started laughing heartily. All of them were aware that Jiang Chen had accepted the challenge of the dual-pupils wielder. One of them was the Wizard Clan's strongest youth, while the other was a divine body possessor.

This should have been a fight at the center of attention, but it was a pity that there was a great disparity between those two people's power. There wasn't a lot of time left for Jiang Chen.

"Even if you broke the curse, you still don't have what is required for a divine body's growth, and you can't afford it," Yao Yue said.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders, and said, "Did you come here today to teach me a lesson for the Wizard Clan?"

"You really have an infuriating face, and I wonder how you will feel after I trample you beneath my feet." Yao Yue rolled her eyes and spoke complacently. "Moreover, I'm still a cultivator of three Qi, and I'm the first of my kind that you will fight."

Three Qi cultivation was a praiseworthy feat, and she could be proud of herself due to it. Even though Yao Yue was just in the tiger-grade, she had completed many missions, and her power wasn't any weaker than someone in the ghost-grade.

"Three Qi cultivation? In my eyes, there isn't any difference between you bunch," Jiang Chen said frankly. He was a cultivator of four Qi, and his Xuan Ling Qi had still become Yu Ling Qi.

Yao Yue's Realm Level was higher than Jiang Chen's, and she was a seven-stars expert.

"Did Lin Yu inform you of the rules? The camp who has lost should offer to the other all its merit points." After Yao Yue witnessed him boasting shamelessly, she didn't want to waste her breath on him and mentioned the main points.

Jiang Chen nodded.

"Moreover, I'm representing the Wind Department, while you are representing the Thunder Department. You should be aware of what this means. Are you?" Yao Yue said.

Upon hearing this, a commotion arose in the Sword God Palace, and everyone realized that Jiang Chen would suffer bad luck. There was an unwritten rule for different Departments' fights. They could only use a corresponding Lore Martial Realm, which meant that Jiang Chen couldn't use the Wind and Fire Swords Realm which he had used on the previous day, and he could only use lightning techniques.

However, lightning techniques were in conflict with sword techniques. It wasn't even limited to just this alone, because lightning techniques were in conflict with all Martial Doctrine's techniques. This was the reason why they all believed that Jiang Chen would suffer a great loss in such an aspect. However, there was nothing he could do about it.

"It doesn't matter that I can't use the Wind and Fire Swords Realm," Jiang Chen said.

Upon getting the same response as before, Yao Yue was infuriated.

"You should use your lightning techniques along with your sword, and you can't just use them alone," Yao Yue said. She had forced all strict rules upon Jiang Chen. It was as though she was just asking him to stand there and let her beat him.

"As a matter of fact, even if you fight as you want, it won't make any difference to me. But, we are now in the Sword God Palace. Yao Yue had given herself all possible advantages, but she still wore an indifferent expression, as if she didn't care about this.

"So many people aren't like how they seem!" Jiang Chen shook his head. Yao Yue's appearance and clothing style were to his liking, but it was a pity that she couldn't hide her true temperament. It would have still been fine if she had stayed quiet, but once she spoke, she spoiled everything.

"Let's fight." Yao Yue was infuriated, and her expression became gloomy. She suddenly understood why so many people wanted to kill Jiang Chen. Just a discussion with such a person was enough to drive anyone crazy!

Yao Yue's sword was a Doctrine Artifact, and when Jiang Chen saw it, he found it slightly familiar-looking for some unknown reason.

"I got this sword from Master Luo Cheng, and it's many times better than your two swords which have unknown origins," Yao Yue said.

"It turned out that you were one of my clients," Jiang Chen thought inwardly, while he slowly unsheathed the Heavenly Fault Sword.

Yao Yue used a sword move at the same time. "Today, I will show you what a true genius looks like."

"Sword Tide!" Yao Yue was quite proud and had enough skill to back up her pride because she cultivated three Qi and possessed boundless power.

As Yao Yue thrust her sword, waves rose in the sea and turned into giant waves that battered them. A formless sword wind was present everywhere and engulfed all places.

"It's just a little trick," Jiang Chen said disdainfully. She had used such a great disturbance to cover her true aims. She really underestimated him too much!


All of a sudden, Yao Yue fused with her sword and disappeared among the waves, while she still moved around at an outrageous speed.

The waves were circling around in the sky, and they seemed like a giant mouth about to swallow Jiang Chen.

"Sword Pinnacle!"

At this crucial juncture, a sharp sword flew toward Jiang Chen.

"You have revealed a weakness on purpose, haven't you? Let's see what you can do." Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Fault Sword, which was flickering with lighting, and attacked the wave.

The lightning drew support from the seawater, and its power quickly spread among it. However, the spectators just revealed an amused expression.

"You have fallen into my trap." Yao Yue's voice echoed, while the wind formed a giant cyclone among the seawater.

"If there is anything that can restrain lightning, then it will be just wind alone."

"Senior sister Yao Yue is really skilled."

"Jiang Chen will suffer badly."

The cyclone engulfed Jiang Chen, while the sound of thunder echoed, and all seawater instantly turned into water vapor.

Yao Yue couldn't just restrain lightning, she could also borrow its power.

"This is a clever tactic." Yao Yue looked complacently at the water vapor, which still didn't scatter.

"Is that the case?" However, Jiang Chen's voice unexpectedly echoed behind Yao Yue, and she jumped with fright and quickly got out of the way.

"When did he avoid it?"

"He didn't leave any trail behind."

"Lightning techniques can help him move at a high speed."

This was one of the Lightning Method's techniques, the 'One Foot Apart World Technique'. Jiang Chen had managed to master this technique after he got Yu Qing Qi.

"You… you are acting shamelessly!" Yao Yue spoke angrily.


"This is a pure lightning technique, and it isn't related to the sword," Yao Yue said.

"Are those the Wind Department's rules? Doesn't this mean that I have to stand motionless?" Jiang Chen said. He found this matter quite funny!

"It's your own problem! You have already broken the rules. In any case, I don't care." Yao Yue was aware that she was using twisted logic, and this was why she didn't insist on this too much.

"Since you want to see a true sword and lightning technique, I will satisfy your wish." Jiang Chen revealed a mysterious smile. He wanted to shut this woman's mouth thoroughly!


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