The Brilliant Fighting Master
1107 Black Thunders
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1107 Black Thunders

On the flagstones outside the main hall of the Thunder Department, Jiang Chen saw all kinds of treasures. He found a great amount of them could be purchased with money. Most of them were the essence blood of beasts. There was not only the essence blood of fierce beasts, but also that of holy beasts. It was shocking. He had experienced the effect of the essence blood. It helped and improved his divine body a lot.

If he could work on the divine body with a great amount of essence blood, it would fully develop in a short time. However, the essence blood he could get every month was only one drop. And if he wanted to exchange his feats for it, the feats he would need was an enormous figure. And these things were extremely difficult to get outside. Even if he could find some, the price would be astronomical.

On the other hand, there were also all kinds of martial arts techniques and Doctrine Methods, including lots of practicing methods of Xuan Ling Qi, which Jiang Chen had been looking for a long time.

I'm working on four qi. I've mastered One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones and got the Invincible Golden Body. I shouldn't be too greedy indeed, but in terms of attack, I haven't exerted the strength of the Four Qi yet, Jiang Chen thought.

The key of The Tenth Sword was the Idealistic Sword Doctrine. The Four Qi were its only fuel. What he wanted to figure out at the moment was an attacking method in which he could use the Four Qi directly.

So, he found Yue'e again in the Painting of the Heavenly Palace to ask her whether there was a suitable Doctrine Method to serve such a purpose.

"It's not time for you to learn another new Doctrine Method, but you can explore the potential of what you already possess."

Yue'e said, "Your divine body was built by the genuine blood of celestial phoenix and the origin of fire dragons. You haven't even unleashed the potential of the genuine blood of celestial phoenix."

"Haven't I?"

Jiang Chen really doubted it. He had improved the lore of fire a lot thanks to the genuine blood of celestial phoenix. And that happened when he had not even practiced the lore of fire deliberately. If he had not unleashed the potential of the genuine blood of celestial phoenix, what could its real potential be like?

"You should improve the dragon power and the phoenix power separately. You'll come into contact with the Martial Soul. It probably has something to do with the celestial phoenix. As to the dragon power, what you have is the origin of fire dragons. It's not a real dragon. Your divine body still lacks lots of things."

He almost felt as if he was not worth beans while Yue'e was speaking, but she totally did not realize it. Jiang Chen was not happy, but he could not refute her argument.

"If I want my divine body to keep developing, I should rely on dragon and phoenix. Am I right?"


Jiang Chen walked out of the Heavenly Palace after getting her affirmative answer. He went to check what kinds of essence blood, including the essence blood of dragon and phoenix, he could exchange feats for.

I should try with a drop of real dragon blood to see whether what she said is true, Jiang Chen thought.

However, he did not have many feats to exchange for the dragon blood in the Sword God Palace.

So, in the Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce, Master Luo Cheng asked the chamber of commerce this favor. However, they told him that the essence blood of dragon and phoenix were not only very precious, but they were strategic resources. As a result, transactions in them were not done easily. If Master Luo Cheng really wanted to buy them, he would have to go to the black market where the price would be sky-high.

"That's monopolization."

Jiang Chen cursed. He remembered how many feats were needed for the essence blood of dragon and phoenix. He found that if he wanted to exchange feats for them, he would have to achieve the divine level. Letting out a long sigh, he knew that he would not get it in the short term. However, he was still happy for having found what he could do to improve himself.

At the same time, he did not forget about the fight he was going to have with Yao Yue.

"Lin Yu, how can the Thunder Department help me if I want to practice?" Jiang Chen said.

"We have the Thunder Gathering Formation. It can strengthen the power of thunder." Lin Yu said, "500 feats will be needed to switch on the formation. Every department gets 1,000 feats every month. If you are the head of the department, you can get these 1,000 in advance."

Since Lin Yu and Jiang Chen were the only two members of the Thunder Department, either of them could be the head.

"It's those 1,000 feats that Yao Yue wants?" Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

"Yes. We're allowed to gamble with the feats in competitions between departments, but, of course, the participants should be disciples recognized by all departments."

Nodding, Jiang Chen said politely, "Can you help me switch it on?"

Lin Yu did not hesitate. Instead, he said, in an embarrassed manner, "I'm not the head of the department. In such a circumstance, we can vote to decide. I support you. Two votes. Pass."

"You won't be disappointed."

Jiang Chen grinned at him. At the same time, he was wondering how great the thunder formation of the Sword God Palace would be. As soon as the formation was switched on, Jiang Chen knew he would not be disappointed.

The sky was overcast with thunderclouds. It was so low that it looked as if it would collapse. This was not the most scary part. The most scary thing was that the thunder and lightning in the clouds were not bright silver, but were black! The black thunder and lightning were tumbling in the clouds like black dragons. When they finally struck, Jiang Chen learned what a calamity felt like.

Although he had mastered the Holy Thunder, it was not as strong as these freaky black thunders and lightnings.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha. Great! This is exactly what I need!" Jiang Chen burst out laughing. He was in a great mood. The Sword God Palace had not let him down.

He took out the Heavenly Fault Sword while exerting the strongest thunder method of the Thunder God Sect, The Mysterious Doctrine Formula. The name did not sound related to thunder methods, because it was actually greater than thunder methods.Thunder methods were only a part of it.

Jiang Chen knew from this scripture that thunder methods were related to Xuan Qing Qi. Among the Four Qi, practicers of Xuan Qing Qi were the stongest. Xuan Qing Qi could be transformed to Yu Qing, Shang Qing, and Tai Qing. He had found the method to transform Xuan Qing Qi to Yu Qing Qi in The Mysterious Doctrine Formula.

Yu Qing Qi was for beginners. It was only the foundation. The Thunder God Sect on the Sky Reaching Continent had spent countless time practicing Shang Qing Qi, but they had never succeeded, because the second part of the method was kept in the Sacred Zone.

Jiang Chen intended to master Yu Qing Qi. Then, together with the holy method, he would be able to use two ways to control thunder and lightning. Maybe he could combine thunder methods, which were above everything, with swordsmanship.

The disturbance created in the Thunder Department caught the attention of the Sword God Palace soon. It was inevitable. Thunder methods always created the biggest disturbances.

"Yo, the Thunder Department switched on the formation. It's unbelievable." Someone said sarcastically.

"They have a new guy here."

"He will have a fight with Yao Yue tomorrow."

"The new guy is ignorant. He looked down on Yao Yue just because she is a woman."

Looking at where the Thunder Department was, the disciples of the Sword God Palace shook their heads spontaneously.

At the Wind Department, Yao Yue was also gazing at those black thunders with a sarcastic smile.

"The Wind Department has approved the fight between you and Jiang Chen from the Thunder Department." In the meantime, she heard good news.

"But since the Thunder Department switched on the thunder formation, they have lost half of their feats," Fang Hong said with pity.

"Consider it on a long-term basis. Don't you get it?" However, it was not a problem for Yao Yue. She was still very expectant.

"I don't understand how he had the nerve to challenge apprentice elder sister. Apprentice elder sister, you are working on three qi!" someone flattered her.

"According to the up-to-date information we've got, Jiang Chen's past rivals worked on two qi at most. If our information is correct, apprentice elder sister, you will be his first rival who works on three qi."

This information drew Yao Yue's attention. She beamed even more after knowing it.

"Looks like someone's world will be uprooted soon. Otherwise, it would be too good for him if he could keep living in dreams."

Her confident remark made the air in the Wind Department rather light.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》