The Brilliant Fighting Master
1106 The Thunder Department of the Sword God Palace
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1106 The Thunder Department of the Sword God Palace

"Do you mean it?" Lin Yu said, pleasantly surprised.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. This was the only option Li Changqing had left him. What else could he do?

Then Lin Yu led him into the palace. He did not see any seniors inside. There were only some pillars of many different colors.

"Apprentice elder brother, just leave your token there."

Lin Yu was pointing at a pillar shining with silver lights. There were also some electric arcs jumping out from it.

"There are no senior people in the Sword God Palace?" Jiang Chen said in surprise.

"No. We only have disciples here. The Sword God Palace has everything we need. We don't need people to manage things here," Lin Yu said.

According to him, the Sword God Palace was intelligent. It could function normally without human's management. No wonder Fang Hong had the nerve to start the fight. It was because he knew no elders would appear to stop him.

However, Jiang Chen knew there must be some rules and management here. There were certainly leading people in the circles formed by disciples of different departments.

Jiang Chen put his token into a thunder pillar. Soon, a lightning mark showed up on it. This meant he had formally joined the Sword God Palace.

At this moment, they heard many footsteps coming from outside.

"Jiang Chen, get out here!" Fang Hong, who had fled away in disgrace, shouted from outside.

"I just can't get one day off." Shaking his head, Jiang Chen looked pretty helpless. He saw a group of disciples from the Wind Department as soon as he walked outside. Fang Hong was standing in the front. He looked very angry. His eyes were full of resentment. There was a well-proportioned woman standing beside him. Below her arched eyebrows were bright almond eyes, which demonstrated her toughness. The uniform of the Wind Department was close-fitting enough to show her strength perfectly. Her slim fair calves were exposed, and she was wearing a pair of very clean shoes.

Needless to say, she was the help Fang Hong had found himself.

"Yao Yue, tiger level," Lin Yu said in a low voice. There was timidity in his eyes.

Striding over, Jiang Chen went up to the disciples of the Wind Department. He asked, "What do you want?"

"You cut yourself a smart figure so eagerly as soon as you arrived at the Sword God Palace. You like to catch people's attention, don't you?" The woman called Yao Yue provoked him directly.

"Someone wanted me to punch him in the face. Why should I refuse?" Jiang Chen said.

Fang Hong was irritated. He was going to say something, but Yao Yue stopped him.

"Recording formations are deployed everywhere in the Sword God Palace. There is no blind angle in the public area." As Yao Yue spoke, the video of their fight was played in the air. It even had sound effects.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders when the video had been played. He did not understand what point she wanted to make.

Was she going to reason with him? Even he had almost given up reasoning.

"I only want to know one thing. Are you against us in the Wind Department personally or are you doing this on behalf of the Thunder Department?" Yao Yue said.

"What's the difference?"

"If it's only you, what you did to Fang Hong, I'll give you the double. If you were fighting on behalf of the Thunder Department, we can have a fight to learn from each other." A cunning look flashed in Yao Yue's eyes.

The others from the Wind Department also showed sarcastic faces.

Jiang Chen had no idea what they were up to. Lin Yu told him through holy awareness right away. "All departments provide their disciples with resources every month. Each disciple will get Martial Soul Stones, essence blood, Spirit Liquids, and so on."

"She wants to win the quota under your name."

Lin Yu was bullied a lot, so he understood what Yao Yue was doing.

"Someone is such a big mouth. Do you want to swim under the sea again?"

Although Lin Yu had spoken to Jiang Chen through holy awareness, Yao Yue knew what he had done from his facial expression.

The people around burst out laughing when they heard "swim under the sea".

Gritting his teeth, Lin Yu swallowed it.

"Are you curious about swimming under the sea? Maybe you can give it a try yourself." Looking at Jiang Chen, Yao Yue became more and more aggressive.

Jiang Chen said, "I taught an ignorant disciple of the Wind Department on behalf of the Thunder Department. Are you happy with this answer?"

Yao Yue's pretty face looked super-angry.

Although this was exactly what she wanted, somehow, what Jiang Chen had said sounded very provoking to her.

"Bring it on," Yao Yue said.

"Won't I be too passive if I fight when you say we fight. Let's have the fight tomorrow. There is no why." Jiang Chen declined. Just as he had said, he did not have so much time to fight with everyone who challenged him.

"Whatever." Yao Yue figured it would be the same for her to have the fight the next day. As long as Jiang Chen was still in the Sword God Palace, he would have no place to escape to.

Then Jiang Chen and Lin Yu left for the Thunder Department. Due to the specialty of thunder methods, it was located on the top of a mountain. There were a few palaces.

The Sword God Palace treated each department in the same way. The facility of the Thunder Department was not any worse than that of the other departments. The only thing was that no one wanted to come here. So there were only two disciples, Jiang Chen and Lin Yu.

Jiang Chen noticed Lin Yu's low morale. He asked the latter what was so great about that Yao Yue.

"She...she is working on three qi at the same time. She is one of the best among tiger-level disciples." Lin Yu was very scared of her, because she had bullied him a lot.

At the thought of the swim in the sea, Jiang Chen asked him what it was.

Lin Yu stammered out the answer. Jiang Chen found out what had happened to him.

Yao Yue had tied Lin Yu up and thrown him into the sea. She did not have to worry about him since Star Venerables could not be drowned. However, that was a terrible feeling. This was "the swim in the sea".

The Sword God Palace was located between mountains and a vast sea. No one knew its exact location.

The disciples had to use the portal to leave here.

"Apprentice elder brother, am I an annoying person? I didn't do anything wrong," Lin Yu said, feeling wronged. He had tried to be friendly to his bullies, but, in the end, what he got was worse insults.

"It's not you whom they hate. They just hate people who are different from them. They want to exclude those people. It happens in all circles. What you should think about isn't how to make them accept you, but how to give them a good beating so that they will kneel down before you."

Patting him on the shoulder, Jiang Chen said, "Thunder is the most powerful thing in the world. You shouldn't be so cowardly." That was all he said, nothing unnecessary. He certainly could not change a person with words.

Gazing at the empty Thunder Department, he was feeling excited. Many ideas occurred to him. Inspired by the thunder method he had gotten from the Thunder God Sect, he was going to do something that he had wanted to do for a long time.

Before putting that into action, as a disciple of the Sword God Palace, he got his basic resource quota for every month.

A Martial Soul Stone, a bottle of Spirit Liquid, and a drop of essence blood of fierce beasts. These three were the most important for the disciples here.

Jiang Chen did not need the Martial Soul Stone for the moment, but he really wanted to try the Spirit Liquid and the essence blood of fierce beasts. When he had taken them, the change they brought them was even greater than what an immortal elixir could bring him. Especially the essence blood—after absorbing it, his divine body was acting like it had just woken up. It kept roaring.

"Looks like I made the right choice." Jiang Chen exclaimed. Then he paid attention to what he could get by feats. After all, currently he had enough wealth to help the divine body develop. He would not be very motivated if what the feats could get for him was not precious.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》