The Brilliant Fighting Master
1104 He Called Me Apprentice Elder Brother
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1104 He Called Me Apprentice Elder Brother

Three days later, Jiang Chen came to the Academy of the Land of Abundance. Dean Bai Wenqing had made him a disciple of the academy so that he could satisfy the requirement needed to go to a continent above spirit level. Jiang Chen's case was totally an exception, but no one in the academy disagreed. A divine body whose curse has lifted had infinite possibilities. They expected a lot from Jiang Chen.

"You will be transmitted to the Sword God Palace. That's where all disciples of the sword department go. There will be many challenges waiting for you after you take the classes there." Bai Wenqing informed Jiang Chen about almost everything that he would encounter, because he couldn't accompany Jiang Chen.

The Sword God Palace was still a part of the Academy of the Land of Abundance. However, on heaven-level continents, the academy was not as structured as organizations here.

The dean gave Jiang Chen a token after explaining everything to him.

At that moment, Jiang Chen was standing in a portal. He would arrive at the Sword God Palace as soon as it was switched on. Neither excited nor nervous, Jiang Chen nodded calmly. Then Bai Wenqing switched the portal on. Since this was a trans-continental portal, it created a big disturbance, which could be sensed everywhere in the academy.

Gazing at where the portal was, Yao Yuntong recalled her farewell with Jiang Chen. She had anticipated it, but she still felt reluctant to say good-bye to him. She wished she could go with him, but her state was not high enough.

"I can't stay by your side, but at least I'll stand in a place from where I can see you." Yao Yuntong murmured. Then she went on with her hard practice.


After experiencing zero gravity and dizziness, Jiang Chen saw the splendid lights and shadows that had been flowing like water finally slow down. He felt as if he was sitting in a carriage that was being pulled over.

Finally, Jiang Chen found himself standing in the wilderness. Before him was a primitive forest located deep in the mountains. The overcast sky was dark and forbidding. Turning around, Jiang Chen saw a row of palaces on one of the mountains. They were magnificent structures.

"The Sword God Palace?" Jiang Chen started to feel excited. He flew toward the palaces.

"This place is a part of an academy. Only authorized personnel can enter." As he got closer, he heard someone warn him loudly. At the same time, a sharp sword energy locked on him. However, he could see nobody.

Jiang Chen knew right away that this was because the formation deployed here was functioning. He took out his token. The sword energy immediately disappeared. And he arrived at the Sword God Palace without further obstructions.

"Apprentice Elder Brother Jiang Chen." A young man who looked a bit inexperienced welcomed him warmly. Coming up to Jiang Chen, he said, "The portal doesn't work very well. It sometimes will leave people outside the palace. Please accept our apologies for the misunderstanding." It was such a long distance. Mistakes of this kind were normal.

Jiang Chen learned the young man called Lin Yu would be his mentor on his first day. Lin Yu showed Jiang Chen around the Sword God Palace. He saw many talented people there.

"This place is full of geniuses." Soon he could not help but exclaim. The level of the disciples of the Sword God Palace was beyond his imagination. People who had mastered the transcendent sword doctrine force were everywhere. Then he recalled that comprehending a clear sword spirit seemed to be one of the requirements to join the Sword God Palace. Not until then did he feel relieved.

"What do you usually do every day?" Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

Although Dean Bai had explained everything to him, it was an official statement. He did not think he could believe all of it.

"We need to gain feats," Lin Yu told him.

"The three academies are in three different camps. We will be engaged in wars often and in all kinds of tasks, to gain feats."

"What can these feats be used for?" Jiang Chen asked again.

"For Martial Soul Stone, fierce beasts' essence blood, and Spirit Liquid."

There was a great demand for these three things, but there was no way to purchase them, because the three academies had a monopoly on them.

"Besides that, any real estate we get through adventures also belongs to us." Lin Yu looked excited at the mention of this.

"A mine, or even a city, whatever you win in a war will be yours. There are even better things. You'll also have the opportunity to take important responsibilities in some giant force to gain a high position."

Jiang Chen already knew that, but he felt quite different after hearing it from Lin Yu. His eagerness and excitement were very sincere. Youngsters in his situation had passed adolescence. They wanted to be successful, to gain social recognition. The saints on spirit-level continents were also noble, but only making achievements on heaven-level or even sanctity-level continents was real success for them.

Lin Yu led him to the palace on the top of the mountain.

"Tut, tut, tut. Look who's here."

"Lin Yu, how do you feel, mentoring someone for the first time?"

"You are really seeking trouble."

There were many disciples of the Sword God Palace on the square outside of the palace. They started to mock Lin Yu and Jiang Chen after seeing them arrive. Lin Yu had been very excited, but now he lowered his head and got very pale.

Jiang Chen realized usually only senior disciples would be newbies' mentors, like an apprentice elder brother or sister. However, Lin Yu called him apprentice elder brother instead, and he went to pick up Jiang Chen alone. It was quite unusual indeed. If he thought about it, he did see many people pointing at them on the way.

"What is this about?" Jiang Chen asked.

Lin Yu did not answer him. Or more precisely, he did not know how to answer Jiang Chen.

"Let me tell you. My name is Fang Hong." An arrogant man came up to him. He said, "Like other segments of the academy, the Sword God Palace is divided by natural elements. Like earth, wood, fire, water, and so on. Since we use different weapons, it's natural that everyone is good at different elements. For example, for us swordsmen, the most common elements are wind, metal, fire, and water. The other elements are not for swordsmen at all. However, none of the four departments wants you."

This you certainly meant Jiang Chen.

Not until then did Jiang Chen notice everyone had patterns of elements on their clothes, and their clothes were of different colors. The fella in front of him was from the Wind Department.

Jiang Chen looked toward Lin Yu immediately. He found the latter's clothes were grey and there was no pattern.

"Why is that?" Jiang Chen asked Fang Hong.

"One word, Li. Now are you clear?"

It dawned on Jiang Chen then that it was Li Changqing playing tricks. He was able to make four departments of the Sword God Palace elbow him out. This Li Changqing did have something.

"No one wants to be your mentor or show you around the Sword God Palace. Only this Lin Yu doesn't understand the situation."

"Hey, are you gonna challenge the whole Sword God Palace?" Looking toward Lin Yu, who was lowering his head, Fang Hong kept shouting. Seeing him not respond, Fang Hong punched him in the head. "Are you mute or deaf?" Judging from his movements, it was not the first time he had done this.

When his hand was about to touch Lin Yu's head again, another hand appeared in a flash, slapping that hand like a whip.

Fang Hong screamed loudly. He took his arm back in pain, staring at Jiang Chen in anger.

"He called me apprentice elder brother. That means you can't do anything to him."

Ignoring the anger in Fang Hong's eyes, he patted Lin Yu on his back, as a way to tell him to lift his head and throw his shoulders back to face Fang Hong.

"Just as the rumor says, you are extremely arrogant. But the Sword God Palace isn't a place where you can do whatever you want!" Fang Hong yelled at him.


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