The Brilliant Fighting Master
1103 Not to Open It Again
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1103 Not to Open It Again

"Apprentice younger brother, within ten years at least and 100 years at most, a disaster will befall the Nine Realms. If you are not a Martial Arts Saint by then, you'll be cannon fodder," Ye Xue suddenly said something confusing.

This was common sense. Since the reappearance of various races, all kinds of rare bodies had also come into existence. Even inconceivable things like the reincarnation of the Great Sovereign had happened. However, Ye Xue sounded very sure, as if she already knew what was going to happen.

"I don't know. There is a voice telling me things, but when I focus on it, it feels just like a dream, and I can't catch anything significant."

Facing his doubt, Ye Xue said, "It is impossible to only pay attention to one's own morals without thinking of others. That's why I have been trying to make the Ice Spirits the strongest. This will be an opportunity for me to go to visit the Ancient Spirits, so that I won't be bound by the academy."

Jiang Chen nodded. The most important spirit methods had been mastered by the human race. It was like the human race's lifeline. This was why the Spirit could only dominate the Three Middle Realms during these years. It was the top management of the human race who had brought about the situation. 

They had to escape from the control imposed upon them to get strong. "It's such a sudden change." Jiang Chen had been prepared to go to a heaven-level continent with his apprentice elder sister to start a new life, but, all of a sudden, she was going to a remote place beyond reach.

"Apprentice younger brother, as long as we advance in the same direction, no matter how far we are from each other, no matter how long we cannot see each other, we will meet again." Ye Xue showed a sincere smile from the bottom of her heart.

"Yes." Jiang Chen responded. Something occurred to him. He started to rummage through all of the closets in the Sundry Goods Store. Soon, cans of immortal elixirs and panaceas, armors, and a great amount of spirit liquids were placed before Ye Xue. These things all together could be compared to a whole cave of treasures.

"Apprentice elder sister, take these," Jiang Chen said firmly, as if he would not allow her rejection. Ye Xue knew how capable Jiang Chen was, so she took them without speaking. She would need these indeed for the trip to the Ancient Spirits.

"Apprentice younger brother, is this your true body?" Ye Xue suddenly asked him.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. He looked over and saw his apprentice elder sister flush. She was really pretty. Not many women in this world could be compared to her. These were sweet words that only they could understand.

Ever since Jiang Chen had pressed his apprentice elder sister for a kiss on the grounds of the Natural Law School, they had never done anything more intimate than that.

"Apprentice elder sister, your Icy Heart Formula is still too complicated. It's not simple enough yet. You need to work harder."

Different from Tianyin and Xue'er, Ye Xue's body and method did not allow them to do it. Ye Xue was surprised to hear that. She was more surprised at her apprentice younger brother's thoughtfulness.

Walking up to Jiang Chen, she said in a gentle voice, "I've been making complicated things simpler since the day you kissed me. And I've been doing pretty good." Her voice became lower and lower. In the end, Jiang Chen could hardly hear her.

The temperature in the Sundry Goods Store started to rise. Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. Then Jiang Chen pulled down the rolling door of the Sundry Goods Store. He put a notice on the door saying that he was out running errands and deployed the best protection he had ever deployed in this life. The Sundry Goods Store became their world, a world that only belonged to them.

"Heh, heh, apprentice elder sister, now you have nowhere to escape to even if you want to."

"I'm so scared." Ye Xue put her hands on her bosom in an exaggerated manner. Her eyes were full of love.

Jiang Chen could not wait anymore. He jumped on her like a fierce animal. Beautiful sounds came from the back of the Sundry Goods Store. Unfortunately, no one could hear them from the outside.

The Sundry Goods Store had been closed for a day and a night. This almost made the Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce and even the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts panic. There were all kinds of assumptions. Some people said Master Luo Cheng had gone for a trip. However, the most credible assumption was that Master Luo Cheng had been working very hard to build Doctrine Artifacts since he had gotten the Ice Soul Stone!

This assumption was partly correct. Jiang Chen had been working hard indeed.

"Xue'er, a woman called Tianyin, and me."

On the bed, Ye Xue's hair was messed up. She did not look like an Ice Spirit at the moment at all. Her fair skin was rosy. There were small beads of sweat on her pretty face.

"I won't let go of you if you have one more," Ye Xue said.

Jiang Chen noticed she smiled while bringing Tianyin up. However, another important woman came into his mind when he was about to give her an affirmative answer.

"Help us." She said, holding an Infinity Sai.

Jiang Chen had always thought it was his devil inside, but as time went by, he tended to regard it as a hint more and more. He thought about it. Then he just held his apprentice elder sister tightly without telling her anything about reincarnation.

The next day, Jiang Chen suddenly regretted seeing that veiled woman. He did not bring Nangong Xue back, and he had to send his apprentice elder sister away. That thumb ring had a map only the Ice Spirits could open. It was the route to the Ancient Spirits' territory.

Ye Xue left directly, carrying the comb, without explaining anything to the Academy of the Land of Abundance.

Jiang Chen felt it sudden and weird, but, looking back, he had to say that was life. "I should go to a heaven-level continent." Since Ye Xue had left, he had no reason to linger here anymore. His goal was also clearer—to trample the dual-pupils wielder of the Wizard Race under foot.


It was worth mentioning that it was Jiang Chen's true body that left the Sundry Goods Store. Since he was going to have an adventure, he would certainly enjoy it more with his true body. One of his practicing bodies turned into Master Luo Cheng. The practicing body Lu Ping was still practicing swords in the Sword Pavilion with his master. By then he had become a senior student.

Jiang Chen went to the Academy of the Land of Abundance to meet Dean Bai Wenqing.

"Dean, Ye Xue went to have adventures," Jiang Chen told him.

"I already guessed it when I saw the Ancient Spirit at the auction," Bai Wenqing said, smiling.

Jiang Chen said confusedly, "Dean, aren't you angry?"

"Why should I be? The Ice Spirits are affiliated with the Academy of the Land of Abundance. I certainly want to see Ye Xue stronger." Bai Wenqing said with a smile, "Now we are treating those races with leniency, because we want them to stand on our side."

"I'm afraid those races will take advantage of any loophole they can find to get benefits," Jiang Chen said in a casual way.

The Thunder God Sect could benefit a lot since they were inheritors of thunder methods. Not to mention those races who had so many things that had been lost to the world.

"In the end, we should fight in unity against our common enemy." Bai Wenqing said meaningfully. Before Jiang Chen could ask him anything, he said, "What about you? Have you made any decisions?"

"I'm going to a heaven-level continent," Jiang Chen told him the purpose of his visit. Bai Wenqing was not surprised at all at his choice.

The current Realm of Heaven Martial Arts was divided into three camps. It would be okay to stay out of this and practice on one's own. If one wanted to be a part of it, one would have to choose a camp to join. Otherwise this person would be excluded by all of the three camps.

"You won't be an average disciple on the heaven-level continents. You can be a general, a lord, or even a field lord. Depends on how hard you work," Bai Wenqing said.

"I'm looking forward to it," Jiang Chen said.

"Great. I'll arrange it for you. Come back in three days."


In the Sword Pavilion, the practicing body came to see his master to tell him the whereabouts of his true body.

"What you lack isn't resources or martial techniques or Doctrine Methods. What you lack is experience. That's good for you." Wu Ming did not stop him. On the contrary, he encouraged Jiang Chen to go.

"Master, do you know anything about the Sacred Zone?" Jiang Chen plucked up his courage to ask him.

"You mean the closing of the plane channel of the Sacred Zone?" Wu Ming opened his eyes. His black eyes were very bright.


"No realm wants to see the plane channel open again. That's all I can tell you," Wu Ming said seriously.

Jiang Chen was shocked. It seemed his master did know something. However, before he could ask Wu Ming anything, the latter closed his eyes again.

Jiang Chen knew he would not get anything from Wu Ming unless he told the latter his secret first. Then he would be able to pose questions to his master. However, he would rather keep such a secret a secret for the rest of his life.


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