The Brilliant Fighting Master
1101 That Kind of Body
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1101 That Kind of Body

Jiang Chen suddenly felt freezing as he had been absentminded.

"I'm sorry." Ye Xue pointed the Doctrine Sword she had just gotten at Jiang Chen.

"Wait a sec..." Jiang Chen was frozen before he could finish speaking. He was turned into an ice sculpture.

Ye Xue moved forward elegantly. She took the Ice Soul Stone away just like picking a flower. However, when she was attempting to leave, she got stuck in the protections of the Sundry Goods Store.

"All the Land Under Ice!" Ye Xue tried to crack the protections with brute force.

"Apprentice elder sister, don't act on impulse." Fortunately, Jiang Chen's true body, with his real face, appeared at the door at this moment to stop her.

Still frowning, Ye Xue was staring at him unkindly.

Jiang Chen knew this time he had gone too far. They were having a huge misunderstanding. "Apprentice elder sister, release him first," Jiang Chen said.

"Why? Do you know what he was going to do?" His apprentice elder sister's look was extremely sharp.

"I know. Release him first. I'll explain to you," Jiang Chen hurried to say.

It was like a heavy blow for Ye Xue. She welled up, grasping the sword in her hand tightly. After a long while, she gritted her teeth and turned around to remove the thick ice.

"Apprentice elder sister, look."

Ye Xue had decided she would not listen to any of Jiang Chen's explanations, but she suddenly found the voice she had heard did not come from where he had been standing. She turned around and found that Master Luo Cheng's face was changing. Soon, she saw two apprentice younger brothers standing in front of her. To convince Ye Xue, the true body and the practicing body approached each other to merge into one.

The true body got Jiang Chen's breakthrough on the thunder method during this period and the strongest thunder method he had gotten from the Thunder God Sect right away. The true body had been eating immortal elixirs like snacks every day. He was already very close to becoming a five-star strongman.

In fact, he could become a five-star strongman immediately. However, that would trigger a Ko of thunders. That was why Jiang Chen had been controlling himself not to realize the breakthrough.

Ye Xue looked very interested. It was refreshing to see such a facial expression on this pretty face given by God. Ye Xue was smart. She understood what this was immediately. Her doubts also vanished. However, she was still very cold, since she realized she had been tricked. Jiang Chen was about to show off, but seeing his apprentice elder sister's cold face, he was struck dumb.

The thick ice trapped him again before he could speak. This time, Ye Xue did not cover his face with the ice.

"Apprentice younger brother, you really know how to live it up." Ye Xue beamed, showing her white teeth, which did not happen a lot.

Jiang Chen moaned and groaned to himself. He knew his apprentice elder sister was the most dangerous when she was behaving like this.

"Apprentice elder sister, I just wanted to give you a surprise," Jiang Chen said with an embarrassed smile.

"But I was given a scare instead," Ye Xue said unhappily. She had really thought Jiang Chen was going to let a stranger molest her. Now that she knew they were the same person, it certainly was not a problem anymore, but it did not mean she would forgive this guy so easily.

"Apprentice Elder Sister, let's concentrate on the Ice Soul Stone." Jiang Chen tried to change the topic. It worked. Ye Xue became super-serious in any matter regarding Nangong Xue. However, it was exactly for this reason that she was a little annoyed with Jiang Chen, because he had played a trick at such a moment.

Holding the fragment of the Ice Soul Stone in her hand, she did not remove the thick ice. This wonderful stone was dearer than any gem. Without any impurities in it, it had a natural beauty. The only pity was that it was incomplete. It could be clearly seen that a part of it had been torn off.

"According to Baohai Auctioneers, the small world where the Ice Soul Stone was found already disappeared." Jiang Chen said seriously. At the same time, he melted the thick ice secretly.

"It's really a problem." The fact that a broken Ice Soul Stone could be sold at a sky-high price meant it was still useful. The question was whether it could bring Nangong Xue back to life.

"Ancient records only mention the Ice Soul Stone. They don't mention whether it has to be complete," Ye Xue said.

"But I think it should be complete by default," Jiang Chen said, not very sure about it. It was like writing about a pen. It was unnecessary to mention whether the pen was complete. That being said, Jiang Chen knew what Ye Xue meant. For such an important thing, there must be instructions on how to make it work. However, there were not. Otherwise the two would not have been hesitating.

"Shall we wait a little longer?" Jiang Chen did not dare take the risk. It was a human life. It was the life of one of the most important people of his life.

"An incomplete Ice Soul Stone can't be kept very long. It will lose its effect gradually. Didn't the auction house tell you that?" Ye Xue said confusedly.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. He had never heard anything about this. He understood what Ye Xue was worrying about. It was very, very difficult to get an Ice Soul Stone, which was supposed to have disappeared from the world. Such things would only happen once. Or maybe, in the near future, Ice Soul Stones would be everywhere. However, who could promise that?

Looking at Ye Xue's pale face, Jiang Chen held her hand. He said firmly, "Let's not take any risks. I'll go to talk with that woman."

Ye Xue's eyes lit up. The Ancient Spirit must know more than she did.

"Didn't that woman just go to a sanctity-level continent?" Ye Xue asked.

"That's not a problem. I'm a master now." Jiang Chen turned to Master Luo Cheng again. He told the Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce that he wanted to have a meeting with that veiled woman. It only took them one night to arrange for the meeting. Xie Ting came with good news. She said the location of the meeting had been decided. It would be held in the chamber of commerce through projection.

That woman seems to be very interested in the Ice Soul Stone, Jiang Chen thought. Otherwise she would not have agreed to talk to him.

"You purchased the Ice Soul Stone in the auction to build Doctrine Artifacts. Is it appropriate for you to talk with her?" Ye Xue had noticed this detail.

"But if I show her my real face, whatever I say, it won't work," Jiang Chen said helplessly.

In this way, in the VIP room of the chamber of commerce, Jiang Chen saw the veiled woman through projection. He was also projected to where she was. They were staying in two identical rooms, so nothing felt strange.

"This is a surprising meeting."

"As far as I can recall, the Ice Spirits are very cold, but miss, you are more like a Fire Spirit for me." Jiang Chen started by talking about unimportant things with her, not in a hurry to bring up the real matter at all.

The veiled woman smiled, thinking herself the cat's meow. Then she said, "Master, don't pull any punches. What do you want to talk about?"

"I can't build Doctrine Artifacts with an incomplete Ice Soul Stone. Miss, you are an Ancient Spirit,..." said Jiang Chen.

"If I were able to get a complete Ice Soul Stone, why would I have participated in the bid?" The veiled woman interrupted him.

Jiang Chen was disappointed, but she made sense.

"That being said, for a treasure like the Ice Soul Stone, there can't be only an incomplete one left in the world," the veiled woman added.

"Miss, do you know anything about it?"

"Even if I know, why should I tell you? Master, you are above my position. I'm sure you will figure out a way," the veiled woman said with a smile.

It is true that women are always the most resentful species.

Jiang Chen kind of regretted what he had said the previous day.


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