The Brilliant Fighting Master
1099 Being Incomplete
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1099 Being Incomplete

Ye Xue had a strong feeling that the Doctrine Sword in her hand had been created for her. The Doctrine Sword was very excited as well when her fingers touched it. Thus, the secret of the shell of the Holy Artifact was exposed.

Jiang Chen saw through it even before the auction. It was impossible to find the secret of the Doctrine Sword from its appearance. Otherwise, Baohai Auctioneers would not have made such a mistake. But Jiang Chen knew it from his experience. This Doctrine Sword did not have any mark of forging. It looked completely natural. If it was not a deliberate forgery, there was only one possibility. It was a legendary weapon created by the universe.

What had happened confirmed his assumptions. Such a Doctrine Sword did not need any weapon master's work. It would become sublime on its own in the hands of those suitable for it.

Weapon masters came into existence because of the need to study such legendary weapons. Outsiders did not know these inside stories, but everyone knew Jiang Chen had gotten a treasure.

Judging from the five Sacred Lords' looks, they would purchase it immediately, even if it was sold at a price several times higher.

"This fella." Li Changqing flopped into his chair, as if he had lost all of his energy. Jiang Chen was like the nemesis of his life. He definitely would not have any chance with Ye Xue.

On the stage, Ya Qin announced the auction would continue. Compared to the breakthrough elixir and the Doctrine Sword, the lots that followed were less eye-catching. They did not create many disturbances.

Ye Xue was completely immersed in the sword. No one could catch her attention.

As a swordsman, Jiang Chen understood her perfectly. He felt proud of himself when seeing the happiness in his apprentice elder sister's eyes. Next to him, Tian Ling had a weird face. She had not seen Jiang Chen for two years, and she felt him so distant. As rich as he was currently, was he still the same young man from the Realm of Nine Heavens? She started to envy Ye Xue as well, just like other women. She recalled Jiang Chen used to be very kind to her as well. They had been fighting together facing the Jiangs' provocations. It was a pity that their paths had not crossed much since then, so they had not had the chance to know each other better.


Among all of them, Xie Ting was the one who understood the situation best. She was surprised to see Jiang Chen had spent such a great amount of money without even blinking an eye.

"Doesn't matter." Master Luo Cheng was quite easy-going. He had disguised his true body to such an extent so that he could act freely.

The practicing body Lu Ping was responsible for practicing sword. Master Jiang Chen's task was to accumulate wealth and improve his state through treasures. And the true body Jiang Chen was having adventures in the world to improve himself. When it was time for the Wizard Race's banquet, even the dual-pupils wielder would not be able to stop him.

When the auctioneer was going to show the 43rd lot, Ye Xue suddenly put the Doctrine Sword aside. Then she stared at the stage.

Leaving the audience dangling, Ya Qin had not shown the thing yet. However, Ye Xue was an Ice Spirit. She could sense Ice Soul Stone easily. Seeing her like this, Jiang Chen knew it was time.

Then Ya Qin removed the red cloth covering the treasure. Everyone's attention was caught.

"Ice Soul Stone was lost to the world for a long time. It couldn't be found anywhere in the Nine Realms. The reappearance of various races brought many changes to the world. That's how we found a fragment in a broken small world.

"Although it's incomplete, it still has many of the legendary fantastic effects of Ice Soul Stone." Her last remark was heart-wrenching for Jiang Chen and Ye Xue.

It was not complete?

They looked at it carefully and found one of its sides seemed to have been torn off. Jiang Chen had not expected that. He was totally taken by surprise. Ye Xue's brow knitted tightly. She stayed silent. However, their goal this day was still the same. They were going to get this Ice Soul Stone.

When Ye Xue was going to raise her hand, Jiang Chen somehow stopped her. In the meantime, Master Jiang Chen sitting in the first row raised his hand to bid. Many people knew Master Luo Cheng wanted an Ice Soul Stone to build Doctrine Artifacts, so no one was surprised.

Soon, on the stage, Ya Qin seemed to be bothered, because she found as soon as Master Jiang Chen bid, many other people interested in the stone gave up. In consideration of Master Jiang Chen's renown, no one would be so silly as to offend him.

Seeing Jiang Chen would get the Ice Soul Stone soon by the starting price, Ya Qin said, "Since it was lost to the world for a long time, the minimum hammer price is 100 billion."

"He, he." Jiang Chen raised his hand to offer a new price as soon as he heard that.

It was extremely quiet in the hall. Some people showed a happy smile.

Ya Qin shook her head, but she had to accept the fact.

"One hundred and fifty billion."

To everyone's surprise, someone else participated in the bidding at this moment. It was a voice no one had ever heard. It meant this person had not bid for other treasures yet. This person had been waiting for the Ice Soul Stone.

People all looked over. They saw the bidder was sitting in the tenth row.

"A Spirit?"

Many people were struck dumb by this person's strong spiritual power.

"Why are you looking at me like that? I gather even Master Luo Cheng can't stop others from bidding, can he?" she said in a playful tone, not afraid of the master at all.

This person was a woman. She was wearing a veil, so people could not see her face, but her body and voice were already attractive enough to provoke some men's desires.

"It's the energy of the Ice Spirit," Ye Xue said in a low voice.

"Seriously?" Jiang Chen was very surprised. With Ye Xue representing the Ice Spirit here, who else was so unwise as to show up? Besides, the current Spirit was not strong enough to challenge a master here at all.

"The highest bidder will get it. That is the rule. I only hope, miss, you won't disappoint me," Master Luo Cheng said straightforwardly.

"That will be best."

In such a big auction house, this man and this woman were the only two who were bidding.

Ya Qin did not have to try hard to engage people in the auction anymore. She just let the two compete with each other. The price soon rose from 100 billion to a trillion.

Judging from the two's tones, this was just the beginning.

"Darn it."

Ye Xue and Jiang Chen were very annoyed. This woman who had appeared out of nowhere was so impossible. If it were not for her, they would have gotten the Ice Soul Stone.

"As an Ice Spirit, I've never heard the Ice Soul Stone could be used to build Doctrine Artifacts." The veiled woman looked very sure she could get the stone. She was even in the mood to chit-chat.

"For thousands of years, no one has ever built a Doctrine Artifact in the present age. It's normal that you've never heard about it," Jiang Chen refuted her argument in a tough manner.

"Yes?" The veiled woman did not answer him. She did not say anything else.

When the price had surpassed the price of the breakthrough immortal elixir, the air in the hall was charged with tension. The two competitors also seemed nervous.

Seeing the price approaching 100 trillion, Ya Qin felt she had to say something. "Since Baohai Auctioneers is a responsible enterprise, we have a limit for the highest price. When a treasure's price goes beyond the real value of it, we will fail the bid."

The highest price of the broken Ice Soul Stone should not go higher than 100 trillion.

The veiled woman could not sit still anymore. She knew Master Luo Cheng could afford it.

"Master, this thing is very important for my clan. Please give it to us although you treasure it a lot."

If they were in a normal bidding war, the veiled woman would have been driven away.

"If I have to take every stranger's important things into consideration, why am I sitting here?" Master Luo Cheng said coldly.

Even if the world collapsed, no one could stop him from saving Xue'er.


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