The Brilliant Fighting Master
1098 Holy Artifact!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1098 Holy Artifact!

The Saint of All Beginnings did not give up. The other bidders did not regard 20 million as the limit either.

"He did that intentionally again? He is audacious."

People were guessing whether Jiang Chen was bluffing again.

"3,000." Jiang Chen added 1,000 directly. He was quite decisive. This price was very close to the limit other people could afford.

"3,100 billion," someone bid.

"4,000." Jiang Chen raised his hand.

"This can someone bid like that?"

The Saint of All Beginnings and others cursed secretly. They were in a dilemma. They assumed Jiang Chen would suddenly stop bidding and let them get the lot.

"4,100 billion." The Saint of All Beginnings gritted her teeth and bid again.

"5,000 billion." Jiang Chen raised his hand without hesitation. At the same time, throwing the Saint of All Beginnings a glance, he said, "Miss, looks like you really like this sword." He sounded a bit emotional, as if he would give up the lot to the Saint of All Beginnings if she kept bidding. However, the bid had reached 5,000 billion. The Saint of All Beginnings did not speak, pressing her lips into a thin line.

"5,000 billion, going once." Suddenly, Ya Qin's announcement made everyone go pale.

Will he really get it?

Li Changqing wished he could stand up to give Jiang Chen applause at the thought of this possibility. However, looking at Jiang Chen's calm face, he was not very sure.

He is just attempting to do something he cannot. Li Changqing thought.

"5,000 billion, going twice."

Ya Qin was as nervous as the others when she spoke, afraid it would turn out to be a joke.

Baohai Auctioneers would certainly take punitive action if Jiang Chen failed to pay, but she hoped this would be a successful transaction.

"5,000 billion, sold!"

When she had finished speaking, everyone who had been holding their breaths exhaled a long breath.

Those sitting in the third row swallowed their saliva, feeling excited and nervous at the same time. They felt as if they had been watching a life-or-death fight.

"Congratulations, Young Master Jiang! Please come up to the stage."

Ya Qin decided to look on the bright side. No matter how it ended, she did not want it to affect herself.

Instead of shaking, Jiang Chen walked at a steady pace. He did not look like he was going to pay 5,000 billion upper-grade yuan stones at all.

All of a sudden, Ya Qin was struck by one thing that had just occurred to her. It was true that Jiang Chen did not look like a man from a giant force at all. In fact, he looked greater than that. He looked like a man from the Eighth Realm. If the Sacred Zone had not been closed for such a long time, she would even think he was a young master from the Sacred Zone.

According to the rule of Baohai Auctioneers, the purchaser would complete the transaction in a secret area. It was quite thoughtful. Since not everyone could carry a large amount of upper-grade yuan stones with them, such transactions were usually quite complicated. Professionals were usually needed to follow up.

However, this time, the audience really hated this rule, because they could not see what they had been expecting to see. They only saw Jiang Chen disappear from the stage with the Doctrine Sword.

Ya Qin was going to start the auction of the third lot, but seeing the atmosphere in the hall, she knew no one would be interested in any new lot before Jiang Chen's transaction was completed.

"Ye Xue, if you stay with him, you will be questioned and laughed at forever." Li Changqing tried to sabotage their relationship when Jiang Chen was not there. This time Ye Xue did not ignore him. She looked toward him. While he thought he might have persuaded her, Ye Xue said coldly, "Staying with him, I'm always looking forward to the next moment."

"The next moment?" Li Changqing did not understand what she meant.

He was surprised when exclamations starting coming like waves. He looked toward the stage right away. As expected, Jiang Chen appeared on the stage again, holding the Doctrine Sword in his hand.

Although no one knew how he had paid, he had paid.

"Did he...?"

At the thought of the two Doctrine Swords Jiang Chen already had, people thought maybe he had exchanged one of them for the new one. But then they found the Red Cloud Sword and the Heavenly Fault Sword were both at his waist. That meant Jiang Chen had purchased the new sword without giving up anything.

"Gosh!" Someone screamed with his head buried in his hands.

The unhappiness of the Saint of All Beginnings was also gone. She even felt ashamed of herself for what she had thought.

Then Ye Xue caught the attention of the audience. Numerous women were gazing at her with jealousy.Jiang Chen came up to her to give her the Doctrine Sword. Ye Xue was very pleased with the gift that she had been eager to get.

"Whatever you want, just tell me," Jiang Chen said. His words seemed to have a kind of magic. Countless women lost their hearts to him. They wished they could meet a true love like Jiang Chen as well.

"Now, shouldn't someone apologize for his ignorance?" Jiang Chen said.

People looked toward Ye Tian.

He did not mince his words. Standing up, he said sincerely, "I apologize for sabotaging the auction. Please forgive me. I was too anxious." He apologized to Baohai Auctioneers in a smart way.

Jiang Chen could not go on making things difficult for him, because Ye Tian was kind of famous. If he did not let go, other people would come forward to defend him right away.

"No one's money is easy money. You are spending too extravagantly. Huh." Li Changqing became sharp-tongued out of jealousy after realizing what Ye Xue meant by the next moment.

"You could have gotten it by a bit more than 4,000, but you insisted on spending 5,000 on it. Are you silly or what?" He went on, since he did not want to be ignored again.

For people who were prejudiced against him, whatever he did was wrong. It was wrong if Jiang Chen was poor. And by then he had money, and it was still wrong.

"Stupid people should speak less and read more," Jiang Chen said in a mocking tone.

"Did I say anything wrong?" Getting to his feet, Li Changqing asked. He could not put up with Jiang Chen anymore.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen was about to say something, but he hesitated.

"Huh, you have no more excuses, do you?" Seeing his reaction, Li Changqing said complacently.


All of a sudden, the temperature in the hall dropped. The Doctrine Sword in Ye Xue's hand started to shine. It froze the entire hall.

"This is...this is a Holy Artifact! Not a Doctrine Artifact!"

"Gosh! It's a Holy Artifact. A Holy Artifact!"

The five Martial Arts Saints present there shouted in hoarse voices. They were the first to discover this.

Li Changqing was struck dumb. It turned out Jiang Chen had been mincing his words because of that. It was not a wise choice to tell people this was a Holy Artifact just to shut Li Changqing up, but to his surprise, Ye Xue exposed that unintentionally.

A Holy Artifact!

On the stage, Ya Qin felt it incredible. How could Baohai Auctioneers have made such a mistake?

"It has the shell of a Holy Artifact, but it's still a Doctrine Sword for the moment," Master Luo Cheng said loudly after getting to his feet in a hurry. Not until then did people feel relieved. If it were really a Holy Artifact, it would be a huge thing.

The five Martial Arts Saints were still staring at the sword in Ye Xue's hand.

Although it was only its shell, it still had to do with a Holy Artifact. Jiang Chen had gotten a great deal.

Some people were wondering whether Baohai Auctioneers would take it back.

"Congrats, Young Master Jiang! You really have a good eye. The treasure is yours. Baohai Auctioneers is operating on good faith. We promise you we will not take it back." Ya Qin said immediately.


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