The Brilliant Fighting Master
1097 Please Leave
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1097 Please Leave

"This sword was made for you," Jiang Chen said and raised his hand. "200 trillion!"

Jiang Chen didn't raise the price by much, but it had already reached a high figure due to the previous accumulation. Since Jiang Chen was now bidding on it, it assumed a new significance. 

Ye Tian and the All Beginning Saintess in the row in front of them turned their heads to look.

"Jiang Chen!" An anxious look appeared in Ye Xue's eyes, but she hid it well and just transmitted her voice to him instead of speaking. "What are you doing?"

Before coming here, Ye Xue had considered how much money they would need to buy the Ice Soul Stone. Her Ice Spirit Clan would do its best to get it, and since Jiang Chen had already said that she didn't need to worry about it, she felt like they had enough for it.

Ye Xue wanted the sword, but as she recalled Nangong Xue, she felt like she mustn't act selfishly.

Jiang Chen just smiled and didn't reply.

"You called a price confidently, but since it's you who had done it, people may assume that you are trying to raise it on purpose," Li Changqing said coldly.

However, it was a pity that he was just ignored once again.

"Tian Ling, what is going on with your friend?" Han Li couldn't help but ask quietly.

Han Li's ranking was significantly higher than Li Changqing's, but he still didn't bid because he clearly knew his own financial power. He had never expected Jiang Chen would dare to make a bid.

Tian Ling wasn't aware of what Jiang Chen was doing. The only person here who knew Jiang Chen well was none other than Ye Xue.

"Senior sister, just reply! Do you like it or not?"

"I like it." Ye Xue gritted her teeth and stated her opinion helplessly.

"250!" Jiang Chen raised his hand once again, attracting more people's gazes.

There were always people in auctions who would seize any opportunity to disturb others so they could join in the fun. But, if one wanted to do it, he must take a look at his own status. Someone like Li Changqing, regardless of whether he wanted the sword or not, was still qualified to bid for it.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You can really put on a good show! You managed to win Ye Xue's heart like this? It's really contemptible!" Li Changqing firmly believed that Jiang Chen was just putting on an act."

"300 trillion." Li Changqing raised his left hand once again, and it was obvious that he wanted to oppose Jiang Chen.

The price continued rising, and Ya Qin noticed the situation on the front rows from her position up on the stage. She also noticed Jiang Chen, who was biding, because a woman as beautiful as Ye Xue was sitting next to him.

"Is he trying to show off? It will be difficult for him then to stop halfway." Ya Qin assumed that Jiang Chen was just trying to please a woman.

Since Ya Qin could stand on the stage, she obviously had a discerning eye, and she could tell at a glance that Jiang Chen wasn't the young master of a great faction. It would be impossible for him to gather such wealth with his current age and Realm Level.

Ya Qin was happy to witness the occurrence of such a situation, but she still hoped that he wouldn't overdo it because it would tarnish the reputation of the Baohai Auction House.

When the price reached 800 trillion, there were fewer people competing over it. The bidding now became more stable because if one wanted to act stupidly now, he must consider his ability first.


Ya Qin noticed that Jiang Chen was still continuing to bid, and she couldn't help but furrow her brow. She discovered that he had a unique style. Other people were calling the whole number, while he was omitting the 'trillion'.

'Did he mishear the current number so doesn't know the number is in the trillion?' Ya Qin had many strange thoughts about this matter, and she said, "The price will shortly reach 1000 trillion! I wonder whether it will surpass the breakthrough Immortal Elixir?"

Ya Qin hoped that the youngster would get her warning.


It was a pity that it was the youngster who raised the price to a thousand. Ya Qin couldn't help but size the man up once again and many doubts welled up in her heart.

Li Changqing gritted his teeth, and his forehead began to drip with beads of sweat. His gaze was filled with hatred. "How can this guy put on an act like this?"

Upon witnessing Jiang Chen's apathetic expression, Li Changqing couldn't understand what was occurring, and as he looked at Ye Xue, he wondered inwardly, "Does Ye Xue really love such men like this?'" Li Changqing suddenly regretted that he hadn't boasted in a more exaggerated way in the past.

"Jiang Chen!" Tian Ling couldn't keep calm, and she pulled Jiang Chen's sleeves.

"What's up?" Jiang Chen turned his head to look at her.

"Nothing, it's nothing." Upon witnessing his serious expression, Tian Ling found it embarrassing to mention such a matter.

"Hey! Do you really have enough money for it?" Han Li asked bluntly.

"If I don't have it, why do you think I'm sitting in the front rows?" Jiang Chen retorted

Such words dispelled Han Li's previous doubts and had an intriguing effect. Han Li gritted his teeth and waited to see how this matter would unfold.

There were fewer than ten people bidding now, and they were all sizing each other up. As they carefully considered the matter, they couldn't help but furrow their brow when they looked at Jiang Chen.

"1300!" Jiang Chen bid once again without the least bit of hesitation, and even the All Beginning Saintess in front of him couldn't help but turn around.

"Do you really want that sword?" She finally spoke to Jiang Chen.

"If I don't want it, what do you think I'm doing, holding a sketch or something of the like?" Jiang Chen cracked a joke.

"You!" The All Beginning Saintess recalled that their battle had ended in a tie last time, and she really wished to compete against him now.

"It's enough! You mustn't crack such a joke, and if you are just stirring trouble here, please leave."

Ye Tian, who was sitting next to the All Beginning Saintess, stood up, and he questioned Jiang Chen without giving regard to the place where they were.

This was what Li Changqing had been hoping for. He had wanted to do it, but he didn't have the gall to interrupt the auction, and anyway, Ye Tian was the most suitable person to do it.

Ya Qin had clearly seen what had occurred, but she still asked, "Young master Ye, what is going on?"

Ye Tian raised his hand confidently and asked Ya Qin to quieten down.

"What rights do you have?" Jiang Chen asked, sneering coldly.

"I'm upholding order," Ye Tian shouted. "If you really have such wealth, will Tianyin leave you?"

"First, you don't deserve to call her Tianyin, and second, you aren't qualified to criticize me or order me about," Jiang Chen said.

"You know you're not going to end up buying it! You just want to seek fame, don't you?" Ye Tian said coldly.

"You are making presumptuous guesses about something you don't understand."

"Don't try to change the subject!"

"Fine, young master Ye, please sit down." Ya Qin was forced to interrupt them, and she said, "The Baohai Auction House has strict rules for distributing admission tickets. So, please trust us."

This was a valid argument. The attendees of the auction weren't allowed to denounce other people however they wanted, and this was uncivilized behavior. But, if people really spoke with reason, there wouldn't have been so many disputes and fights in the world.

Most people were on Ye Tian's side because they all looked down upon Jiang Chen.

Ye Tian wasn't willing to leave it, but after the All Beginning Saintess spoke to him, he found himself forced to sit down.

"Miss Ya Qin, Ye Tian was speaking disrespectfully and has also broken the rules. Yet, you will just let this matter end like this?" Jiang Chen wasn't willing to drop this, and he questioned Ya Qin who was on the stage.

Upon hearing this, Ya Qin wanted to start cursing. However, she still wore a bright smile and merely said, "Young master Jiang, what do you plan to do?"

"2000 trillion!" Jiang Chen didn't say much and simply called out another price.

The whole hall quieted for several seconds before a raucous clamor arose. Since Jiang Chen had bluntly called such a high price, it was obvious that he was determined to get the sword and demonstrate that Ye Tian was gravely mistaken.

As a matter of fact, such a measure was effective, and Ye Tian furrowed his brows.

"This sword's price isn't limited to just this. 

"2100 trillion!"


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