The Brilliant Fighting Master
1096 Do You Like It?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1096 Do You Like It?

Jiang Chen got rid of all distracting thoughts for the time being and looked at the auction stage. Unlike the other men present, he didn't care about this woman. He was only interested in the object to be auctioned here today, the Ice Soul Stone which could resuscitate Nangong Xue.

"Everyone knows that along with the opening of the myriad clans' realms, many extinct objects appeared once again, and our auction house looked for several extinct treasures."

The name of the woman on the stage was Ya Qin, and she was the one who spoke. She wasn't nervous at all, and she spoke with a calm tone. Many people respected her for this.

The auction started officially while being managed by the woman, and a hundred treasures would be sold here. According to the Baohai Auction House's rules, only a single minute would be spent on auctioning each item, which meant that the auction would last for around two hours.

This was why the person in charge was quite important. She mustn't tarry or do a slovenly job, and she must control the atmosphere in the room so that the objects would be sold for a high price.

The first object to be auctioned was a bottle of Immortal Elixir.

"The great master who concocted this Immortal Elixir is sitting among us. It was made by Master Luo Cheng who became quite famous recently." Ya Qin introduced the alchemist who made it, before introducing the Immortal Elixir. "Sirs, this is a bottle of Immortal Elixir which can be used for a breakthrough."

She was trying to show it off deliberately, but the guests weren't annoyed by this and became more excited. Immortal Elixirs had been extinct for a long time, and it was the myriad clans who brought elixir recipes with them. They were still mostly just Immortal Elixirs used for cultivation and increasing one cultivation's power. A single piece of them rivaled several hundred Heaven Elixirs.

Breakthrough Immortal Elixirs were objects which couldn't be substituted with anything else because they could help a Martial Emperor break through his shackles and became a Martial Saint. They could help break through his upper limit.

"The Immortal Elixir was already checked by our auction house, and we verified that it was really a breakthrough Immortal Elixir. It's genuine and authentic! Moreover, we only have a single bottle of it because their medical ingredients are quite rare."

If there were more than just a few of them, they would also have been auctioned here.

"An intense battle will shortly occur."

The people in the crowd all detected the change in the aura of the influential people sitting on the front few rows, and they realized that intense competition would occur. Everyone wanted to get the elixir, and it was especially the case for the five Martial Saints' clones present here.

"The starting bid is 100 trillion." The price announced by Ya Qin was like a bucket of cold water poured upon the crowd's heads. Many people were scared by such a price.

"Master Luo Cheng had said that he can't make another furnace of Immortal Elixirs like this for the next twenty years," Ya Qin said.

The influential men present here became excited and passionate again, and someone immediately raised his hand to make a bid. He was one of the five Martial Saints.

"It's Li Jingxiao, the master of the Divine War Clan, and he's also an expert in Tycoon List."

Many people sucked in a breath of cold air upon seeing such a person and learning who he was. It could be said that he was one of the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm's famous influential people.

"Father!" Li Changqing was taken aback by this, and he looked at Jiang Chen in the third row with a face full of pride.

"Jiang Chen, you can't take out even a handful of change," Li Changqing shouted.

Jiang Chen revealed a meaningful smile but didn't speak.

"You are just putting on an act." Li Changqing curled his mouth disdainfully.

A second Martial Saint quickly started bidding for it. It was Headmaster Bai, who had come with Jiang Chen.

"It's Bai Wenqing, the Abundance Land Academy's headmaster, and a person in the Dragon List," someone said in a low voice.

Jiang Chen noticed that Headmaster Bai wore a zealous expression, and he couldn't help but mutter to himself, "If I can make ten bottles, I wonder whether I can exchange them for a Supreme Spirit Skill."

"What?" Tian Ling, who was next to him, looked at him while wearing a confused expression. She hadn't clearly heard what he had just said.

"It's nothing!" Jiang Chen chuckled sheepishly, relieved that she hadn't heard him.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen noticed a sharp light flickering near his left hand. When he braced himself and looked over, he discovered that his senior sister's black eyes were shining.

"I can also concoct a breakthrough Immortal Elixir. I'm not lying to you," Jiang Chen whispered in her ear.

"I believe you." Ye Xue rolled her eyes at him, and her frown disappeared.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and expressed that nothing could be done if she didn't believe him.

It was only the five Martial Saints who were fighting and competing over the elixir, and this was why the competition ended quickly. It was sold for 10 quadrillion upper-grade yuan stones. If such a large number of yuan stones were piled together, then they would be able to form a sea of Primordial Qi.

The person who bought it was a Martial Saint called Ren Piaomiao. He didn't belong to any faction and was a mysterious person. Some people thought that he came from the Ancient Race.

After Ren Piaomiao bought the breakthrough Immortal Elixir, he went toward Master Luo Cheng and whispered something in his ear. If one observed his respectful look, he could make a guess about what he might be saying.

"Master Luo Cheng is anything but simple."

"A breakthrough Immortal Elixir, tsk, tsk tsk. Which person in the whole Heavenly Martial Arts Realm can rival him?"

"Now that we are talking about him, isn't Master Luo Cheng too careful? He brought Master Scrolls from all three great academies, and so far, this was the first time he has left his residence."

While this matter was discussed spiritedly, Master Luo Cheng was invited to the first row. After people learned that he was able to make breakthrough Immortal Elixirs, his prestige greatly rose once again.

"The second item to be auctioned is a Doctrine Sword. I know what you are all thinking, but it's a pity that this isn't the case. This Doctrine Artifact wasn't produced by Master Luo Cheng!" Ya Qin cracked a joke.

Upon hearing this, many people felt anxious on her behalf. Wasn't she afraid of angering Master Luo Cheng? However, it was fortunate that Master Luo Cheng was amiable, and he just chuckled softly.

"This is a Doctrine Sword which has existed for at least a thousand years," Ya Qin said. She raised the cloth and revealed the Doctrine Sword.

At that moment, Jiang Chen assumed that his senior sister had released a cold air. Then, however, he discovered that the temperature in the entire hall had dropped to freezing point. The cause of this was the sword mentioned by Ya Qin.

"It's this?" Surprise appeared on Jiang Chen's face. This didn't seem like a man-made sword because both the hilt and the blade of the sword were made of the same material, and it was a type of mysterious ice. The sword was sparkling and translucent, and it seemed like its blade was able to blind people.

Jiang Chen discovered suddenly that his senior sister's breathing had become slightly rough, and her eyes lit up. When Jiang Chen considered this matter carefully, he realized that this sword was quite suitable for his senior sister.

"The starting bid is 80 trillion."

Upon hearing such a price, Jiang Chen's senior sister was taken aback, and her gaze became gloomy. A Doctrine Artifact was obviously more expensive than an Immortal Elixir because the former was a product for consumption, while the other was a weapon.

However, the previous product was a breakthrough Immortal Elixir. This time, this sword's starting bid was lower by 20 trillion. The problem was that Ye Xue didn't lack just 20 trillion, but the whole 80 trillion. The Ice Spirit Clan would need to sell its land to afford it.

However, a sword's value depended on whether it suited a person, and this was why the competition over it was less intense. It seemed as though its sale price wouldn't be too outrageous.

"150 trillion."

At this moment, Li Changqing's lazy voice echoed. His expression was complacent.

An odd look appeared on Ye Xue's face, and she seemed surprised by the fact that Li Changqing possessed such wealth. However, it was limited to this alone, and she didn't overthink this matter. Even if Li Changqing had a wealth a thousand times greater, she still wouldn't be tempted by it.

"I really wonder why a certain person is sitting in the front rows? Is he here to make up the numbers?" Li Changqing spoke in mockery. 

When the price approached 200 trillion, Li Changqing raised his hand once again and looked provokingly at Jiang Chen.

"Do you like it?" Jiang Chen didn't pay attention to him and just looked at his senior sister with a smile.

"What?" Ye Xue didn't understand what he meant by this.

Upon hearing this, Tian Ling, Han Li, and the others who were next to them, looked over at them.


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