The Brilliant Fighting Master
1095 Junior Heavenly King
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1095 Junior Heavenly King

Even though Ye Xue could get jealous easily, she was still courteous and good-mannered, and she nodded at Tian Ling.

Even though she was also a woman, Tian Ling was amazed by Ye Xue's beauty.

"Tian Ling, is this your friend? Ask him to come to sit here." One of the people who had come with Tian Ling called over to them.

Tian Ling didn't mind this, and she waited for Jiang Chen's reply. However, Jiang Chen realized that these people were only inviting him over because of Ye Xue. If Jiang Chen went to sit there, Ye Xue would follow him.

"Who is afraid of them?" Jiang Chen didn't deal with his problems with avoiding them, and so he went to the third row with Tian Ling.

Li Changqing, who noticed such what was happening, was displeased because he lost his sole advantage, which up until now had given him a feeling of superiority.

"It's really a coincidence!" After Jiang Chen switched places, Ye Tian and the All Beginning Saintess, who were in the second row, noticed him. The All Beginning Saintess had a calm reaction, while Ye Tian spoke to him politely. He wanted to mock Jiang Chen for looking for a new lover, but when he saw Ye Xue, he couldn't utter such words.

"Why does this guy have so many great beauties around him?" Ye Tian said inwardly.

After they sat down, several of the men seated nearby tried to use Tian Ling to talk to Ye Xue, but she just ignored them. Jiang Chen was delighted by such a matter, while the others were annoyed.

"Jiang Chen? Is he that famous man from a spirit-grade continent?"

"I heard that he will fight the dual-pupils wielder to the death! Is that really the case?"

"He deserves praise for his courage! He really deserves praise for his courage!"

The people were led by the man who had asked Tian Ling to invite Jiang Chen to sit with them. His name was Han Li. He also came from a great faction, and he was ranked among the top ten in the Earth List. He hated Jiang Chen because he had a beauty such as Ye Xue. However, Jiang Chen simply ignored him as Ye Xue had done. Instead, he started talking about the past with Tian Ling.

The Martial Emperor who supported the Civil and Martial Arts Institute was a heaven-grade continent's commander, and after Tian Ling left the Three Middle Realms, she had joined his faction. Han Li and the others also belonged to the same faction.

"Jiang Chen, which academy you in are now?" Tian Ling asked nervously. If they were from academies hostile to each other, they would become enemies after leaving the auction house.

Han Li and the other people next to Tian Ling had also pricked their ears to listen to them.

"I didn't join any academy," Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, Han Li and the others smiled. An academy wouldn't accept anyone as a member, so such a matter was understandable.

"May I ask you something? Since this is the case, why can you sit in the front rows?" Han Li asked while wearing a haughty expression.

"You should go ask the auction house about it," Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing such a reply, Han Li got slightly angry, but as he recalled that he was speaking to a person who had dared to kill even Ji Hai, he set his mind at ease.

At this moment, a group of youngsters walked out of the sanctity-level continents' entrance. As they did so, the people in the hall who had been whispering in low voices went into an uproar.

"The Junior Heavenly Kings!"

The crowd's zealous gazes fell upon the group.

The Junior Heavenly King's title didn't refer to a single person, but to a certain group. The rank below a Martial Emperor was a King, a King among Star Venerables.

The meaning of such a title wasn't any different from a Star Venerable Almighty Expert, but there were two reasons why they weren't called Almighty Experts. The main reason was that they were all youths and weren't older than thirty. The second reason was that they were stronger than Almighty Experts by several folds.

The people in the Human, Earth, and Heaven Lists were nothing in comparison to Junior Heavenly Kings.

"Hua Tiannan!"

One of those youngsters was the most eye-catching and was the center of attention. This youth seemed bold and majestic, but he was also quite reserved. He was wearing neat clothes, had a sharp gaze, and a birthmark below his left eye. He went toward the second row while everyone watched him.

"Congratulations! You have condensed a Martial Soul." The man looked at Ye Tian and spoke in a clear voice.

"What? Did Ye Tian condense a Martial Soul?"

"Doesn't this mean that he's also a Junior Heavenly King?"

"He's also the youngest among them."

Ye Tian chuckled bitterly and stood up. He said, "Senior brother Hua, you won't let people hide anything, will you?"

"This a matter which must spread widely in the whole world. So, why are you hiding it?"

"If I become a Junior Heavenly King, I won't be head of the Heaven List anymore. It's really regretful," Ye Tian said modestly.

"A greater world is waiting for you."

"Senior brother Hua, you misunderstand. What senior brother Ye means was that someone wants to challenge his position as the head of the list, and he doesn't want to give him a chance to shirk from it," the man sitting next to Ye Tian said.

Upon hearing this, the crowd recalled something, and they all looked at Jiang Chen.

Both Ye Tian and Hua Tiannan were outstanding and brilliant, and as they stood there and looked at each other, all the people looked forward to hearing their discussions. As for Jiang Chen? He obviously seemed mediocre in comparison to them.

"Is it you who took the dual-pupils wielder's challenge?" Hua Tiannan's gaze fell upon Jiang Chen, who was in the third row. The people in the crowd all revealed playful smiles as they awaited his reply.

"That's me," Jiang Chen replied calmly. He stood up.

Suddenly and for an unknown reason, the crowd then felt that Jiang Chen's aura wasn't any weaker than that of Ye Tian and Hua Tiannan.

"You must take it seriously because the dual-pupils wielder is too strong," Hua Tiannan said.

Upon hearing this, many people laughed out loud.

"I'm serious." Hua Tiannan swept the crowd with his gaze, and people stopped laughing at once. "He possesses courage which none of you can rival. The Wizard Clan is powerful and aggressive, and it's understandable that you will cower if you faced them. But, laughing and mocking someone who contended against them is a ridiculous thing to do," Hua Tiannan said.

Upon hearing this, everyone who had ridiculed Jiang Chen felt ashamed of themselves. This was because Hua Tiannan had stated such words. If Jiang Chen himself had said it, they would just say that he was an ignorant fool who overestimated his power.

Just after this, Hua Tiannan sat on the first row along with the other two Junior Heavenly Kings. They were sitting among the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm's influential men.

Ye Tian snorted coldly and sat down. He still didn't accept Jiang Chen.

"There are still ten months until the one-year pass, and you should become the Heaven List's head before coming over to defeat me. As for the Wizard Clan's matter? Just stop dreaming." Ye Tian didn't believe that Jiang Chen possessed enough power to achieve such a matter.

Jiang Chen sat down again with a strange feeling welling up in his heart. It was only after a long while that he understood the reason behind this.

The spirit, heaven, and sanctity-grades continent's geniuses had all gathered in the Baohai Auction House, and Jiang Chen changed his view of the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm due to them.

Jiang Chen had stayed in the Sky Reaching Continent for a long time and had assumed that the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm's power was limited to what he saw there. This was a great and grave mistake.

Jiang Chen was quite grateful to Hua Tiannan who spoke for him, but he still preferred to state it himself. Then he would manage to convince them on his own, allowing them to have a greater reaction than when Hua Tiannan said it.

"I mustn't laze around." Jiang Chen looked at the geniuses present here, while his eyes shone brightly.

After the series of incidents, the auction site's seats had finally filled completely, and a radiant light shone on the auction stage. The sound of footsteps echoed behind the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you here today." A woman's voice echoed, and the light shone brightly upon her. A woman with a tall and curvaceous body appeared, and she walked over while everyone in the audience watched her.

"Today's auction will now officially start," she announced loudly.

Thunderous applause echoed, and all the men in the crowd became enthusiastic and passionate upon witnessing such a beauty.

"Ah!" the woman cried in deliberate surprise. Her voice seemed quite charming!
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》