The Brilliant Fighting Master
1094 All Acquaintances Have Assembled in a Single Hall
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1094 All Acquaintances Have Assembled in a Single Hall

The Baohai Auction House was visible when they emerged from the carriage, and Jiang Chen discovered that it was in its own little realm. He wasn't surprised by this because they would obviously need to use some special means to gather everyone from the spirit, heaven, and sanctity-grades continents together.

People from the spirit-grade continent were there, and many pairs of hate-filled eyes were looking at him.

Many members of divine sects and holy lands were here, as well as members of the Ancient Race.

However, the Baohai Auction house had its own rules, and anyone who started a fight here would be added to their blacklist forever, paying a grave price for their actions.

Jiang Chen quickly found Lin Shuangyue whom he hadn't seen her for a while. She was with some members of the Lin family, and when she noticed Jiang Chen's gaze, she quickly lowered her head as if she had been given an electric shock. She didn't dare to look straight at him. The Lin family members with her looked warily at Jiang Chen.

"Is that her?"

Ye Xue was aware of why Jiang Chen had fought with Yang Jing and Ji Hai. This was why she didn't have a good impression of Lin Shuangyue.

"It's because she was forced by them. She had no choice." If the previous affair with Yun Zhongke hadn't happened, Jiang Chen would have paid no attention to this woman. This was despite the fact that Yun Zhongke hadn't really been of any help to him.

"Are you treating all women as kindly?" Ye Xue asked resentfully.

"That isn't the case." Jiang Chen denied it quickly. Even though he didn't see any anger on his senior sister's face, he still felt a chill crawl down his spine.

"Young master Jiang!"

It was at this moment that another beautiful woman walked over. Goosebumps rose all over Jiang Chen's body, making him feel like he was an icy plain. No one else could feel such a chill.

"I'm Xie Ting, of the Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce."

It was fortunate that the woman introduced herself because it demonstrated that they didn't know each other. It was only then that Ye Xue scattered her spiritual power, and Jiang Chen felt like the weather went back again from winter to summer.

Master Luo Cheng, who wasn't far from them, was wearing an odd look. "I mustn't let my senior sister know what our relationship is," he thought to himself.

"Hello, many thanks for your Chamber of Commerce's admission ticket," Jiang Chen said.

"Young master Jiang, you shouldn't thank me. You should express your thanks to Master Luo Cheng," Xie Ting said softly with a smile.

It was at this moment that Jiang Chen and Master Luo Cheng exchanged a glance.

"It's really a marvelous feeling."

Jiang Chen and Ye Xue's eyes followed Xie Ting as she walked away. Ye Xue then inquired about his relationship with Master Luo Cheng. This time, Jiang Chen couldn't just quieten her down as he had done to Yao Yuntong.

Jiang Chen thought about it for a moment and said, "Master Luo Cheng asked for my guidance in something related to alchemy."

Ye Xue raised her eyebrows. Even though she was always cultivating, she had still heard about Master Luo Cheng's Sundry Goods Store. Could it be true that such an omnipotent great master would ask for someone's guidance? Ye Xue was skeptical about this. She believed that Jiang Chen was lying to her. However, this wasn't a good time for questioning him closely, and they both went into the auction house.

The auction was to take place in a vast hall. It had many rows of seats that could accommodate several thousand people. The ten rows at the front were the closest to the auction stage. They and were bigger than the others and had a larger distance between them.

Jiang Chen and Ye Xue's seats were in the seventh row. The seat of Master Luo Cheng, which was Jiang Chen's main body, was in the third row.

A short while after they took their seats, Li Changqing arrived. Once he caught sight of Jiang Chen's position, he heaved a sigh of relief. Li Changqing's seat was in the third row. He felt like he finally managed to turn the tables.

There was a person next to him who noticed his current look, and asked curiously, "Changqing, what happened?"

"It's nothing. I have just run into an annoying person." Li Changqing didn't want to say much about this matter. "It's that guy over there."

Li Changqing's companion looked at Jiang Chen. Like most men, he couldn't help but look at Ye Xue who was sitting next to him.

"Who is that guy? I'm surprised that he has such a beauty next to him."

"It's Jiang Chen!"

"Is he the idiot who killed Ji Hai?" the guy blurted out. His voice echoed around the room, and many people, including Jiang Chen, looked at him.

The man sitting next to Li Changging scratched his head. He revealed a sheepish smile while facing the displeased influential people from the front row. But, when he met Jiang Chen's gaze, he curled his mouth, and coldly said, "He really does have an irksome gaze."

When Li Changqing witnessed this, his eyes lit up, and he immediately said, "Brother Shen, can you teach him a lesson for me?"

"Just watch!"

Brother Shen's name was Shen Huan, He possessed great power and was also quite famous. He didn't take Jiang Chen seriously, and he strode forward and went toward the fourth row.

The auction house's rules forbade anyone from attacking a person, but they could still try to scare and intimidate people.

When Shen Huan walked to Jiang Chen's side, a bloody fiendish aura emanated from his body. The aura turned into a skeleton head, which prepared to pounce into Jiang Chen so it could affect his mind! Shen Huan felt then like he already witnessing Jiang Chen shouting in fright and attracting people's attention. It would be a funny sight!

However, when the fiendish aura was just a meter from Jiang Chen, it was crushed by a substantial murderous aura. The blood-red murderous aura turned into a sharp sword, which flew toward Shen Huan's chest.


Even though Shen Huan knew that this wasn't a true attack, the murderous aura seemed more terrifying than his fiendish aura, and he couldn't help but shout loudly while drawing back. He ended up stumbling and falling on the ground. A commotion arose in the peaceful auction house, and many people looked at him.

The elders sitting in the fronts rows were irritated and took a look around to see which family's useless child had caused such a scene.

"It's a member of the Shen family."

"His name is Shen Huan. Didn't they say that he has boundless prospects? Why is he so disgraceful?

"Who knows what he's up to?"

Upon hearing their discussions, Shen Huan felt the desire to kill. This intention was compounded by the complaints of his members of his own family. He was almost driven mad by what he heard them say!

Shen Huan had brought this by himself. He had gotten his fiendish aura through a special cultivation method, and it obviously couldn't rival Jiang Chen's true murderous aura. Shen Huan didn't want to accept this, but he had to go to the back row and take a seat there.

"It's useless," Li Changqing muttered and sat down in his seat on the third row. He wasn't qualified to sit here with his current skill, but his own family's influence was great.

Jiang Chen recalled what the headmaster said, and as he looked at the disparity between people's seats here, he gradually understood something.


It was at this moment that Jiang Chen noticed that several people he knew had come in through the heaven-grade continents' entrance. One of them was the head of Heaven List, Ye Tian, who wanted to snatch Tianyin from him.

The other was the All Beginnings Holy Land's saintess which had once fought with him. She was a woman who possessed a Doctrine Embryo.

Jiang Chen's current fighting prowess was now much stronger than the last time they fought, but this woman was also able to quickly improve, in the same way Jiang Chen was.

Besides those two people, there was also someone else whose arrival surprised and delighted Jiang Chen. It was Tian Ling! She had managed the Civil and Martial Arts Institute and her relationship with Jiang Chen had always been good. He really hadn't expected to see her here after two years had passed.

However, as he thought about this, he recalled that when they were in the Three Middle Realms, Tian Ling had told him that she was from the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm.

"Jiang Chen!" Tian Ling saw him and quickly walked toward him. She was radiant with delight. "It's really good that you are safe and sound." The last thing Tian Ling heard about Jiang Chen was that he had turned into a demon and had run amok in the Spirit Zone. 

"I know that you won't die easily," Tian Ling said.

"I'm sorry for worrying you." Jiang Chen nodded, and relaxed.

Jiang Chen and Tian Ling were just normal friends, which was why he could introduce Tian Ling and Ye Xue to each other without any qualms.


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