The Brilliant Fighting Master
1092 Baohai Auction
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1092 Baohai Auction

"There isn't any need for it." Jiang Chen rejected the offer firmly without waiting for Ye Xue's reply. "We can go there by ourselves."

Li Changqing sneered coldly and mockingly asked, "Don't you know how majestic tonight's auction is? It involves all spirit-grade, heaven-grade, and sanctity-grade continents, and it has the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm's best products."

"Even if that is the case, so what?" Jiang Chen asked

"You can't get even an admission ticket," Li Changqing said coldly.

"That isn't necessarily the case."

The auction mentioned by Li Changqing was anything but simple, and it was called the Baohai Auction. It was held by the three great academies in the whole Heavenly Martial Arts Realm, and this was why Li Changqing had managed to get news about it quicker than Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce.

Luo Cheng, who was in the Sundry Goods Store, had also gotten news about it, and it was Xie Ting who transmitted it to him.

"Great master, the Soul Ice Stone you have asked about previously has appeared, and it will be present at the Baohai Auction. Will you go there?"

"Of course!"

Jiang Chen stood up, wearing Master Luo Cheng's usual expression. He said, "This auction will surely have many precious objects other than the Ice Soul Stone."

Xie Ting nodded. The Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce couldn't rival the Baohai Auction House.

"Can you help me get more than a single admission ticket?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Great master, you can get a large number of them if you want," Xie Ting said.

"Fine, send one to the Abundance Land Academy for me."

When Xie Ting was just about to ask which person she should send it for, she got an idea about it. She said, "Is it for Jiang Chen?"

"That's right."

"Great master, are you acquainted with him?" Xie Ting was quite curious about this matter. Other people didn't know what had occurred in Jiang Chen's negotiation with the Thunder God Sect, but Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce knew clearly that the great master had sent help to Jiang Chen in secret.

"I'm just making an investment. After all, he's a divine body possessor who broke the curse. I really wonder what those great factions are thinking," Jiang Chen boasted, praising himself.

Upon hearing this, Xie Ting considered it seriously."It's because Jiang Chen is a vagrant," she said, "and great factions aren't fond of him."

"Huh?" A curious look appeared on Jiang Chen's face.

"Holy Lands and Divine Sects' teachings are passed down from generation to generation, and their young saints and saintesses are all fostered by them since childhood. That makes them very loyal. This means they can entrust them with heavy responsibility without worrying."

"Someone like Jiang Chen, who has a Divine Body and broke the curse, is quite recalcitrant. If they recruited him into their faction, the young saint or saintess would have to make way for him, and the Holy land would end up being inherited by a person who joined it halfway."

Xie Ting had grown up in the Chamber of Commerce, and this was how she managed to accurately find out the crux of the issue.

"As for cooperation with him? It's also inappropriate because he's still just a Star Venerable, and even though he broke the curse, he hasn't grown up completely."

Jiang Chen smiled helplessly, and said, "According to what you have said, investing in him was a foolish choice."

"No, you can get significant benefits out of it because if a divine body grows up completely, all myriad clans will shiver with fear in front of him." A zealous look appeared on Xie Ting's face, and she excitedly said, "Jiang Chen had killed Ji Hai in front of many people, and such a sight was really impressive. He seemed so bold and great."

It turned out that it wasn't Jiang Chen alone who hoped that his divine body could grow up completely.

"Since this is the case, inform him that I will pay all his expenses in tonight's auction," Jiang Chen said.

"Okay!" Xie Ting didn't hesitate because, with his current capability, Master Luo Cheng was able to afford it.

In the academy, Jiang Chen and Ye Xue were waiting for the auction to begin, and they were both excited.

If Nangong Xue could come back to life, everything would become perfect.

Li Changqing was also waiting. He wasn't just waiting for the auction to begin; he wanted to see if Jiang Chen could accomplish what he said.

"Baohai Auction House isn't a place the likes of you can enter, is it?" Li Changqing looked at Jiang Chen and Ye Xue's backs. He was quite jealous of Jiang Chen! "Ye Xue will shortly get to see that one can't just depend on talent alone to travel in this continent. When she faces many obstructions, she will understand what a great faction represents," Li Changqing thought to himself. 

He badly wished to win Ye Xue. She was like a perfect and flawless work of art, which anyone would want to own and keep for themselves. 

As night fell, many magnificent carriages came to the Abundance Land Academy. They were sent by the Treasure Sea Auction House, and everyone who had an admission ticket would be picked personally by them.

As the academy's disciples saw the heavenly horses shining in silver light, they all envied those people who were attending the auction. This was a representation of one's status and position, and everyone pursed power just to stand atop the world's summit. They could then get fame, profit, and glory, and people close to them as well as their descendants would benefit from it.

Li Changqing went toward a carriage and handed them his admission ticket. The pretty woman next to the heavenly horse invited him into the carriage respectfully.

"As expected of senior brother Li."

"Members of great factions can obviously get access to many facilities."

"Even if he isn't talented enough to reach the apex, he can still get a great status and can enjoy it."

A discussion arose. Most people envied Li Changqing greatly, and it was especially the case for female disciples. They all wished to throw themselves at him.

Li Changqing stood next to the carriage and looked arrogantly at Jiang Chen and Ye Xue. He was waiting for Ye Xue to understand the importance of great status, to understand this world's rules, and to come to his side.

But Ye Xue just stood next to Jiang Chen and went with him toward another carriage. This carriage had also heavenly horses, but they were shining in a golden light, which meant that those horses had an emperor-level bloodline. Only esteemed guests could ride this carriage.

"He really doesn't understand anything." Upon witnessing this, Li Changqing shook his head disdainfully. He believed that Jiang Chen was only pretending to understand the correct way to behave.

The academy's disciples were all confused. Carriages drawn by heavenly horses shining in a golden light were usually sent here to pick the academy's elders and headmaster. They didn't expect Jiang Chen to try and access such a carriage.

"Isn't he aware of this matter?"

Many people felt they were observing a farce and were looking forward to what would happen. However, they were all disappointed because when Jiang Chen walked toward the carriage, the woman bowed to him before he had even shown her his admission ticket.

"Honorable young master, please come in."

When such words echoed, the expressions of many academy's disciples changed drastically. Li Changqing suspected whether he had misheard her.

"Why did you allow him to ride the carriage?" Li Changqing was flustered and exasperated, and he rushed over there. He said, "Will you lower Baohai Auction House's rules for him alone?"

"Young Master Li, Young Master Jiang has his own admission ticket," the woman said in a soft voice.

"It's impossible!" Li Changqing didn't believe this.

An embarrassed look appeared on the woman's face because she didn't know what she should say. But then, Jiang Chen took out his admission ticket. It was a real golden card.

Li Changqing couldn't say anything else then because his own card was just silver, and there was a great disparity between him and Jiang Chen.

"It seems like a certain person's complacency is ridiculous and quite comical."

Jiang Chen's words humiliated Li Changqing greatly, and the latter's face became flushed with shame.


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