The Brilliant Fighting Master
1091 Going Once Again to the Abundance Land Academy
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1091 Going Once Again to the Abundance Land Academy

The Spirit Clan occupied the Three Middle Realms, but it was still controlled by humans, and they handed over their Supreme Spirit Skills to the three great academies.

The three great academies held the Supreme Spirit Skills, and it was up to them to decide whether a Spirit was qualified to cultivate them. Each academy supervised different Spirit Clans.

The Ice Spirit Clan was supervised by the Abundance Land Academy, and this was the reason why Ye Xue had joined it. 

"He's using his position for personal gain," Jiang Chen sneered coldly. He proceeded toward the Abundance Land Academy.

Yao Yuntong wanted to dissuade him from doing anything rash, but she immediately realized that would be impossible. She remained silent.

When Jiang Chen arrived at the Abundance Land Academy, he was treated differently to how he had been previously. He wasn't belittled as before, and no one targeted him. Most people were looking at him in reverence.

Yao Yuntong had told Jiang Chen that the three great academies' upper echelons held the greatest authority and power in the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm, and the army's big shots were a part of them.

Li Changqing was from a great faction, and some members of his family held a position in the Abundance Land Academy. This made him seem like a heavenly prince living among students. Even though his ranking was low, no one dared to belittle him.

Li Changqing stopped his secluded cultivation. He had made satisfactory progress with his Realm Level and Martial Doctrine. He was about to go and chase his target to show off. Before he could, he learned of what had happened recently.

It was Xiao Tianyu, who had been waiting for a long time to do so, who informed him of what had happened. Since Xiao Tianyu had been defeated by Jiang Chen in the Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club, he had been looking for an opportunity to take revenge. Defeating Xiao Tianyu had been just the beginning for Jiang Chen, but it had allowed Xiao Tianyu to realize that it was impossible for him to catch up with Jiang Chen. Therefore, he was placing all his hopes on Li Changqing.

"Is what you have said true?" Upon learning of Jiang Chen's relationship with Ye Xue, Li Changqing's expression became gloomy. When he heard that Jiang Chen had killed Ji Hai and Yang Jing, he was startled. However, he didn't cower and went to look for Ye Xue while Xian Tianyu looked on expectantly.

Li Changqing was still trying in vain to get this goddess-like woman. However, Ye Xue treated him coldly as before. Nothing in her manner had changed since he started his secluded cultivation. She didn't care about him at all

Li Changqing wanted to clearly inform this woman that if she wanted to get the Abundance Land Academy's Supreme Spirit Skill, she must befriend him, but his dignity as a man didn't allow him to say this.

On this day, Li Changqing was walking brazenly near Ye Xue. He began to boast of his achievements. "When I finished my secluded cultivation," he said, "I got an invitation from the Wizard Clan. I can now accompany you there!"

Ye Xue didn't reply. It was as if he didn't exist at all. As a matter of fact, if she didn't have qualms because of his status, she would have turned him into an ice sculpture long ago.

"The banquet will be held in a heaven-grade continent, and I know many geniuses there. Junior sister, do you want me to introduce them to you?" Li Changqing said patiently.

All of a sudden, Li Changqing saw a smile appear on Ye Xue's face. At that moment, it seemed like the whole world lost its color and was overshadowed by that smile. For him, only Ye Xue was left.

It was a pity that such a smile wasn't directed at him. Li Changqing looked on helplessly as Ye Xue flew to the center of the academy and welcomed a youngster without giving a thought to other people looking on. 

"Jiang Chen?" Li Changqing's expression became gloomy, and he started to size up his love-rival. To his devastation, he quickly discovered that both his appearance and aura were outstanding.

"Why have you come to visit me?" Ye Xue said.

"You are speaking as if I treated you coldly," Jiang Chen said while smiling bitterly.

Jiang Chen looked then at Li Changqing, who wasn't far from them, and asked, "Is it him?"

Ye Xue realized why he had come, and she was quite delighted by this.

"Junior brother, it seems like you got jealous."

"There is nothing to be done about him. It's because you are too beautiful." Jiang Chen made fun of her.

"You really have a glib tongue. It's no wonder that you have good luck with women." Ye Xue rolled her eyes at him.

The disciples at the academy's five mountain peaks looked in a daze at such a sight, and they felt like this was the world's most beautiful scenery.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Is this Jiang Chen who wanted to fight against the Wizard Clan's dual-pupils wielder?" Li Changqing ended up inadvertently ruining the good atmosphere.

"I'm Li Changqing from the Divine War Clan." Li Changqing announced his name and familial background to Jiang Chen. He didn't state that he was an academy's disciple and stated his familial faction's name.

The Divine War Clan was a great faction, and it was in charge of several heaven-grade continents. Li Changqing's familial background was able to scare everyone in the Sky Reaching Continent. This was the reason why he still dared to challenge Jiang Chen even though he knew that he was supported by twelve Martial Saints.

"Your power is too low. I'm not interested in you." Jiang Chen ignored him, held Ye Xue's hand, and flew toward a mountain peak.

Li Changqing was irritated by his words, and his whole body shivered, but he didn't give up. He chased after them, and said coldly, "You are really arrogant! Do you think that you can run amok just because you have a slightly good talent? Let me inform you clearly that this is a cruel world."

Jiang Chen turned his head impatiently and cast a glance at him.

"You can defeat Ji Hai and Yang Jing, but if you travel around the Sky Reaching Continent and end up running into air pirates, you won't survive because you don't have a Doctrine Protector," Li Changqing said.

A Doctrine Protector was just a title referring to experts in charge of protecting geniuses until they grew up. One had to possess outstanding talent to be able to become a Doctrine Protector. Inviting a Doctrine Protector wasn't an easy matter either.

"I'm still in a better state than someone who couldn't employ a Doctrine Protector even if he wanted to." Jiang Chen chuckled, touching Li Changqing's sore sport.

Jiang Chen could clearly see anger appearing on Li Changqing's face, but he still felt like it wasn't enough and thought of something else.

"Senior sister, isn't there a reward for killing air pirates?" Jiang Chen asked.

"That is right. The three great academies have issued bounties for air pirates, and you can see them there." Ye Xue brought him into a great palace.

Li Changqing followed them closely because he wanted to see what Jiang Chen was planning to do.

When Jiang Chen threw the corpse of the air pirates' leader down, a commotion arose in the palace. The air pirates' leader possessed the ability to deter young Star Venerables, and it was difficult for someone as young as Jiang Chen to kill him.

"A month ago, a ship was attacked by the air pirates' leader, and it was saved by someone possessing a Lightning Method. Was it you?"

Even the academy's person in charge looked in appreciation at Jiang Chen. He said, "A long time has passed since then, and it's only now you come to take the reward. You are very patient."

The reward for the air pirates' leader was quite impressive because he was at the peak of the Star Venerable Realm.

After Jiang Chen had done this, he looked at Li Changqing who wore an unsightly expression.

"Do you think that I need a Doctrine Protector?" Jiang Chen asked.

One couldn't deny that Li Changqing was strong-willed. If someone else was in this situation, they would have already swaggered off.

Li Changqing ignored Jiang Chen's words and looked at Ye Xue. He said, "Ye Xue, I have heard that you asked the Headmaster about the Ice Soul Stone, and I made inquiries about it for you. It will be sold in an auction tonight."

"What?" Jiang Chen and Ye Xue were both startled by the three words 'Ice Soul Stone'.

"It is an extinct object, and it's extremely expensive. It can't be gotten by ordinary people who can't even dream about getting entry into the auction house."

Upon witnessing their responses, Li Changqing felt like he had finally managed to turn the tables.

"I must get it."

Jiang Chen and Ye Xue exchanged a glance, and a resolute look appeared in their eyes.

"Ye Xue, if you want to go there, you can accompany me," Li Changqing said. He seized this opportunity!


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