The Brilliant Fighting Master
1089 Twelve Martial Saints
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1089 Twelve Martial Saints

Yao Yuntong was stunned. She was trying her best to keep faith in Jiang Chen and desperately wanted to believe that it wouldn't end up like this.

"I have provided you with reasonable and just conditions, yet you are still being rude and unreasonable, and you concealed the truth from me," Yun Zhongke said in a sharp voice. He really resented and hated Jiang Chen.

Young master Leng Xin's gaze scared Yun Zhongke, and he became quite anxious.

"Elder, I never invited you here." Jiang Chen resisted the urge to laugh, and everyone noticed that he was now speaking in a mocking tone.

Yun Zhongke didn't get angry because Jiang Chen's words had at least given him a final straw to clutch at.

"Sect Master, you heard him. I really didn't want to come here!" Yun Zhongke said while looking at Young Master Leng Xin.

Leng Xin didn't concern himself with what Yun Zhongke had to say and instead looked at Jiang Chen with a gaze full of interest. He still didn't understand what Jiang Chen was thinking about.

Ai Liang also didn't understand it, but he had no desire to try to. He cast a meaningful glance at the others, and the people in the room walked over to capture Yao Yuntong.

"I still haven't finished stating the conditions. Are you really this anxious?" Jiang Chen said.

"Do you think that you are qualified to raise any conditions?" Ai Liang said mockingly.

Jiang Chen said, "You will lose your sole chance."

In response to Jiang Chen's words, the Thunder God Sect's members just laughed in derision.

"Why is that every time I offer people a chance, they don't treasure it?" Jiang Chen shook his head. He seemed quite vexed!

Yao Yuntong's heart was in her mouth, but she forced herself to keep her calm.

"I want to hear your conditions," Young Master Leng Xin said.

The Thunder God Sect's members stopped in their tracks. Now, they didn't dare to make a rash move.

The Sacred Lord wasn't really afraid of Jiang Chen and was simply acting out of curiosity.

Tian Lei said, "State all your conditions."

"Besides what I said a moment ago, you must also release her father and offer them sincere compensation," Jiang Chen said.

The crowd laughed out loud. Several of them were even brought to tears. Even the steady and earnest Tian Lei couldn't help but shake his head.

"Youngster, don't you know that bargaining chips are the most important part of a negotiation?" Young Master Leng Xin felt like he had no chance of working out what Jiang Chen was pondering. He now spoke bluntly, no longer willing to beat around the bush.

"If there is a great disparity between both sides' power, isn't it enough to look at the weaker side's bargaining chips?" Jiang Chen asked with a smile.

Ai Liang, Tian Lei, and the others furrowed their brows. They all had a bad feeling about this but weren't sure why.

"Explain this matter clearly, or don't' blame me for making a move." It seemed like Young Master Leng Xin had run out of patience. His gaze became gloomy.

Jiang Chen took several steps forward and sat on a chair. He said, "Wait, you will get the answer in less than three minutes."

Upon hearing this, the impatient Young Master Leng Xin became even more irritated, and his gaze became more gloomy. It seemed like he would attack at any moment. However, in the end, he just shrugged his shoulders, and said, "Fine, I will wait for three minutes. But, if you are just playing tricks on me, you will suffer dreadful consequences." Now that the Martial Saint had agreed, the others could only wait.

The more Yun Zhongke thought about this matter, the angrier he became, and he became more prejudiced against Jiang Chen.

"Sacred Lord, he's obviously just bluffing. I didn't see anyone else when we came over." Yun Zhongke had arrived with Jiang Chen, and his words were quite credible.

"Jiang Chen, you will play these silly tricks until you get yourself killed! You're risking offending a Sacred Lord. I really wonder why you are so stupid." Ai Liang used a sound transmission to mock Jiang Chen.

"When you kneel down after a short while, don't forget to kowtow." Jiang Chen's words baffled everyone. Nothing he said seemed to make sense.

Three minutes were too short, and there was a Thunder God Sect's member measuring time.

When there were just a dozen seconds left, a malevolent look appeared on that person's face, and he cast Ai Liang a meaningful glance.

Ai Liang was also looking forward to what would occur after the last few seconds elapsed. What he didn't expect was that the event which was about to occur would make him regret his actions for the rest of his life.

While everyone was looking at Jiang Chen, the wall behind them suddenly exploded, and the expansive sky appeared clearly.

The group of people turned around in shock. They wanted to see who was this reckless. However, when they had a clear look at the intruders, they were all dumbfounded, and the three people who had been sitting immediately stood up.

"Father!" Yao Yuntong spoke in surprise.

Yao Tianshi was floating in the sky outside, and he was looking at the people in the room apathetically. However, the Martial Saint and the Thunder God Sect's members weren't stunned by his appearance, but that of the twelve people who had come along with him. Those twelve people were all Martial Saints

"There are many, many Martial Saints." Young Master Leng Xin's attitude was normally one of arrogance, but now he panicked and became flustered. The surprise brought by Jiang Chen was really too great.

"How is this possible? He was imprisoned in the Thunder God Sect!" Ai Liang couldn't understand how Yao Tianshi had managed to come here.

"You are really stupid!" Jiang Chen imitated Ai Liang and spoke in mockery.

Tian Lei and the others quickly understood what had happened, and they strode forward. Tian Lei said, "Martial Saints, I wonder how my Thunder God Sect has offended you?"

"We are here to save someone, but we may still destroy Thunder God Sect in passing. Your Sect Master had already been defeated by us, and his fate, as well as the Thunder God Sect's fate, is in this guy's hands." A female Martial Saint extended her thin finger and pointed it at Jiang Chen, who was the only person still sitting down.

It seemed like Jiang Chen wasn't surprised by this, and he stood up and said, "Elders, many thanks for your help."

"Those people... were all those people invited by him? How is this possible?'"Yun Zhongke, who was next to Jiang Chen, shouted inwardly.

Those twelve Martial Saints weren't from a spirit-grade continent. They all came from a heaven-grade or sanctity-grade continent. Moreover, they didn't even belong to the same faction and were just invited over, and cooperating to complete this task.

It could be said that Jiang Chen's power could overwhelm any spirit-grade continent, and an ordinary person couldn't invite twelve Martial Saints and have them fight for him. Moreover, it seemed like all those Martial Saints were willing to work for him. They were all waiting for Jiang Chen's instructions.

"Well? Should we destroy the Thunder God Sect?" Jiang Chen didn't give even seem to notice the tense atmosphere and just muttered to himself. It seemed like he was hesitating!

"Young Master, the great master has already given us orders, and we will satisfy all of your requests," a man of the Martial Saints said.

"In any case, the Thunder God Sect isn't associated with any academies and was just taking advantage of them. There won't be anyone who will care about them." The female Martial Saint, who had already spoken, had a prejudice against the Thunder God Sect because they forbade people from passing down their inheritance to women.

The Thunder God Sect's members in the room were dripping with sweat, and they finally understood the meaning of Jiang Chen's earlier words.

"Oh, by the way." Jiang Chen suddenly recalled something, and he pointed his finger at Young Master Leng Xin. He said, "Before I make a decision, you should first help me deal with this guy."

Jiang Chen wouldn't let someone who had threatened his life off lightly.

"Wait a moment!" Young Master Leng Xin's face turned pale in fright. It was especially the case since twelve people of the same realm as him were staring at him. Those people were all more outstanding than him, and he couldn't deal with any of them, let alone twelve at the same time.

Young Master Leng Xin caught sight of Yun Zhongke out of the corner of his eye, and he recalled what Yun Zhongke had said a moment ago. He said, "I also wasn't aware of this matter. The Thunder God Sect deceived me and asked me to come."

However, the twelve Martial Saints didn't listen to him because they were all eager to pounce at him.

"Don't act recklessly!" Young Master Leng Xin said sharply.

"I love acting recklessly!"

When they heard those words, seven of the twelve Martial Saints attacked, instantly killing Young Master Leng Xin. A Martial Saint had been easily killed by them without causing any disturbance. It was calmer than dealing with a Star Venerable would be.

"I admit my mistake. Please don't look into this matter any further."

It was obvious that Young Master Leng Xin wouldn't really die this easily. This was just an incarnation of him, and he still begged for forgiveness before he was erased completely.

Young Master Leng Xin was no longer interested in the matter they had come to discuss. He didn't dare to hold a grudge against Jiang Chen now and just hoped that they wouldn't go after him.

Such an incident was a warning to all Thunder God Sect's members.


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