The Brilliant Fighting Master
1088 Yun Zhongke
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1088 Yun Zhongke

It was Lin Shuangyue who had called the man over to help mediate between Jiang Chen and the Thunder God Sect. What was interesting was that Lin Shuangyue had asked him a while ago, long before Jiang Chen met her in the Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club with Master Luo Cheng's identity.

As Jiang Chen thought about it, he remembered that Ai Liang had stated then that Jiang Chen was acting recklessly and had fixed the date of negotiation with them.

Lin Shuangyue hadn't mentioned anything then, and Jiang Chen didn't expect that she would be this considerate. Afterward, Jiang Chen had learned about the lover-snatching scheme, and it could be said that a kind woman like her got just reward.

What was quite interesting was that the person invited by Lin Shuangyue had such a high-profile. His name was Yun Zhongke, and he was a Martial Emperor. He assumed that Jiang Chen had arranged to negotiate with the Thunder God Sect just because he was aware that Lin Shuangyue would help him. That was why Yun Zhongke treated Jiang Chen arrogantly.

At first, when Yun Zhongke witnessed the confusion apparent on Jiang Chen's face, it seemed that he looked down on him. "The Star Venerable Realm is divided into nine layers," Yun Zhongke said, "and it's also the case for Martial Emperor Realm. I'm at the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm, and besides the Thunder God Sect's Master, there isn't anyone in the Thunder God Sect who won't give me due respect."

Yao Yuntong assumed that this was all part of Jiang Chen's plan, and she thought it was pretty good. But, after she saw Yun Zhongke's manner, she wasn't as confident in it as before.

Jiang Chen wanted to ask Yun Zhongke to go back, but he was aware that if he did so, the man would certainly fly into a rage.

"Let's set off then." 

Upon hearing this, Yun Zhongke revealed a proud look and took the lead toward their meeting place with the Thunder God Sect.

"It turned out that this is the plan." When the people observing them from the dark saw Yun Zhongke, they understood Jiang Chen's plan. As long as such a man was present, they could resolve any issue as long as it wasn't grave. However, Yun Zhongke was known for his bad temper, and it was really a wonder how Jiang Chen had managed to get him to come.

The Spiritual Pleasure Restaurant was one of Sky Reaching City's most famous locations, and it was reserved by the Thunder God Sect for the entire day. All of the Thunder God Sect's influential members were present in a room on the top floor, and Ai Liang could only stand and wait with them. 

There were only three people sitting in the room. One of them was the elder who had obstructed Ai Liang in the past, and he was the Thunder God Sect's Deputy Master, Tian Lei. Tian Lei was sitting in the middle, and his status was higher than that of the others, while his power was also the greatest.

"Yun Zhongke is on his way!" The news was transmitted to them from outside. Those people were faster than even Jiang Chen!

"Yun Zhongke?" The three people sitting there furrowed their brows. They were all surprised by this.

As for Ai Liang, delight appeared on his face. If it was just Yun Zhongke alone, he was quite confident about this matter.

"Are you ready?" Tian Lei asked.

"The formation masters invited by us are all waiting on every floor."

"This is Sky Reaching City, and I don't believe that he would dare to bombard this place as he did the All Saints Sect."

It seemed like this day's negotiation would be advantageous to the Thunder God Sect. This should have been a matter of course, but the Thunder God Sect's members in the room still couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.

"This guy's ability doesn't amount to more than this," they thought inwardly.

After a short while, they got another piece of news. Yun Zhongke had already arrived at the Spiritual Pleasure Restaurant, and both Yao Yuntong and Jiang Chen were following him.

The Thunder God Sects members were standing before the gate, and they all looked at them while wearing a vicious look.

"Well?" Yun Zhongke glared at them, the aura of the Martial Emperor Realm frightening those he was looking at. Yun Zhongke snorted coldly, strode forward, and entered the restaurant.

"Don't say anything. Just keep your cool. It's enough that you are here." After they went upstairs, Yun Zhongke instructed them how to behave.

"Okay!" Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen looked at Yao Yuntong, who was next to him, and he noticed that she assumed that Yun Zhongke was the way he came up with to deal with this day's affair. Jiang Chen wanted to explain this matter, but after he gave it a thought, he felt like it would be more interesting to leave her in the dark.

They quickly reached the top floor and stepped into the negotiation room.

Just then, Jiang Chen's eyes met Ai Liang's. Intense hostility could be felt from both of them. Ai Liang didn't mock him and just fiddled with his messy hair. It was obvious that the worst was yet to come.

"Well?" When Yun Zhongke witnessed the people in the room, he was startled and curbed his arrogance.

"Yun Zhongke, will you speak for him?" Tian Lei asked bluntly. He had no intention of beating round the bush.

Upon hearing this, Yun Zhongke recalled the questions he directed at Jiang Chen while they were still in the tavern, and he experienced for himself how Jiang Chen must have felt then.

"That's right." Yun Zhongke was still resolute and showed no fear.

Deputy Sect Master Tian Lei looked at Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong and curled the corners of his mouth up to reveal a smile.

It seemed like they wouldn't suffer any grave issues on this day, and they would manage to deal with this matter.

"State your conditions," Tian Lei said.

"Give this woman her freedom back. That is what she deserves," Yun Zhongke said.

Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong were both surprised by this, and they felt like this elder was someone they could depend on. "However, she will obviously get rid of her Lightning Method and won't be a Lightning Method's inheritor any longer," Yun Zhongke quickly continued.

Upon hearing this, Yao Yuntong had an intense reaction, and she looked at Jiang Chen who was next to her. She wanted to see whether Jiang Chen shared her opinion.

Ai Liang laughed heartily, and said, "Elder, it seems like those people aren't willing to accept this."

Yun Zhongke turned around and looked at them. Quietly, he asked, "Wasn't this your request?"

"Giving back the Yao family's father and daughter their freedom, and preventing the Thunder God Sect from intervening in their lives." Jiang Chen didn't lower his voice to answer Yun Zhongke. "Those are my requests," he said bluntly.

When Jiang Chen's voice echoed around the room, the Thunder God Sect started laughing out loud, while Yun Zhongke was so infuriated that his face became gloomy.

"A woman can't become a Lightning Method's inheritor! That is common knowledge. Since she violated such a rule, she committed an unforgivable crime. I'm trying to give her another chance, yet, you are still unable to tell good from bad." Yun Zhongke started criticizing them angrily.

"Yun Zhongke, don't get angry. I had no intention of accepting your request anyway," Tian Lei said suddenly.

Upon hearing this, Yun Zhongke slapped the table angrily, and shouted, "Won't your Thunder God Sect give me due respect?"

"Even if we don't give you due respect, what can you do? Do you know who we have invited to discuss this matter? You still dare to slap the table?"

After Tian Lei spoke, a certain aura appeared in the room, and everyone's expression changed drastically.

"A Saint! Is this a Saint's aura?" Yun Zhongke turned pale, fright apparent on his face.

"Did your Thunder God Sect's Master come here personally?"

"I'm not the Thunder God Sect's Master." A playful voice echoed around the room, while a Sacred Lord walked over.

"Young master Leng Xin?" Yun Zhongke recognized the person and was stunned.

"Yun Zhongke, do you still want to meddle in this matter?" Tian Lei asked him.

"I didn't expect it to be like this," Yun Zhongke explained quickly, It was only now that he had realized that this affair was graver than he expected.

As a matter of fact, one couldn't blame him because Lin Shuangyue didn't know that Yao Yuntong's father was captured by the Thunder God Sect. She also didn't know that the Thunder God Sect wanted to capture Yao Yuntong just to force her father to obey them.

Yun Zhongke had just assumed that this matter was limited to the fact that a woman a learned Lightning Method in secret and violated the Thunder God Sect's rules.

"You are really foolish! Why don't you quickly admit your mistake and beg forgiveness?" Yun Zhongke indicated Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong as he shouted loudly.


Upon witnessing this, Ai Liang couldn't stop himself from laughing out loud. He really found this matter quite funny!

"Jiang Chen, is this the bargaining chip you prepared for the negotiation?" Ai Liang asked loudly once he had managed to compose himself. 

Jiang Chen wasn't interested in what Ai Liang had to say and just looked at Yun Zhongke. He said, "Elder, are you standing on our side, or on the Thunder God Sect's side?"

Upon hearing this, everyone present felt like Jiang Chen was acting like a fool.


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