The Brilliant Fighting Master
1086 The Dual Pupils Stunning the World
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1086 The Dual Pupils Stunning the World

He was just a waiter, but his tough style was beyond imagination. The Wizard warrior who had threatened to bring on the city the wrath of the Wizard Race was killed so easily.

No one had the nerve to speak. A person able to kill a Martial Emperor this way must be at least a Sacred Lord. It suddenly dawned on people why Tian Hu Hostel was so powerful.

"So, I need to pay the Wizard Race a visit," the waiter murmured. He looked quite helpless. However, his helplessness was not the desperation before death, but the annoyance when his life of leisure had been disturbed.

None of the people on the scene knew what to say. Afraid they would end up the same as the Wizard warrior, those from the Academy of Sacred Martial Arts did not dare say anything to Jiang Chen.

When the incident was almost over, everyone looked up. A mirror with a golden luster swirled down and stopped before the waiter. A leg walked out of it. Then a giant figure appeared in the mirror. Before people could see his face, an energy that only emperors had spread all around. The man in the mirror gave people the illusion that an emperor had descended upon the world, but his way of dressing had nothing to do with any royal family. He looked more like a general who had fought in wars a lot.

Wearing light armor, he looked heroic and elegant. His long thick eyebrows were peculiar to the Wizard Race. The most eye-catching thing was his eyes. He had the dual pupils that people had been talking about—the strongest youngster among all races. Standing in the air, he was looking down at the world silently.

A golden spear suddenly showed up in his hand. He totally ignored the rules of the Sky Reaching City. His target was not Jiang Chen, but the strong waiter. Many people, including Jiang Chen, were shocked. They were amazed by this Wizard's boldness. More than that, the strength he showed was also intimidating. The radiance of his spear was like a golden dragon in a rage, making threatening gestures.

The waiter turned serious. He closed his fingers. A sword appeared in his hand. The rainbow-like sword whooshed across the sky. However, it was smashed into pieces under the spear's radiance. At the same time, the spear's radiance exploded madly. The waiter was destroyed immediately and disappeared from the world this way.

The people in the Sky Reaching City were petrified. They did not understand what had happened.


Despite the thousands of thoughts they had, that was all they could say in the end.

Jiang Chen closed his fists tightly, staring at the Wizard, who took a long breath and then took his spear back. Then he looked toward Jiang Chen with his magic eyes. Or was he actually looking at Ye Xue next to Jiang Chen?

When everyone thought the young Wizard was going to attack them, he only threw them a card. Jiang Chen caught it. Ye Xue, next to him, said right away, "It's the invitation to the banquet."

"If you are scared, give me your woman. Then I'll forgive you," the young Wizard said. His voice was profound and magnetic.

The smile on Jiang Chen's face faded away. He confronted the Wizard seriously. "What you just said has decided your fate."

The young Wizard did not speak, as if he had not heard Jiang Chen. He went back into the mirror and left like he had come.

Everything seemed so unreal. If there had not been so many witnesses, no one would have believed the story at all.

"The Wizard Race is so powerful."

"A young Wizard killed a strong human above Martial Emperor level?"

"Gosh! What do we have to compete with them at the banquet of the Wizard Race?"

The whole city was complaining. Not only the human race, but all races felt helpless. The Wizard Race was really too strong!

"No! That's not what happened! The waiter was only a clone. His strength was greatly weakened after he killed the Wizard warrior."

"Even so, he is still strong enough to kill a Martial Emperor."

"And he didn't use any external force."

The whole city was talking about the dual-pupils wielder. This night was destined to be an unquiet one.

"That person is very strong," Ye Xue said.

"Yes." Jiang Chen had to admit it, too.

At the same time, his practicing body Lu Ping found his master Wu Ming in the Sword Pavilion.

"The Wizard Race has reason to feel proud of themselves." This was the first thing Wu Ming said to him when they met.

"But you are as good as them." That was the second thing Wu Ming said.


The atmosphere outside was quite odd.

Jiang Chen was going back to the hostel holding Ye Xue's hand.

"Hey, who told you that you could go?" Ai Liang said unhappily.

"Try to stop me then," Jiang Chen said disdainfully without looking back.

Ai Liang was annoyed. He was going to teach Jiang Chen a lesson, but a senior of the Thunder God Sect stopped him as soon as he moved.

"Uncle Tian, why did you let him go?" A person who had the nerve to stop the hot-tempered Ai Liang was surely in a high position.

"Stop making an issue of this incident. Let's wait until the negotiation." Ai Liang did not understand why, but he supposed the senior must have his reasons.

He thought, Okay! Let's embarrass him at the time of the negotiation!

People saw Jiang Chen go back to the hostel with his woman.

Many people were surprised that the Academy of Sacred Martial Arts and the government did not do anything to him. Some smart ones knew the whole incident must be more complicated than it seemed. At dawn, some people finally figured it out.

It was simple. The dual-pupils wielder of the Wizard Race killed the waiter to vent his anger and demonstrate the strength of the Wizard Race to the world. He gave Jiang Chen the invitation because he was going to settle their problem with the latter at the banquet.

Even the Wizard Race had let go of Jiang Chen for the moment. It was certainly unnecessary for the government to target him.

Of course, the most important reason was Tian Hu Hostel. People already knew that the waiter was only a clone. And this clone was realized with a very advanced technique. He almost had half of a true body's strength. He was able to kill a Martial Emperor so easily. It meant the true body must be a Sacred Lord.

In fact, it was nothing surprising. People had supposed there was a Sacred Lord behind Tian Hu Hostel because it had been in business for such a long time. The thing was no one understood why a Sacred Lord was running a hostel. Although it was very expensive to stay there, this amount of money was nothing for a Sacred Lord.

It was interesting that a row of dead bodies was placed outside of Tian Hu Hostel at break of day. They were killers from the Nether World School. Seeing the waiter killed, they thought it was their time to act. They wanted to kill their target, but in the end, they paid the price for their stupidity.

"Tian Hu Hostel is unfathomable. Even Martial Emperors can't meddle there. That's why no one tried to stop Jiang Chen."

"This hostel seems to be protecting Jiang Chen. What's the relationship between them?"

At noon the next day, the Sacred Lords on the Sky Reaching Continent came to Tian Hu Hostel in person, as if they were going to resolve people's puzzles.

There were eight Sacred Lords in all, on behalf of eight forces. They walked into Tian Hu Hostel under many surprised gazes. No one knew what they said to the boss of the hostel. The Sacred Lords walked out before long and then disappeared directly.

After that, there was still no action against Jiang Chen. People knew Jiang Chen had dodged another bullet this time. However, there was still another bullet waiting for Jiang Chen.

That was the negotiation with the Thunder God Sect. People got to know the inside story about it through Ai Liang.

After last night's big fight, people were expecting Jiang Chen to amaze them once again.


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