The Brilliant Fighting Master
1085 Get Lost or Die
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1085 Get Lost or Die

"He is insane!"

Seeing Ji Hai and Yang Jing killed one after the other, the folks of the Sky Reaching City were shocked. Those who had been kept away by the Star Formation were extremely angry. They kept staring at Jiang Chen. It was certain that once the Star Formation was switched off, they would attack him relentlessly. There were Martial Emperors among them!

"All the Land Under Ice!" Ye Xue, who had not said a word, suddenly launched an attack.

Then the whole city felt the temperature dropping drastically. The whole area was covered by ice fog. And everything was getting frozen.

"What's that?!"

Those surrounding the Star Formation all flew into a rage when they found the ice fog was spreading toward them. Ye Xue was just a Star Venerable. They did not take her seriously. Not until they were about to be frozen did they realize this attack was not simple. Then they went all out. Ice scraps were flying everywhere, but they still could not prevent themselves from getting frozen.

Gradually, they could move less and less. At first it was their limbs that got numb. Then they were entirely covered by thick ice. Even the Martial Emperors could not escape from such a result.

"My gosh! A Star Venerable has subdued Martial Emperors?"

The people in the city were petrified. It was more surprising than Yang Jing and Ji Hai's death.

It seemed that there was a tacit mutual understanding between Jiang Chen and Ye Xue. When those outside the Star Formation had been frozen, Jiang Chen left the formation. Wherever he passed, the dark ice was broken so that a path was created.

Jiang Chen went up to Ye Xue in the end. Wrapping his arms around her slim waist, he went back to the Sky Reaching City with her.


It did not take those frozen people long to smash the dark ice. They struggled to free themselves successfully.

Compared to before, now they were even more irritated. They were not even going to let Ye Xue go. However, the government of the Sky Reaching City meddled just when they were going to launch an attack.

People recalled the rules of the city. When disputes arose, no one was allowed to start a fight. The interested parties must tell right from wrong first and handle the matter in private. That was why Ye Xue had made such a big effort to bring Jiang Chen back to the city.

"Move your hands off me." Ye Xue said in a gentle voice. She looked embarrassed. Then she said in a blaming tone, "People are watching us." Their bodies were closely pressed to each other in the presence of the whole city.

Jiang Chen grinned. He hugged her even more tightly.

People were amazed that he was still in the mood for that.

"Are you protecting a murderer?"

An adult Wizard warrior showed up. He was a Martial Emperor. The great oppressive atmosphere he created was like a giant mountain floating in the air, which could press people to death anytime.

"Ji Hai violated the rule first."

"Exactly. How dare you Wizard Race be so arrogant. He tried to kill his rival with external force. You are not in the right."

"Ji Hai and Yang Jing deserved to die!"

It had been silent in the Sky Reaching City for a few seconds. Then unhappy voices came from all directions.

The human race is dreadful when they all stick together.

The adult Wizard warrior turned pale. He said after thinking, "All right. So, I'll see this as a declaration of war. I'll come back, but not in a way you will like to see."

The whole city went quiet.


"Has the Wizard Race just declared war on the Sky Reaching City?"

There were three academies, three camps in the city. This Wizard was really arrogant. However, the Wizard Race never bluffed.

The Wizard warrior was leaving after saying that.

"Wait a second!" Someone from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute said immediately.

The Thunder God Sect also asked him to stay. It was Ai Liang who had spoken on behalf of them. "There are 12 bloodlines in the Wizard Race. Each bloodline is a descendant of one of the 12 Ancient Wizards. Ji Hai was from the emperor line. His brother is a dual-pupils wielder!"

Ai Liang had had some drinks with Ji Hai. That was why he knew. He looked toward Jiang Chen sharply after telling this to the people in the city.

"You've committed an extremely severe crime. Do you want to bring trouble to other people too?"

A cold light flashed in Ye Xue's long narrow eyes when she had heard Ai Liang's accusation. She acted even before Jiang Chen.

"This guy is annoying. Kill him," Ye Xue said.

"I know. I'm picking a day for him." Jiang Chen nodded.

"Don't give him an easy death."

Their serious conversation struck Ai Liang as dumb. He was pissed when he had finally come to himself. What he had said was completely ignored. Fortunately, other people did not ignore it. Many people exclaimed when they had heard dual-pupils wielder and emperor line.

Lifting his head arrogantly in the air, the Wizard warrior was waiting for the answer from the Sky Reaching City. The government of the city consisted of the three academies. They would usually vote to decide what to do on such occasions. Since Ye Xue was also involved, the Academy of the Land of Abundance was on Jiang Chen's side.

"The Sky Reaching City has nothing to do with the conflict with the Wizard Race. The Sky Reaching City won't protect anyone either. You should resolve your problem in private."

However, the other two academies would not let the chance go so easily.

The results were soon published. The Sky Reaching City insisted they would not allow the Wizard Race to do anything, but they also wanted Jiang Chen to leave the city.

"It's like sending Jiang Chen away to die." Jiang Chen would definitely die if he left the city.

As to Yang Jing's death, since the Academy of Sacred Martial Arts knew they were in the wrong, they swallowed it without bringing it up.

Ye Xue was also safe thanks to the Academy of the Land of Abundance.

"I'll go with you." Ye Xue had made up her mind. She would go wherever Jiang Chen went.

"Jiang Chen, good luck." Ai Liang, who had contributed to the decision of the city, was complacent to see himself get his way.

The Wizard warrior in the air was quite impatient. 

Numerous people looked toward Jiang Chen.

"Guys, Jiang Chen can't go. He hasn't checked out or paid me yet."

At this moment, an unexpected voice rang out. A white-clothed figure jumped out and came up to Jiang Chen. It was a youngster who had not yet reached 30 years old. He was good-looking and elegant, but his way of dressing was a little queer. Many people recognized him. He was a waiter of the Tian Hu Hostel.

"Is the Tian Hu Hostel sticking its nose into others' business?" Struck dumb, Ai Liang asked.

"You don't get to speak to me. You don't get to represent the Wizard Race either. I'll make the Wizard Race change their minds," the waiter said, beaming.


Even the Wizard warrior frowned.

Then he turned pale right away. The face had been hundreds of miles away, but at the moment it was just before him. He could see it so clearly.

"Get lost or die."

The Wizard warrior wanted to shout at the waiter, but he found himself unable to speak. It turned out his neck was being held by the waiter. His forehead was covered with sweat instantly. He had a look of horror on his face. The other people all stopped speaking. The waiter had held a Martial Emperor's neck so easily. How strong he was.

No one had the nerve to question whether his behavior would incur the Wizard Race's revenge, because once they spoke, that hand would hold their necks too.

Principles and right or wrong were just a fig leaf. It was the strong ones who had the final say.

Since Jiang Chen had got support by then, the other two academies did not dare sacrifice him easily to calm the Wizard Race anymore. They would stay out of this and watch how it was going.

The Wizard warrior suddenly intended to fight back. He switched on the Wizard Lord body. It was much stronger than that of Ji Hai.

"Alas." The waiter sighed. He smashed the Wizard Lord body and the Wizard warrior's head with a powerful crash.


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