The Brilliant Fighting Master
1084 The Killing in the Star Formation
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1084 The Killing in the Star Formation

Idealistic was the best word to describe Jiang Chen. It was also the reason that Jiang Chen had mastered the sword spirit. The Idealistic Sword Doctrine was driven by the transcendent sword doctrine force. The two swords kept chiming. As Doctrine Swords, they were longing for a transcendent sword doctrine force.

The Heavenly Fault Sword transformed to a Holy Sword. Its holy and pure luster was going to purify every filth in the world.

The angry flame of the Red Cloud Sword dyed the sky red. It turned the dark night into a bright day. The bright moon was outshone.

Yang Jing and Ji Hai retreated out of instinct. They had a strong sense of danger. But soon, they found the golden light on Jiang Chen's body was gone. He was not in any form of defense.

"Great opportunity!"

"He must be close to his limit, so he can't maintain the status of No Way to Crack Any Rule anymore. He said that intentionally to confuse us."

The two looked at each other. After exchanging a look, they went all out.

The onlookers down below also knew the last moment had come. This exchange would decide who would win and who would lose, who would live and who would die.

They felt Yang Jing and Ji Hai, in their prime, were extremely strong. However, Jiang Chen, holding his Doctrine Swords, also seemed incredible. Everyone could not help but hold their breaths. They were expecting the results nervously.

The huge Sky Reaching City had never been so quiet.

"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"

Jiang Chen raised the two Doctrine Swords. Their radiances joined. They looked like the brilliant Milky Way. Instantly, the Milky Way turned to a swirl that was going to devour everything.

Ji Hai and Yang Jing's attacks became insignificant before the swords wheel. The swords wheel created by the transcendent sword doctrine force was like an irresistible disaster.

"You small mortal, die!" Ji Hai did not sit and await his fate. Before the swords wheel approached him, the Wizard Lord body became tall again. A black weapon appeared in his right hand. It seemed to be a knife, but it could also be a sword.

"You are despicable!" Numerous people swore at him. They totally changed their opinions about Wizard warriors. It was supposed to be a fair duel. Yang Jing and he had warned Jiang Chen again and again that no external force was allowed, but, in the end, it was him who turned to external force. Generally speaking, a weapon, no matter how high its class, should not be regarded as an external force. It did not make any sense to forbid the use of weapons in a fight.

So, in the Nine Realms, it was commonly accepted that weapons and armor were parts of fighters' own force. However, the weapon that Ji Hai's Wizard Lord body was holding was not a real weapon. It was a Wizard Blad—a force only royal Wizards could get.

Young Wizards from wealthy families would usually get a Wizard Blade from the elder members of their families. It was used to protect them. Inside the Wizard Race, Wizard Blades were forbidden during fights among youngsters. Anyway, no excuse could justify Ji Hai's behavior. He had violated the rules!

However, Yang Jing, next to him, followed suit. He took out a round bead, which could be an elixir or a fruit, and swallowed it. As soon as he took it, Yang Jing gave off an extremely powerful energy as mighty as the ocean. The blade in his hand left a deep mark in the air.


Before the cheaters, the swords wheel lost its lethality. The Wizard Blade of the Wizard Lord and Yang Jing's sword pierced through the swords wheel and destroyed it. The remaining energy kept tumbling in the sky.


Afraid that things could get more complicated if they could not end the fight immediately, the two guilty men attacked right away to take away Jiang Chen's life.

"That's stupid." Jiang Chen let out a long sigh, shaking his head. Then his sword and he turned into one. Numerous blades overlapped. They formed tens of thousands of layers.

"Tenth Sword: Thousands of Swords Return to the Core!"

Facing two rivals who had turned to external forces, Jiang Chen was still fighting! Numerous people were on tenterhooks.

"He is still the Jiang Chen who had the nerve to bomb the All Saints Religious Sect!"

Somehow, gazing at Jiang Chen, they all felt sad and dreary.

"How pathetic. It's because he doesn't have any big force's support. Although his rivals are cheating, no one comes out to defend him."

However, Ai Liang felt relieved. He even showed a smile. 

When everyone thought Jiang Chen was doomed, he had exerted his most powerful sword movement. Yang Jing and Ji Hai, dashing over, were like two people advancing in a storm. They were not scared of Jiang Chen's blades at first. With the aid of the external forces, they smashed the blades directly. However, before they knew it, they looked surprised, since they both felt the blades were transforming. They knew there was something wrong. At this moment, the two Doctrine Swords flew over and hit them respectively.

They were immediately heavily injured. The Doctrine Swords did not pierce through them, but as soon as the swords got them, the shadows of the swords appeared on their backs. They spit up lots of blood almost at the same time. Like two deflated balloons, their external forces also disappeared.

"Gosh! That was dreadful. He cracked their external forces!"

"How did he do it?!"

The onlookers could never figure out what Jiang Chen's last sword attack was, no matter how hard they thought about it.

"Yang Jing and Ji Hai... He is strong enough to be ranked on the Earth List!"

People started to wonder how strong Jiang Chen was. And how many qi he was working on at the same time? Why could he keep fighting untiringly?

However, the question that people cared most about was what he was going to do next. What would Jiang Chen do to Yang Jing and Ji Hai, who had been heavily injured?

"He probably won't kill them."

Some people thought this way. Putting Yang Jing aside, Ji Hai was a Wizard! So far not even one Wizard warrior had been killed by humans.

"Not necessarily. He is Jiang Chen."

At the thought of Jiang Chen's nickname, no one was sure what he was going to do.

Yang Jing and Ji Hai's protectors did not dare take Jiang Chen for granted either. Strong energies flew to the battlefield from all directions to go to their rescue.

"Ha, ha, ha, Jiang Chen, you can't kill us!" Yang Jing was almost mad. He did not care about his looks anymore.

"No?" Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He was not going to let go of the two. He deployed a Star Formation to keep away the strong people who had come to their rescue. The battlefield looked the same, but those strong people just could not approach it.

At the same time, Jiang Chen was walking toward Yang Jing and Ji Hai.

"What are you doing?! You useless things. You are all useless!" Looking toward the strong people kept outside the battlefield, Yang Jing swore at them.

"Jiang Chen, if you kill me, the Wizard Race will avenge me. You can't afford that!" Ji Hai said coldly.

However, Jiang Chen was not affected by his threat. A smile pulled up the corners of his lips.

"Everyone has to pay the price for what he does," Jiang Chen said. He had said the same thing at the beginning, but for Ji Hai, it sounded completely different at the moment. Panic flashed in his cold eyes. He was not completely sure whether Jiang Chen would kill him or not.

"Stop! Jiang Chen, you're making a huge mistake!"

"If you kill Yang Jing, we from the Academy of Sacred Martial Arts will not let you go!"

"How dare you kill a great Wizard warrior?!"

All kinds of voices could be heard from out of the Star Formation. Some of them even intended to crack the formation, but facing the Star Formation, there was nothing they could do.

In the end, Jiang Chen walked up to Ji Hai.

"You." It seemed Ji Hai still had something to say.

However, Jiang Chen was very decisive. He raised his sword and took away Ji Hai's life. He did it very fast and decisively, without any hesitation.

The whole city went into an uproar.

Then, they saw Jiang Chen turn to Yang Jing.

"Don't kill me. Don't! Don't!" Yang Jing was scared out of his wits by Ji Hai's death. He said, "I admit I helped him do Love Stealing to Lin Shuangyue. It's my fault. Don't kill me."

His plea seemed to work. Jiang Chen sheathed his swords.

However, Yang Jing heard Jiang Chen's cold voice before he had the time to feel lucky. "You don't deserve to die under my swords."

Then a small mysterious flame fell on Yang Jing's body. Yang Jing was burned to ashes by the evil flame in an instant.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》