The Brilliant Fighting Master
1079 At an Altitude of 30,000 Fee
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1079 At an Altitude of 30,000 Fee

In the Sword Pavilion, junior students must master their own sword spirit to level up to intermediate students. Many geniuses had to spend a long time on mastering even a little bit of it. Lu Ping had only been here for a few days. He wanted to advance already?

Many intermediate and senior students were pissed. They would like to see how he would achieve it.

Lu Ping did not touch the Sword Painting immediately. He was just practicing the same three simple sword movements for beginners beside the Sword Painting.

Once he mastered these three movements, Jiang Chen would satisfy the first requirement of his master's. He was pretty surprised at the Lins' statement, but he was not angry. It was for a simple reason—he had expected it. He guessed the Wizard Race and the Lins had reached some agreement. The Lins certainly would not have taken him into consideration.

What he was going to do for the moment was to master the sword spirit and achieve the transcendent force of sword doctrine so that he could fight with Ji Hai and Yang Jing. He had challenged them because he wanted to trod them underfoot. It was absolutely ridiculous to say he had intended to use the Lins to get rid of the obstacles in his way.

Throwing the darkening sky a glance, Jiang Chen thought he should have enough time.


At the same time, in the Tian Hu Hostel, Yao Yuntong was completely confused by Jiang Chen. The problem with the Thunder God Sect had not been resolved,and now he had got himself into bigger trouble. She was not complaining. She was just worrying about Jiang Chen.

Is it really because that woman left him? Yao Yuntong was kind of persuaded by the rumors spreading outside.

Jiang Chen was spectacular in the Three Middle Realms. He won the title "The Invincible God of War". Even the Spirits could not outshine him. It was exactly because of this that she trusted Jiang Chen blindly.

But then she could not help but think the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts was really too big. There were so many strong people here. Even Jiang Chen might feel helpless. She went to Jiang Chen's room, intending to have a heart-to-heart talk with him.

However, as acute as she was, she sensed the force of thunder was moving about in the room.

Is he practicing? Struck dumb, Yao Yuntong did not know what to do next.

At this moment, a waiter showed up before her. He said with a smile, "Don't worry. He has been in the hostel for days, but he is obviously getting stronger and stronger."

"Yeah?" Thinking it over, Yao Yuntong realized it seemed to be true.

But I didn't see any thundercloud over the hostel. As an inheritor of thunder methods, Yao Yuntong knew practitioners had to go to the wilderness to practice thunder methods, otherwise everything around them would be destroyed.

Whatever. He is the Invincible God of War. Yao Yuntong recovered her confidence in him, so she did not go inside to disturb him. 


Over the Heavenly Palace, dark clouds lay low, lightning flashed, and thunder roared. Ignoring all this, Yue'e was standing below the sea of thunder, like an incomparable immortal. During this period, this practicing body of Jiang Chen had been trying to go through the Cloud Reaching Hall. Although he had not succeeded, he had improved a lot after many failures. He had improved because he had gone beyond his limits. It was like a man practicing running would run faster and faster, to go beyond his limits. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jiang Chen could not use external force to go through the Cloud Reaching Hall. He had been using his thunder method and the invincible golden body. The invincible golden body together with The Five Thunders Authentic Method of Holy Thunder level made him impervious to swords or spears. Nothing could crack him.

With regard to defense, he was not afraid of Yang Jing or Ji Hai at all. As to attacking, he was still waiting for Lu Ping to master the sword spirit in the Sword Pavilion. In addition to that, Jiang Chen was also improving his thunder method. When he achieved Holy Thunder, his thunder method would work like a Doctrine Method. He would be able to exert it at will and establish a system. Not like those monotonous thunder methods such as The Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm or The Teleportation Method, which had nothing to do with each other. The power of the holy method The Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula would be completely exerted. The Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds in Jiang Chen's body would shock the world—holy method, or thunder method.

These were two different things, but if you think about it, when his force of thunder achieved Holy Thunder, either name would be appropriate for it. He wondered whether it was just a coincidence. When The Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm became The Fury of Thunder, it would not be just a palm method. He would be able to exert it with his fists or even legs. It could even be merged with sword doctrine.

The Fury of Thunder had four phases. They were average, completeness, transcendency, and invincibility. So were other thunder methods. At the moment, Jiang Chen was not practicing The Fury of Thunder. He was actually practicing another thunder method. It was called A Short Distance Away and Yet Poles Apart. It was quite similar to The Teleportation Method, but it was a complete physical movement.

Don't take me as a hello kitty even though I'm a sleeping tiger. Thinking of Yang Jing's attitude, Jiang Chen kept smiling coldly.

Jiang Chen did not stop practicing until his A Short Distance Away and Yet Poles Apart had achieved average levels. The lightning and thunder in the sky all disappeared. After saying good-bye to Yue'e, he walked out of his room. He saw the lobby down was full of people.


It had been dark. The moon was rising. It would be the time they had agreed upon soon. Jiang Chen walked to the window. Looking outside, he saw the street was packed with people too. If he hid in the hostel and did not show up, he was afraid these people would keep shouting until he showed up. These rubberneckers would not mind what happened.

"It's the full moon!" Soon, the crowd went into an uproar. They all looked toward the gate of the hostel. Yang Jing and Ji Hai appeared in the air. Their faces were hideous. People guessed it would be a life-or-death fight this night.

"Jiang Chen, you have any other dirty tricks to play?" Yang Jing said loudly.

"It's an unforgivable crime to insult us Wizard Race. Today, you'll pay the price with your blood!" Ji Hai made it clear how severe the fight of this night would be. He would not stop until one of them bled.

Jiang Chen told Yao Yuntong with a look not to worry about him. He wanted her to rest assured. Then he strode out of the hostel.

"I'm wondering how you'll look at yourselves after being defeated by me tonight," Jiang Chen said.

People suddenly realized that if Jiang Chen had the strength to defeat these two, he did not have to slander them at all. That meant the Love Stealing incident was queer indeed.

"He is just stubborn."

However, no one seemed to have confidence in him. Yang Jing was ranked in the top three of the Human List. Ji Hai was a Wizard warrior. He was not ranked in any of the three lists, but he was apparently a strong practitioner.

Throwing the moon overhead a look, Jiang Chen thought he had miscalculated one thing. He had told them to have this fight when the full moon occurred. However, the full moon occurred as soon as the moon arose, and Lu Ping was still practicing the last movement in the Sword Pavilion. He had to act first.

Due to the petition of the folks of the Sky Reaching City, the government allowed them to fight in the air at a minimum altitude of 30,000 feet so that no innocent people would be hurt. So, as long as Jiang Chen, Yang Jing, and Ji Hai kept flying up, they would be able to have this fight.


"It's true. I didn't expect that. I really didn't expect that." Ai Liang still had a hangover. From the bottom of his heart, he could not believe the news he had heard. Even after confirming the news, he still thought that Jiang Chen would not leave the Tian Hu Hostel.

He is just a coward, Ai Liang thought.

Seeing Jiang Chen going to have this fight for real, he was extremely surprised. He hurried to yell, "Don't die. I'm still expecting the talk between us."

People burst out laughing.


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