The Brilliant Fighting Master
1078 Love Stealing
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1078 Love Stealing

The young lady chose this man regardless of her parents' objections. The man married into the family and was living a good life. The conspiracy was unmasked because the young lady's maid did not believe her young lady could have fallen in love with this man. In the end, the Ancient Clan cracked the forbidden method used on the young lady. She, after waking up, felt nothing for the man. However, they were already married, so she chose to commit suicide.

This incident shocked the world. Big forces adopted measures to prevent such things from happening again. Over time, it became extinct in the world.

It is worth mentioning that that man ended up in a very bad way in the end.


As various races reappeared, this despicable method also appeared again.

"That's nonsense. It's very difficult to make Love Stealing succeed. Miss Lin is always under protection. I've never laid a finger on her," Ji Hai argued. He kind of felt guilty. It was absolutely right that Lin Shuangyue had been always under protection. Ji Hai could not have found any chance to do anything to her.

Looking at Jiang Chen, Lin Shuangyue was expecting him to explain.

Pointing at Yang Jing, who was sweating heavily, Jiang Chen said with a smile, "Miss Lin, why do you think he is making such a big effort to help a man from the Wizard Race?"

He reminded the others of this important detail. They noticed the two were wearing the student uniform of the Sword Pavilion. Lin Shuangyue's bodyguards would not enter the Sword Pavilion, because it was one of the safest places in the Sky Reaching City.

Lin Shuangyue looked like she had realized something. She recalled Yan Jing had gone to talk to her the previous day, which was quite unusual. She went into a rage. Her pretty face looked hideous at the moment.

Soon, various strong energies abruptly appeared. Lin Shuangyue was surrounded by them.

"Miss, please go back with us to have an examination."

"If it's true, the Lins will not let them go!" A mighty old man looked at Yang Jing and Ji Hai. He was awe-inspiring and intimidating. He nodded at Jiang Chen as a thank you. Then he left with Lin Shuangyue.

"Jiang Chen, watch out!!" Lin Shuangyue shouted at him before leaving.

The two had stopped greeting each other with titles. Miss Lin was apparently treating Jiang Chen as a friend.

Only Jiang Chen, Yang Jing, and Ji Hai were still in the air. The two were looking at Jiang Chen as if they wanted to swallow him.

"Jiang Chen, you are such a scumbag. You will stop at nothing. You failed to drive a wedge between Ji Hai and me. Now you are playing this trick!" Noticing the gaze of the people down below, Yang Jing shouted emotionally. He did not take it well. He had to insist that Jiang Chen's accusation was not true.

"This fight will continue when the moon gets full. As to your dirty tricks, I'm not interested in inventing at all." Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen did not bother to argue with them. The Lins would certainly investigate it.

"You keep saying I'm driving a wedge between you. Wanna know what a real wedge is?" Jiang Chen said to Yang Jing through holy awareness.

He looked towards Ji Hai when Yang Jing had shown an uneasy look. He said, "You know why I know? Keep your eyes open when you choose your teammate next time." Ji Hai looked towards Yang Jing. His look was as sharp as a sword.

"It's not true." Yang Jing wanted to explain, but he found he was digging himself into a deeper hole, so he had to shut up. However, he really could not figure out how Jiang Chen knew.

Jiang Chen turned around to go back to the hostel, without giving him any explanation. Soon, the whole Sky Reaching City had heard about the incident. The whole city was talking about it.

After so many years, the despicable Love Stealing had happened again. And it was the Wizard Race and the Lins who got involved. This was not just game playing. But before anything, it was important to confirm the news. After all, Jiang Chen's accusation alone was not convincing enough. People were expecting the investigation result from the Lins. If it was really the Dreamy Love Incense, there were ways to find out.

It was exactly for this reason that Ji Hai had been uneasy and on pins and needles. Thinking it over, he came to a place where no one was around. Then he took a big mirror out. Water rippled on the mirror surface. Then a man showed up. Sitting in the air, the man opened his eyes slowly. It was a pair of dual pupils! 

"What's up?"

"I...It was found out."

Ji Hai was sweating a lot. His arrogance facing Jiang Chen was totally gone. He told the man in the mirror everything.

The man in the mirror looked emotionless. He was gazing at Ji Hai with disgust. "I'm so disappointed in you," the man in the mirror said.

It was a sudden heavy blow for Ji Hai. He went weak at the knees.

Fortunately, the man in the mirror immediately said, "Kill him to make amends for your fault." Then he disappeared.

Ji Hai was going to ask him how to deal with the Lins, but it seemed he did not have to worry about that. It was true. At dusk, the Lins blasted the rumor. They claimed the Love Stealing people had been talking about had never happened. The Sky Reaching City went into an uproar. People were disappointed that the whole thing turned out to be a rumor. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"So, this Jiang Chen only wanted to use the Lins to get rid of Ji Hai and Yang Jing. His trick was so dirty."

"What a lowlife."

"As stubborn as he is, he didn't want to admit his defeat. That's what he came up with."

"He is smart indeed, but, unlucky for him, now he is ruined."

People were very disappointed in Jiang Chen. He gradually lost the fame he had garnered. And people also heard he had been hiding in the Tian Hu Hostel. He seemed to be a completely different person compared to the man who had the nerve to bomb the All Saints Religious Sect.

"Maybe breaking up with the Martial Arts Saint's apprentice was a heavy blow for him."

"Probably. He intruded into the Holy Land for her, but the woman didn't want him and left him."

"He is unable to recover after the setback."

"Even heroes have a weakness for beautiful women."

"If only he can pass tonight safely."

These opinions spread into the Sword Pavilion too. There were only a few students in the mountain villa at the moment. They were talking about the competition that would be held when the moon was full.

"Do you think the full moon will occur tonight? Maybe it won't, and Jiang Chen has been lying since the beginning."

"Ha, ha, ha. This is really interesting."

"Jiang Chen is quite eloquent. I think he's probably lying."

The students were happily talking to each other. Then someone looked toward Lu Ping, staying in a corner silently.

"Lu Ping, if you were as eloquent as Jiang Chen, you might have been recognized as a genius."

Lu Ping lifted his head. He showed an unusual smile. He got to his feet and left with his sword. Seeing where he was going, the students all stopped speaking. They stood up one after another.

"Isn't the Sword Painting kept there?"

"No way. What is he up to there?"

"Is he going to find the spirit of sword? He has only been here for a few days."

The students followed him, unable to believe what they were seeing. They found Lu Ping had really stopped in front of the Sword Painting. The Sword Painting was a unique treasure kept in the Sword Pavilion. It could witness the students' progress and endow them with the spirit of sword they were after. The spirit of sword was only a general profound thing for many people. However, it was inevitable for real swordsmen.

Different spirits of sword were what differed various sword doctrines. However, it was not an easy thing to master the spirit of sword that belonged to you uniquely.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》