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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1074 Ji Hai

If none asked anything or spoke about this matter, Jiang Chen and Wu Ming's relationship would be a simple teacher and student relationship.

Jiang Chen thought it over for a moment and said, "I came to the Sword Pavilion to pursue transcendence's level Sword Doctrine's power. The reason why I changed my appearance is to avoid unnecessary trouble and to have free rein."

Wu Ming said, "I opened Tian Hu Hostel to look for an inheritor, and I accepted the role of teacher to a single disciple of the Sword Pavilion for some special reasons."

"Elder, I will probably disappoint you," Jiang Chen said.

It was obvious that Wu Ming didn't expect this, and he furrowed his thick eyebrows.

"I had other teachers in the past, but I managed to surpass them all in a short time. However, I'm still grateful for their guidance," Jiang Chen said.

"You are implying that if you become my disciple, you will manage to surpass me in a short time, and our master and disciple relationship will become awkward?" Wu Ming wasn't sure about what he meant, and he sought to ascertain Jiang Chen's meaning.

Jiang Chen nodded softly to show this was the case. The period was always too short, and the disciple would always end up surpassing his teacher before fostering any feelings between them befitting their status as a teacher and disciples. Such a matter seemed outrageous!

"Hahahaha!" Wu Ming laughed heartily. He hadn't expected to hear such a reply.

"You are more confident that I assumed. It can even be said that you are narcissistic," Wu Ming said.

Jiang Chen just smiled and didn't speak. He was speaking about his own experience. An apex expert was peerless but also lonely!

Since he started his journey from the Nine Heavens Realm to the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm, he had made the acquaintance of many good people. However, as the disparity between their Realm Level became greater, they no longer belonged to the same world. Now, he could only reminisce about such sincere friendships. This was an expert's destiny.

An expert would look for companions while walking down the road to the apex, but he wouldn't forcefully drag his friends with him. The same could also be said about teacher and student relationships.

"The three basic Sword Realms pursued Sword Doctrine's power and would lead one to reach transcendence-level. But what was after this?" Wu Ming asked.

Jiang Chen shook his head. As a matter of fact, he was aware of this, but since many people knew it, he wouldn't try to show off.

"If I was to inform you that transcendence-level Sword Doctrine's power is just the beginning, and there is still a long road after it, what would you think?"

"Is it just the beginning?" Jiang Chen wore a confused look.

"What is after transcendence-level Sword Doctrine's power is the pursuit over the Lore, and that is a realm above all Martial Doctrines. In the Lore System, I'm at a level equivalent to the transcendence-level in the Sword Doctrine." As Wu Ming spoke, he looked at Jiang Chen with a smile.


Jiang Chen took in a breath of cold air. Doesn't this mean that he's already at the peak of Lore Realm? In the Sacred Zone, such a person would be titled a Sword Venerable.

"You won't be able to surpass me in less than ten years," Wu Ming said in a deep voice.

Jiang Chen's heart shuddered. Even though he was shocked, he still wasn't willing to accept this.

"What do you think?" Wu Ming waited once again for his reply.

"Master!" Jiang Chen was quite straightforward, and he paid his respects to him to become his disciple formally.

Upon witnessing this, Wu Ming revealed a satisfied smile.

"Well? Why I feel that something is amiss?" Wu Ming suddenly recalled something. He had strict requirements for the person he would take as a disciple. The first requirement was his nature: he must be someone who wouldn't let himself be constricted by anything, who would follow his own rules, and who could defy the Holy Lands and Divine Sects without caring about their influence.

Such a point alone eliminated most people, and even though some people seemed confident and without restraint, they still inwardly feared those who were strong inwardly, and Wu Ming wasn't satisfied by them.

It was only when Jiang Chen appeared that he started seriously considering taking a student. At first, he assumed that Jiang Chen was a hot-headed and impulsive person without regard for the consequences. This wasn't the kind of person he wanted.

But after observing Jiang Chen, Wu Ming discovered that he was both brave and scheming, and it could be said that he was wise and farsighted. In Wu Ming's eyes, Jiang Chen seemed perfect and flawless, and he was already tempted to take him. However, he still hesitated and decided to give him one final trial to observe his performance.

But, as Wu Ming started speaking with Jiang Chen, he unexpectedly forgot his principles, introduced himself, and coaxed Jiang Chen into becoming his disciple. As Wu Ming thought of this, he couldn't help but shake his head and smile bitterly.

"I have deprived you of your Fire Lore, and your former Sword Doctrine, so that you can start from scratch. Once you recover, there will be a clash between your different powers, so you should prepare yourself for it."

"Understood!" Jiang Chen had already considered this matter thoroughly.

"You should then start cultivating anew."

At this moment, Wu Ming's smile disappeared, and a stern expression appeared on his face. He had spent ten years looking for a suitable disciple so it was clear he had high requirements.

Over in Sky Reaching City's most famous restaurant, Yang Jing and Ai Liang were drinking wine to drown their sorrows.

"Since we ran into Jiang Chen, we have faced more and more problems."

Yang Jing's record was broken by someone who came from a martial arts club, and he was hurt by this. As he thought about this matter, he remembered that he had also suffered a loss when he faced Master Luo Cheng. It seemed like the root of all his problems was Jiang Chen, and he had suffered from bad luck ever since.

"There are still several days left. Then, I will make him kneel on the ground." Ai Liang also hated Jiang Chen bitterly.

"That guy is now just a cripple, and he's spending all his days hiding in Tian Hu Hostel. He doesn't even dare to come out. It's disgraceful!" Yang Jing said coldly.

"After all, it's his last shelter." Ai Liang's expression was disdainful. He recalled that it would shortly be time for the negotiations, and he felt like he was already witnessing Jiang Chen's miserable fate.

"Why don't I go there on that day?"

"I don't have any problems with it." Ai Liang agreed readily.

"Young masters, there is someone who asked you to go see him." At this moment, a pretty dancer entered their room.

"Who is it? Why doesn't he come to us by himself? Does he still want us to go there?" Yang Jing was displeased. There were only a few people in Sky Reaching City who were qualified to ask him to go over to them.

Ai Liang also narrowed his eyes, and they shone with a cold glint.

The dancer was left without a choice. She had to tell them the name. Yang Jing and Ai Liang's expression changed drastically, and they quickly stood up. The dancer guided them toward another room.

"This is a heaven-grade room. I always wanted to order it but have never managed to," Yang Jing said.

Ai Liang didn't speak. His expression was stern. He was pondering why someone was looking for them.

The dancer opened the door, and they both saw a person sitting at the table.

"Come over!" The man's back was facing them. He stood up and walked over to welcome them.

were both surprised by this.

"Senior brother Xiao!"

Senior brother Xiao was a member of the Divine Honor Academy, while Yang Jing was a member of the Sacred Martial Arts Academy and a student of the Sword Pavilion.

They were still not equal to each other because his senior brother Xiao was promoted, and he had left the Divine Honor Academy of the spirit-grade Sky Reaching Continent to go to the heaven-grade continent's academy.

However, Yang Jing and Ai Liang hadn't come to the room because they were told that senior brother Xiao was there. They had been expecting another person. 

"This is the Wizard Clan's genius, Ji Hai." Senior brother Xiao introduced them to the other person in the room.

This person was the reason why Yang Jing and Ai Liang had come so quickly. They both looked at the eyes of the Wizard Clan's genius, and the same thought came into their heads, "It isn't that person."

It was rumored that a great genius had appeared in the Wizard Clan. He was born with dual-pupils and was an inborn emperor. He was the strongest youngster among all myriad clans.

The black eyes of the genius in front of them possessed tyrannical air.

"I have called you over because I have something to tell you. I have heard that Lin Shuangyue is in the same year as you," the man said bluntly. He didn't beat around the bush.

"That's right." Yang Jing was irritated by his attitude, but as he recalled the Wizard Clan's status as the strongest clan he realized that this wasn't a strange matter.

"I'm interested in her, and I hope that you can help me."

Upon hearing this, Yang Jing found himself embarrassed. He wasn't in the same academy as Lin Shuangyue, and it could be said that they had a bad relationship.

He quickly understood, however, that the help the Wizard Clan's member was talking about wasn't mediating between them, and he was probably hinting at something else.

Ai Liang who was standing next to them wondered why he had been called over for such a matter.

"Do you have a feud with Jiang Chen?" The Wizard Clan's genius Ji Hai looked at Ai Liang.

Yang Jing and Ai Liang were both surprised to hear Jiang Chen's name.

"Does even the Wizard Clan know Jiang Chen?"

Even their names weren't probably as renowned and known as Jiang Chen's name.


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