The Brilliant Fighting Master
1070 Academic Establishments
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1070 Academic Establishments

There were three factions among the Masters' Guild, and they represented the three academies: Land of Abundance, Sacred Martial Arts, and Divine Honor. Purchasing a Master Scroll from any of them would be tantamount to declaring your allegiance to them.

"Master, you can purchase the same number of the three types of Master Scroll. Many masters, who don't want to be restricted, do such a thing. But, of course, you will have to pay three times as much as usual."

Xie Ting was aware of his standpoint. This was why she was talking it over with him and made such a suggestion.

The Master Scrolls' function was decided according to their quantity, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, and so on. If he had a million Master Scrolls, he wouldn't need to fear even a Martial Emperor. As for ten million scrolls? If he had run into danger then, even a Sacred Lord would intervene and help him. But, if one took into consideration the price of each Master Scroll, ten million scrolls would require an astronomical sum.

"Do they have a great bounding power?" Jiang Chen asked.

"It's very strong, and the masters can act freely even if they go to Holy Lands and Divine Sects. Even if they commit a crime there, the scrolls can still ensure their safety," Xie Ting replied.

Xie Ting didn't mention whether it would still be valid if he was in the wrong, and she hinted that it didn't matter who was in the wrong. Even if he committed an atrocious crime, he was still a master.

"Buy ten million scrolls from Abundance Land Academy, Sacred Martial Arts Academy, and Divine Honor Academy." Jiang Chen said.

Xie Ting's hands began to shake. She was in the middle of pouring tea for Jiang Chen, and she sprayed the tea all over his body. The piping hot tea couldn't burn him and or harm him, but Xie Ting was still scared by this. She quickly took out a handkerchief and started wiping his body.

As Xie Ting started wiping him, her cheeks became as red as a tomato. This wasn't due to her makeup and was just a physiological reaction. She seemed quite alluring!

The atmosphere in the Sundry Goods Store suddenly became quite ambiguous.

Cough! Cough! 

"Young Miss Xie!" When Jiang Chen saw where Xie Ting's hand was heading for, he became slightly embarrassed.

"Master, master, I'm really sorry, I'm really sorry. I didn't do it on purpose; this is the truth. So, please trust me." Xie Ting panicked and didn't keep her cool in the slightest. What had just happened was too embarrassing.

"I understand. Get a hold of yourself."

When she realized that the master wasn't angry, Xie Ting heaved a sigh of relief. She carefully walked over to her chair and emptied the cup which was overflowing with tea before pouring the tea into the cup once again.

She passed Jiang Chen the teacup, and he took a sip. He couldn't help but recall a certain memory. He had no way to stop this happening. Whenever a woman served him tea or wine, he couldn't peacefully enjoy them.

"Master, do you have many enemies?" Xie Ting asked.

"It's just a precaution. Even if there aren't ten thousand people eyeing me, there are still several thousand."

"That is really the case." Xie Ting was aware that he wasn't exaggerating. The Doctrine Artifacts' matter had caught many people's attention, and everyone who was paying attention would have been able to pick up some information from Jiang Chen's words. For example, Jiang Chen's reply when he was asked whether he could craft Doctrine Artifacts was just that he didn't possess enough materials. However, Jiang Chen had still sold many Doctrine Artifacts, and this meant that those artifacts weren't crafted by him.

The people guessed that he probably got a great artifacts master's inheritance and had obtained many Doctrine Artifacts as well as lost Doctrine Symbols.

The fact that he knew many Doctrine Artifacts' symbols could be discerned from his ability to repair the ceramic glaze. But they would still need to wait to see whether he could really craft Doctrine Artifacts.

It was best for Jiang Chen not to join any camps for now because if he chose any of them, he would suffer the other two camps' crazy hunting.

After Xie Ting ascertained that Jiang Chen wanted to purchase Master Scrolls, she was about to leave. Suddenly she recalled something, and said, "Master, do you still remember the first time we went to the martial art club?"

"Huh? What about it?" Jiang Chen still remembered this matter clearly because his magical clone was frequenting that club daily.

"Master, the person you laid a bet on last time has achieved back-to-back victories over the past few days. He has challenged people at a higher Realm Level. He has already become famous," Xie Ting said.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen revealed an appropriate expression, as if he was quite interested in this.

"I just placed a bet on him for fun. I didn't expect him to bring me such a nice surprise. I think he's pretty good," Jiang Chen said.

"Master, what do you mean?"

"I want to invest in him and provide him with the best cultivation environment. Let him go to the best academy, and we'll see what he is able to achieve," Jiang Chen said. "Can you help me take care of this?"

Upon hearing this, an excited look appeared on Xie Ting's face. She was quite interested in this matter and was eager to give it a try.

In the past few days, she had been to the martial art club to observe Black Wind Swordsman's fights in the arena, and every time he faced a powerful enemy, she would become quite worried for him. However, it was fortunate that Black Wind Swordsman could depend on his tenacious nature to get the victory.

Now, Black Wind Swordsman's status was tantamount to that of Bloody Slaughter in the past. In fact, he had already replaced him and had become one of the martial art club's most famous people.

Xie Ting couldn't help but think occasionally that a young man like Black Wind Swordsman shouldn't be present at such a place. Xie Ting was able to help Black Wind Swordsman, but she didn't have a good excuse for doing so. Moreover, if she started helping people for free, could she help everyone? There were many pitiful people in the world. However, now that she had been given orders to help by Master Luo Cheng, she was happy to do it.

"Master, just leave it to me."

Jiang Chen smiled and saw her off. He was in a good mood!

The magical clone, Black Wind Swordsman, was now able to stop using his own Sword Doctrine. He was like a Sword Path's novice who was progressing through real battles. Now, it was time for him to go to one of the academies in the city to take a course there and pursue transcendence-level Sword Doctrine's power.

If he could attend his appointment with the Thunder God Sect in such a state, that would be the best outcome possible. Even if their negotiations didn't yield any results, he still could depend on his power.

The News that a great master had taken a liking to Black Wind Swordsman quickly spread in Sky Reaching City.

Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club wasn't willing to accept this because Black Wind Swordsman helped them keep their popularity. However, they were powerless to stop it because they didn't have enough wealth to contend against Sundry Goods Store's Master.

Black Wind Swordsman seized his opportunity, and it was rumored that he bought an Immortal Elixir on the same day. Many people envied him, and none of them could understand why a great master had taken a liking to a man who could only show off his power at the Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club.

Black Wind Swordsman's talent wasn't bad, but there were many people in the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm who just as good as him.

It was only when news spread that Master Luo Cheng had once placed a bet on him that people understood the reason behind this, and they became more jealous of Black Wind Swordsman.

Black Wind Swordsman didn't care about the outside world's disquiet and started thinking about Sky Reaching City's academies. Even though the three academies were present here, there were still many other academies in the city.

After all, great academies concentrated on training a limited number of people. If they took too many people, they wouldn't manage to take care of them properly.

Normal academies were a different matter. They would carefully teach a person in private, and joining some of them wasn't any easier than joining the great academies.

The great academies wouldn't forbid their disciples from joining academic establishments. But, they would be limited to just five academic establishments.

As for the other academic establishments, their grade was too low, and they would tarnish the reputation of the great academies' disciples.

Among the five academic establishments was a Sword Pavilion proficient in sword techniques. They had just taken 'Sword Pavilion' as a name and didn't add any prefix to it. They would need to possess great qualifications to get such a name.

The crowd guessed that Black Wind Swordsman would go to the Sword Pavilion.

When it was almost evening, the crowd witnessed Black Wind Swordsman proceeding toward the Sword Pavilion as they expected. He was still clad in black clothes, and he had sharp facial features. Even though he seemed too thin, anyone who witnessed his fights in the martial arts club was aware that his body was brimming with explosive power.

Black Wind Swordsman's profound eyes possessed a special charm which would catch people's attention.


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