The Brilliant Fighting Master
1069 Masters’ Guild
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1069 Masters’ Guild

"That's right! The master has probably said this on purpose just because he damaged the colored glass cup and made it lose its function."

The same voice as before echoed from the crowd. It was Ai Liang who had spoken again.

Jiang Chen wasn't surprised by this, and he was already prepared fully for it. "Blue ceramic glaze, it's on the 2453rd page of the second version of the Myriad Artifacts Book, and you can start reading from the fifth line." He managed to stump everyone with these words, and they all quietened down.

People new to the field such as Ai Liang and the others were lost for words. Only the Mysterious Weapon Pavilion's artifact masters understood what Jiang Chen meant.

The Myriad Artifacts Book recorded thousand or tens of thousands of artifacts, ranging from spirit artifact to immortal artifact. It was a detailed record which had several ten thousand pages.

Nowadays, artifact masters wouldn't read the entire book because it was too long, and they would only choose useful parts of it. As a matter of fact, its content included commonly seen and valuable artifacts. Moreover, the newest version of the Myriad Artifacts Book had shortened the book to just ten thousand pages.

All artifact masters present here were experienced. But, if it young artifact masters had heard Jiang Chen's words, they would have been dumbfounded and would have assumed he was just making things up.

"What joke are you cracking? Who will read the second version of Myriad Artifacts Book? Did you assume that by putting on an act, and stating a page number, we would believe you?" the man with the sharp voice said.

"Why don't you take a look at it then? The second version wasn't lost," Jiang Chen said, sneering coldly.

Upon hearing this, the Mysterious Weapon Pavilion's members looked at each other in dismay.

However, the crowd watching them turned out to be useful. An unknown person amongst the crowd managed to bring the second version of Myriad Artifacts Book to them.

The book was almost one meter-tall, and they could only open it by placing it on the ground.

"It's in the 34th volume," Jiang Chen said.

The crowd understood that was the location of the page he had mentioned.

"Is it this magical? Does he clearly remember it?"

They were all skeptical, but someone still found the 34th volume. It seemed to have the right number of pages in it. 

When they had all found the page mentioned by Jiang Chen, many people exclaimed in surprise. They all saw that the description of the blue ceramic glaze indeed started on the fifth line. There was also an illustration present, and it was of exactly the same object that was currently in the hands of the man with the sharp voice.

"Is it true?" The Mysterious Weapon Pavilion's masters weren't willing to believe it and went to take a look for themselves.

"After you've finished looking, don't forget to pay the fees." Jiang Chen had no interest in them at all and strode toward his store. When he reached the gate, many surprised cries echoed behind him.

"It's true, it's unexpectedly true. This shouldn't have been possible!" the man with the sharp voice exclaimed, his words reverberating through the entire Chamber of Commerce.

Many people glanced towards the Sundry Goods Store. As they looked at Jiang Chen's back, a frantic look appeared in their eyes.

"A great master! He's really a great master!"

"He's a Doctrine Artifacts' master!"

"Master, can you really craft a Doctrine Artifact?" a person asked, summoning all his courage.

"That's right, but it isn't easy to find suitable materials for it. I can only start once I've gathered enough," Jiang Chen said.

As he finished speaking, the whole place went into an uproar.

Five hundred years ago, it was impossible to craft a Doctrine Artifacts, and if such a genius really appeared, the whole continent's power structure would change. Such an affair's influence over a faction would be great; in fact, it was a matter of life or death for it.

"Provide him with the highest protection possible! We mustn't let the great master suffer any harm." The Chamber of Commerce's Master Xue Yu issued a resolute command.

The records on Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce changed, and the terms of the deal between the Sundry Goods Store and the Mysterious Weapon Pavilion changed. It was recorded that the deal was carried out.

"The deal was carried out? Is it true?"

The Chamber of Commerce descended into silence for a moment. You could hear a pin drop.

"That master is a genuine great master," Han Conger said excitedly. They were the Sundry Goods Store's first customers and took an enormous amount of pride in the fact.

Shangguan Ru was also happy for Master Luo Cheng. She had clearly been aware that Master Luo Cheng would shortly affect the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm greatly, and now it had really happened.

All of a sudden, the citizens of Sky Reaching City discovered that many influential people had appeared in their city, and they were all heading in the same direction. The three academies also sent their people, and they all went to Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce. They wanted to meet the Sundry Goods Store's great master. They had all come in person because they wouldn't express enough sincerity if they sent just their projection.

Master Luo Cheng had already expected this, and he stated that he wouldn't stand on anyone's side and wouldn't join any camp. The Sundry Goods Store cooperated well with Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce, and he planned to continue working with it.

Upon getting such news, the most delighted sides were obviously the Chamber of Commerce and the Abundance Land Academy.

Once people reflected on the day's events, they started taking the Sundry Goods Store's other services seriously. They were elixirs, formations, and medical treatments. It was obvious that people paid attention to the immortal elixirs, which weren't like Doctrine Artifacts and could be easily concocted as long as one had enough medical ingredients.

After the manufacturing of a single piece elixir, Master Luo Cheng's status as both a Doctrine Artifact Master and an Immortal Alchemist was verified, and in just a few days, the Sundry Goods Store managed to overtake all of Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce's stores.

At first, Master Luo Cheng seemed omnipotent in just two fields, but later, it was verified that Master Luo Cheng was also a great formation master with brilliant attainment in formations, and everyone admired him greatly.

"This is impossible! A single person has limited energy, and it won't be enough to concentrate even on a single field. So, how is it possible for him to be good at everything?"

Some people raised such questions, but since this matter was based on clear facts, they were obliged to believe it even if they didn't want to.

"But this guy is a devilish genius." Many people had such thoughts, and they all idolized Master Luo Cheng and adored him.

Moreover, the Sundry Goods Store had also gathered great wealth, and all the owners of Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce's other stores envied it greatly.

On this day, Ji Ting came over and stood outside of the store. She had come to see Jiang Chen, who was only able to get some free time with great difficulty.

"Master Luo Cheng, you have really worked hard for the past few days." Ji Ting's attitude changed once again, and she became more passionate. She had also dressed well for their meeting.

"It's all to make a living," Jiang Chen said, sighing.

"Master, you are really fond of cracking jokes." Ji Ting rolled her eyes at him. If this was just to make a living, then other people should all just stop working.

"The Thunder God Sect and the Sacred Martial Arts Academy have sent people over, and they both want you to forgive Ai Liang and Yang Qing," she said.

"I really don't want to bother with them."

Ji Ting took several steps forward and stopped five meters from Jiang Chen. A mesmerizing fragrance fluttered from her.

"Master, did you hear about the Masters' Guild?"

"Well? Isn't it your faction which issues one a status and corresponding authority?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"That is just a part of it."

Ji Ting took out a tea set and started making tea while continuing to talk. "The Masters' Guild is a special faction, and all masters of both artifacts and elixirs fields were gathered in it."

There were also alchemist and artifact master guilds in the Three Lower Realms and Three Middle Realms. But, in the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm, they were unified together.

"All masters are talented people and are this world's precious resources," Ji Ting said.

"You aren't mistaken." Jiang Chen nodded. Talented people were always a rare resource.

"The Masters Guild was founded by all the great factions, and you can have more than just social contact with others there. You can also buy a Master Scroll there and raise your status."

As Ji Ting spoke, she cast a glance at Jiang Chen and said, "Master, I have noticed that you have never left the Chamber of Commerce. If you have a Master Scroll, then you can travel everywhere without any worries."

Jiang Chen understood what she meant. The Masters' Guild would take a protection fee, but they didn't take it openly, and they just used Master Scrolls to allow masters to travel in the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm confidently like great experts


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