The Brilliant Fighting Master
1068 Bai Yi Is Raising Difficult Questions
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1068 Bai Yi Is Raising Difficult Questions

At the same time, news that the Sundry Goods Store had agreed a deal with the Mysterious Weapon Pavilion for the reparation of a Doctrine Artifact appeared in the Chamber of Commerce's crystal. Everyone who heard the news was dumbfounded.

If the Mysterious Weapon Pavilion was seeking the reparation of a Doctrine Artifact, it would be just to tarnish said store's reputation.

Moreover, everyone knew the Sundry Goods Store, and the commotion caused by its Doctrine Artifacts on the previous day had already caught their attention. They had even heard that there were people planning to steal Master Luo Cheng's Doctrine Artifacts, and they were just waiting for him to leave the chamber of commerce.

In Saint Reaching Continent, Shangguan Ru's mood had improved since she had repaired the Doctrine Aeolian Bells, and she was now concentrating on her cultivation.

"The Wizard Clan's banquet will be held soon. Mother, I won't disappoint you."

Just as Shangguan Ru was about to begin cultivating in seclusion, her close friend Han Conger came over to inform her about what had happened in Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce.

Shangguan Ru hesitated then for a moment before she went to the Chamber of Commerce with her friend. When they reached it, they found out that it was already packed with people.

The crystalline stone's vicinity was filled with people, and it was fortunate that the stone was big enough to allow everyone to clearly see what was written on it.

The Sundry Goods Store and Mysterious Weapon Pavilion were still working on their business deal, and according to the news the Sky Reaching Continent, they would learn about the deal's outcome later that day.

The outcome would demonstrate whether the Sundry Goods Store's owner was a Doctrine Artifact Master or just a merchant of Doctrine Artifacts.

The news quickly spread, and soon everyone in Sky Reaching City learned of it.

Ai Liang currently had nothing to do because Yao Yuntong was now hiding in a hostel in Sky Reaching City. That was why he immediately managed to rush to the Chamber of Commerce. He had come to watch a farce unfold!

If the Mysterious Weapon Pavilion could test the Sundry Goods Store's capabilities, he then wouldn't be able to thank them enough. If Master Luo Cheng was just a merchant, he would then look for a chance to steal his entire fortune.

By the time Ai Liang arrived, Jiang Chen had already passed an hour in the temporal room and, according to his ridiculous claims, would shortly emerge.

"I heard that the Mysterious Weapon Pavilion looked for many famous masters, and asked them to repair the colored glass cup, but none managed to achieve it."

"Master Luo Cheng claimed that he needed just a single day. It was a fantasy."

"If the temporal room didn't have just a single entrance, I might even suspect that he has already run away."

Upon hearing this, Ai Liang became quite satisfied. All of a sudden, he caught sight of Xie Ting upstairs, and he quickly rushed over to her. "Young Miss Xie, it seems like Master Luo Cheng is in dire straits," Ai Liang said.

Xie Ting was dumbfounded when she heard the glee in his voice, but she still smiled sweetly. Her voluptuous body turned to face him. She said in a soft voice, "It really seems like it's the case."

"How is it possible? Didn't the Chamber of Commerce test him before announcing that he was a master?" Ai Liang asked casually.

"I have no idea," Xie Ting said.

"I know what happened! He showed you some Doctrine Artifacts, and so you didn't consider it fully. He managed to take advantage of you and deceive you." Ai Liang revealed a satisfied smile, and said, "Reincarnation and retribution are a part of the Natural Laws, and the Mysterious Weapon Pavilion won't let him off the hook."

"Now that you mention it, young master Ai Liang, have you been staying in Sky Reaching City for the past few days?" Xie Ting asked him, changing the subject.

"That's right. I will still stay for another two weeks." As he spoke of this, Ai Liang recalled that hostel, and he became more annoyed.

When he had reported the matter on the previous day, Ai Liang was scolded by the elders. They had said that he hadn't resolved the issue outside of the city and that he had allowed the targets to enter it just because of his arrogance.

Now, they were facing Sky Reaching City and Tian Hu Hostel's rules, and they were at their wits' end. If Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong continued to hide there, they wouldn't manage to deal with them.

This was why they were focused on the negotiation which would occur in two weeks. They didn't know why Jiang Chen was so confident, but as long as Yao Yuntong left Tian Hu Hostel, everything was manageable.

While Ai Liang was thinking about this, a disturbance suddenly came from the temporal room.

"Has the outcome been determined?" Ai Liang ran downstairs and made his way through the crowd.

When he reached the front of the crowd, he saw the door of the temporal room open. Fog permeated out from it as Master Luo Cheng emerged.

Master Luo Cheng still seemed as loathsome as he had been the previous day, and Ai Liang really hated him. However, he didn't need to do anything because the Mysterious Weapon Pavilion's members who were more anxious than him immediately encircled Master Luo Cheng.

"What happened?" Bai Yi asked out of concern.

"You took a shorter time than you claimed you would! You aren't playing tricks on us, are you?" Another man, who had a sharp voice, also spoke.

This time, Jiang Chen didn't ignore the man with the sharp voice, and he looked at him.

The man with the sharp voice was surprised by this, and an odd look appeared on his face. "What are you looking at?" he said angrily a moment later.

"Pavilion Master Bai, it seems like your personnel don't understand the rules. Even if you want to tarnish my store's reputation, they still don't need to act like this," Jiang Chen said.

When such words echoed, the crowd started whispering to each other, while a spirited expression appeared on Ai Liang's face.

Ai Liang could discern the implication of his words. He felt it was likely that Master Luo Cheng had failed and was trying to change the subject.

"It isn't up to you to criticize my personnel regardless of how they behave. You should quickly tell me the results." Bai Yi wasn't as polite as before, and he shed all pretense of cordiality.

"That's right. Don't try to divert our attention. It will be in vain. It's you who will tarnish your store's reputation," the man with the sharp voice said.

Ai Liang spoke from the front of the crowd. "What kind of master is he? It seems to me that he's just a lucky idiot." Ai Liang still wanted to save face, and that was why even though his voice echoed out, none could tell that it was him who had spoken.

Ai Liang's speech was quite effective, and the crowd's discussions became more impassioned.

"I didn't say that I failed. So, why are you assuming that I have?" Jiang Chen observed the crowd's reaction and revealed a mocking look. He said, "I was just rebuking a rude person, yet you have let your imagination run wild." As Jiang Chen spoke, he turned over his hand and held out a radiant object.

"Don't tell me that it's..." The crowd was startled, and they all held their breath and stared at the object in Jiang Chen's hand. The radiant object was the complete colored glass cup, and all its fragments were pieced together. There was no sign that it had ever been broken. It was totally repaired and had recovered its previous condition.

Many of the people's hearts began to beat faster, and their mouths and tongues became dry. It was especially the case for the Mysterious Weapon Pavilion's members.

"I knew that it would end like this," Master Mo sighed. He didn't want to recognize his guest's genuineness, but it was already confirmed.

"This is impossible!" The man with the sharp voice snatched the colored glass cup and began to examine it. After a short while he asked, "What is this Doctrine Artifact's function? Why can't I discern it?" His tone was skeptical, as if he believed that Jiang Chen was playing tricks on them.

"This isn't an offensive Doctrine Artifact, nor is it a defensive Doctrine Artifact. As a matter of fact, its only function is decorative," Jiang Chen said.

"Impossible! Who would use a Doctrine Artifact as decoration?" Bai Yi couldn't accept this.

"A Divine King would it," Jiang Chen said. "That was why I asked you whether you really wanted me to repair it. This object is completely useless to you."

"It means that we paid you to repair a useless Doctrine Artifact, doesn't it?" Bai Yi snorted coldly as he started to ask difficult questions. "How can we verify that you have really repaired it, and you haven't just mended its outward appearance?"

The Mysterious Weapon Pavilion wasn't able to even repair its outward appearance, which had proven to be an unachievable task for them. But, they didn't care about this because they had come over here on this day just to tarnish the reputation of Master Luo Cheng's store.

If Jiang Chen couldn't provide a valid explanation, they wouldn't give up on this matter.


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