The Brilliant Fighting Master
1064 A Desperate Fight with a Nine-Star Strongman
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1064 A Desperate Fight with a Nine-Star Strongman

The Black Wind Swordsman's vision followed. It was a shining blade pointing up. The energy of the sword was like a refreshing breeze, driving away the oppression brought by the Bloody Slaughter's vision.

The Bloody Slaughter knitted his brows. He was secretly giving off energy. However, he still could not affect the Black Wind Swordsman in the breeze created by the sword.

As the breeze started, the whole battlefield became his world.

"Huh." The Bloody Slaughter was not convinced. The power of a nine-star strongman erupted. An energy surged from his body like a flood. He was wearing magic-level gloves made of all metal. They were red with an intricate design. The knuckles could move easily and smoothly. He threw a punch. The red gloves were exerting their power madly. The power of the fist could be compared to that of an angry wave.

The Black Wind Swordsman's vision was dispersed. Before real strength, a vision was nothing. However, the Black Wind Swordsman was not going to admit defeat. He unsheathed his spiritual sword quickly. When the blade shone, a strong hurricane started. However, this was still not enough to stop the nine-star strongman.

In the end, numerous electric arcs were jumping in the breeze created by the sword. When they had hit each other, lightning shone and thunder roared on the Bloody Slaughter's body. It looked brilliant. But unfortunately, he was the one being attacked. When the power of thunder had dispersed, he was smoking.

The fist power was cracked in this process. The Black Wind Swordsman exerted a fierce and fast sword movement before he could fly into a rage, leaving him no chance to fight back. The start of the fight shocked the audience. No one had anticipated that.

They had thought the Black Wind Swordsman would be looking for chances to survive in a tight corner and surrender after 15 minutes. However, this really was a fight.

"There are more inheritors of thunder methods than anyone said," Jiang Chen said on the grandstand. Everyone knew he was mocking Ai Liang.

The Thunder God Sect was proud of their thunder methods. They were using that to gain benefits from the three academies. That was also why the Thunder God Sect had been pushing Yao Yuntong so hard! They wanted to guarantee that all of the thunder methods in the world belonged to them. Jiang Chen recalled what he had said when they had met. Not until then did he realize what the Thunder God Sect meant.

Ai Ling was too busy gazing at the battlefield to respond to him.

He was surprised to see the Black Wind Swordsman was also an inheritor of thunder methods, but what mattered to him more was the result of the fight.

He isn't goofing around, is he? He could not help but think this. If this was a fixed match, the Bloody Slaughter's disadvantage could be explained.

1 billion upper-grade yuan stones were not too much for the Thunder God Sect, but for himself, it was a big expenditure. He did not anticipate this when he bet.

"You are like a fly zooming around. So annoying." The Bloody Slaughter, restricted by his rival's swordsmanship, was irritated. His iron fists bumped against each other fiercely. The force field created formed a protection jar. The blade bounced off it.

"Bone Breaking Fist!" The Bloody Slaughter seized the chance to exert his unique movement. A powerful strong force appeared between his hands.

"There it is!"

Seeing this fist attack, the nervous audience on the grandstand all became excited. It was not because this was an intricate punch, but because of its power. They had seen with their own eyes that people's bones were broken by this punch, and they ended up lying on the ground like a pile of cotton. They could still recall numerous women screaming over that scene due to fear. The Bloody Slaughter gained his fame from it too.

People knew through analysis that this punch had a strong penetrating power. It could break bones without leaving even a bruise on the flesh. In this way, most defensive Doctrine Methods could not defend against it.

This punch was quite similar to Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack.Facing this punch, the Black Wind Swordsman was as calm as always. He was neither going to dodge nor going to defend. Judging from the momentum of the sword, he seemed to intend to throw his sword over to have a mere fight of force with the Bloody Slaughter. Purple blue electric lights were sparking around the tip of the blade. His black hair was windswept.

No matter how incredible it was, all this happened in a very short while. Where the blade was pointed was exactly the fist powerful enough to break bones. As he approached, the light the blade was giving off was more and more dazzling.

The Bloody Slaughter hesitated, but he chose to continue the fight. In the end, the punch got the Black Wind Swordsman. And the blade pierced through the Bloody Slaughter's glove. The great destructive power distorted his entire hand and the iron glove to a great extent. His hand was mangled beyond recognition.

But people were more curious about the Black Wind Swordsman's status. They had seen him punched. His black hair and black clothes were dancing wildly in the wind, like a person trapped in a tornado. He should have been devastated, but two or three seconds later, he still could move around at will. He retreated a long distance. He looked a bit pale. His bones were rattling. However, under people's pitying gazes, they could see that his bones were not broken.

His Constellation Sea was illuminated. The color came back to his face a little bit. And he spit up blood. But after this, he looked totally fine again. He went back to continue the fight.

"It's impossible!" The Bloody Slaughter could hardly accept such a result. One of his hands had been disabled. Despite this price, he had not defeated the four-star guy. He had not even injured this guy heavily.

"Compared to other nine-star strongmen, your punch is really weak," the Black Wind Swordsman said.

The Bloody Slaughter was irritated. His face looked hideous.

"You only have one of the Four Qi. As a nine-star strongman, you're only showing off here in a martial arts club. Shame on you," the Black Wind Swordsman added. He was trying to irritate his rival so the latter would go insane.

"What about you? You are holding a sword, but you haven't even achieved the doctrine of sword. You are showing off the lore of wind and the force of thunder. You are only crap compared to your genius peers," the Bloody Slaughter refuted his argument. He was not simple either.

It was true the Black Wind Swordsman had not used the force of the doctrine of sword. He had managed to achieve such a result because he had exerted the Sword Scripture. And he did not merge the force of thunder into the doctrine of sword either. It was a mere addition. If he had merged them, it would have been a multiplication.

But this was what Jiang Chen had to do if he wanted the force of his sword doctrine to improve. He did not use the Immortal Doctrine of Sword. The Sword Scripture was the only thing he was relying on. At the same time, to avoid exposing himself, he did not use the lore of fire either. Otherwise, no matter how many Bloody Slaughters existed in this world, he could kill all of them.

Practitioners working on only one qi were the worst among Star Venerables, regardless of star numbers. They were quarreling with guns blazing. The conversation made the audience sitting on the grandstand sweat due to nervousness. The only reason was that they had bet on the Bloody Slaughter.

"Kill him! What are you waiting for?!"

"Are you goofing around? That's all you have?"

"Come on! What are you waiting for?"

The audience's remarks stimulated the Bloody Slaughter. His killing intent arose again.

"I will kill you today!" the Bloody Slaughter said coldly.

"Holy Bones and Blood Failure!" He exerted his unique movement. Despite the heavy injury of the right hand, he closed the fist. Together with his left fist, he jumped on his rival like a fierce beast. The right fist was still carrying the bone-breaking power. It was as hot as a furnace.

"His martial arts technique is so cruel!" On the grandstand, Lin Shuangyue said involuntarily.

Next to her, Jiang Chen said, "The force of the right fist can vaporize one's blood. All of this guy's martial arts techniques intend to kill people. No wonder he is called slaughter."

Nodding, Lin Shuangyue said, "I'm wondering whether this Black Wind Swordsman can detect it."

"Who knows." Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders, as if he did not care.

On the battlefield, the Black Wind Swordsman seemed to be ignorant of the horrible power of this punch. He confronted it with his sword.

Many people were holding their breaths. They knew this was the movement that would decide the result of the fight.

The Black Wind Swordsman's blade looked the same as before. It meant he had almost reached his limit, too weak to make any more changes.

Realizing this, the Bloody Slaughter kept laughing coldly to himself. "A nine-star strongman who only works on one qi is still a strongman. It's a piece of cake to kill you!"

Then his fist power exploded with loud noises.

Like a tree targeted by thunder, Jiang Chen had nowhere to hide. All he could do was to wait for his downfall.


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