The Brilliant Fighting Master
1063 A 1 Billion Yuan Stone Be
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1063 A 1 Billion Yuan Stone Be

The Black Wind Swordsman was very lean, almost the same as Jiang Chen himself, but he looked gloomier. He was about 23 or 24 years old.

The Bloody Slaughter standing opposite him was nearly 40. Tall and large, he looked quite rude. It was kind of appropriate to call him slaughter.

Standing in the ring, the Bloody Slaughter kept smiling coldly without speaking. He was sizing up his rival in the same way that a tiger looked at a rabbit.

"So, let's start to bet," the club owner announced excitedly. The betting odds between the two certainly had a huge gap. Most people bet on the Bloody Slaughter. Some people did not even bet, since they did not think the fight would be interesting.

"Master Luo, do you want to have a try?" Xie Ting said to Jiang Chen.

Ai Liang said, "Yeah, these boring fights are the best for masters." He was taking the mickey out of the masters, since they did not have an eye for betting.

"All right, I'll bet." Then Jiang Chen bet 1 billion upper-grade yuan stones on the Black Wind Swordsman.

The whole martial arts club went into an uproar. The audience all stopped talking. They all looked over at Jiang Chen.

"Master!" Xie Ting said nervously. She thought it was simply a mistake that Jiang Chen had made.

"It's him on whom I bet. That's correct," Jiang Chen said.

In the ring, the Black Wind Swordsman turned around, exchanging a look with Jiang Chen.

No one knew Master Luo and the Black Wind Swordsman were the same person.

"Master, is there anything special you see in him?" Red Cloud was puzzled. What confused her was also confusing the others.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen said, "No. Since all of you think the Bloody Slaughter will win, it would be quite boring if I had bet on him too."

His answer made the others speechless. They finally understood the meaning of a whim.

Jiang Chen did not care about money at all. He only wanted things to be exciting.

At the thought of the profits of his shop, Xie Ting realized 1 billion upper-grade yuan stones were nothing for him.

"Master, you are throwing gold into water only to watch it splash," Ai Liang said. It was funny to him.

"Maybe." Jiang Chen ignored his provocation. Silence is the best way to despise a person.

Squinting, Ai Liang was irritated by his reaction. "So, I'll bet 1 billion on the Bloody Slaughter too. Master Luo, you'll soon understand what the difference between having fun and being made fun of is."

"I'm looking forward to it," Jiang Chen said meaningfully.

Ai Liang snorted without answering. By then the two had officially antagonized each other.

"Xie Ting, are you sure this won't go wrong?" Lin Shuangyue said in a low voice.

"Master Luo is having fun, isn't he? This is between these two men. It's quite exciting."

Xie Ting put her hands on her bosom while speaking. She looked full of expectation.

Lin Shuangyuan rolled her eyes, making the hearts of those men looking at her secretly beat fast.

"I was wondering who was so generous. Turns out to be Elder Brother Ai's friend."

At this moment, another acquaintance of Jiang Chen's strode over—Yang Jing, ranked in the top three of the Human List. He was given a good beating in Qingtian City when he tried to stop Jiang Chen leaving in order to get elixirs. A disciple of the Academy of Sacred Martial Arts, he was not in the same camp as those people with Jiang Chen.

When Yang Jing was walking over, Lin Shuangyue and Xie Ting apparently went on their guards. However, Ai Liang's reaction was quite inconsistent with his nature. He greeted Yang Jing pretty warmly.

"Elder Brother Yang, you are wrong. I don't deserve to be Master's friend." Ai Liang put emphasis on "Master". Everyone could sense the hostility in the air.

Yang Jing knew right away that those two were enemies.

"Even though, Master you are great, you should be moral and friendly so that everyone can win. It's stupid to look down on Elder Brother Ai," Yang Jing said loudly. He was not afraid to offend Jiang Chen at all, even though he had heard about the Sundry Goods Store, because the Sacred Martial Arts and the Land of Abundance were in two different camps.

The Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce was situated on the Sky Reaching Continent. It was affiliated with the Academy of the Land of Abundance. For this reason, the other two academies, Sacred Martial Arts and Divine Honor, were not very happy.

Ai Liang was glad to hear that. He patted Yang Jing on the shoulder warmly. "I hope some masters can understand they are in their current positions thanks to the power of martial arts. Please don't put the cart before the horse." Yang Jing was staring at Jiang Chen while speaking.

While people thought Jiang Chen would be pissed by such direct humiliation, he reacted in a very plain manner. "How short-sighted." That's all he said.

Yang Jing's reaction was similar to Ai Liang's. He squinted, closing his fists tightly. 

"There is no use to quarrel over this." Red Cloud said with a smile. Her smile was quite soothing. The tension in the air was kind of relieved.

"Elder Brother Ai, why don't you go with me?" Yang Jing said.

"Great." Ai Liang turned around to throw Xie Ting a glance. Then he and his minions left with Yang Jing.

Red Cloud hesitated, but she stayed in the end.

"He is pressuring you," Red Cloud said after Ai Liang was far away. She said this to Lin Shuangyue and Xie Ting.

"Yeah?" Jiang Chen pretended he knew nothing about it. He looked perplexed.

"The Thunder God Sect have a great advantage thanks to their thunder methods. That's why all of the three academies want to win them over. The Thunder God Sect know that. They haven't given any of the three academies a definite answer yet, while at the same time, they are taking advantage of the academies."

Ai Liang left with Yang Jing. This was a show to tell people the Thunder God Sect were leaving the Land of Abundance for the Sacred Martial Arts.

"What a douchebag." Jiang Chen commented on Ai Liang.

At this moment, people paid attention to the ring again. The betting had ended. The fight would be on soon.

The Bloody Slaughter had crossed his arms over his chest. Then he brought them down to his sides. His arms were bigger than the Black Wind Swordsman's thighs. The energy tumbling in his body was roaring and surging, bringing his rival under a great pressure.

"I was going to allow you to survive for 15 minutes, but someone bet 1 billion on you, so now I'm going to kill you," the Bloody Slaughter said. His voice was low and profound and it sounded gloomy and freezing.

People looked over toward Jiang Chen, who had bet on the Black Wind Swordsman, once again. There was sarcasm in the eyes of Yang Jing and Ai Liang.

"Master, you've been so mean to him," Ai Liang shouted loudly from not far away.

People burst out laughing. They were waiting for the Black Wind Swordsman to respond.

They wondered whether he would beg for mercy, run out of the ring, or blame Jiang Chen. However, he disappointed them. He did none of these. Gazing at the Bloody Slaughter, the Black Wind Swordsman said slowly, "I won't kill for money, but if you give me a different excuse, I wouldn't mind killing you."

The martial arts club had quieted down. Now it went into an uproar again. The Black Wind Swordsman was facing a much stronger rival. However, he did not seem to have realized it.

All of a sudden, the blue flagstones in the ring floated and flew up, carrying the two into the battlefield in the air. Neither of them could leave for 15 minutes.

"You will die tragically for what you just said." The Bloody Slaughter looked ferocious. A vision appeared. It was a horrifying scene made up of blades and a sea of fire. It was extremely scary.


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