The Brilliant Fighting Master
1061 Master Luo
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1061 Master Luo

When it was time to close the shop, Jiang Chen told the customers since the quantity of Doctrine Artifacts was limited, he would only sell them to proper customers. For example, he would not recommend a knife to a swordsman.

As to the quantity, he would sell three pieces every day. And he did not accept reservations. In fact, the Doctrine Artifacts Jiang Chen had could have even allowed him to build an arsenal. He had gotten all of them from the Heavenly Palace by defeating the divine soldiers and divine generals. The Doctrine Artifacts assumed a normal look after being processed by Jiang Chen.

In the evening, when Jiang Chen was about to leave, a staff member of the Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce came to visit him. It was the woman who had helped Jiang Chen register his shop the previous day. "Master, our president wants to see you." The woman addressed him in a different way. She was quite warm to him. The Sundry Goods Store that had not looked so good to her had gone beyond her expectations. She had never thought it would have been such a big hit.

At the same time, since she was in charge of Jiang Chen's shop, she had gained lots of benefits too. If she could be close to this master, maybe her life would change. Running her fingers through her hair, she looked attractive and coquettish.

Fame and benefits. Jiang Chen could not help but think of this when he saw the way in which she behaved.

"Your president wants to see me?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Yes. The president won't see just anyone. Only owners of the top ten most profitable shops will get the chance to meet him," the woman replied.

The Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce was in a high position. There was much to gain and nothing to lose to know their president.

"Show me the way," Jiang Chen said.

"Master, I'm Shi Xian. If you need anything, just ask me." The woman said in a flirtatious tone while leading the way. It was a double-edged remark.

She was kind of pretty, but Jiang Chen was not so low as to take advantage of her. Seeing the master's reaction, Shi Xian felt anxious and helpless.

Soon, Jiang Chen came to the interior of the chamber of commerce. It was an extremely luxurious big square. The rents here were also extremely high. Then Jiang Chen came to the top floor of the building on the square. After going down a long passage, he found himself standing in front of a door. Two men were standing outside of the door, as straight as arrows.

Star Venerables at the peak? Jiang Chen was shocked. The president's doorkeepers were Star Venerables at the peak. He must be really great.

Walking in the door, Jiang Chen saw the president sitting behind a long table. He was an elegant middle-aged man, smartly dressed, refined, but also majestic-looking. His square face looked tough and resolute. Greeting Jiang Chen warmly, he said his name was Xie Yu.

"Master Luo, you're much younger than I thought," President Xie Yu said in a friendly tone.

Jiang Chen was currently called Luo Cheng. That was why the president was calling him Master Luo.

"President Xie."

"Master Luo, your shop has amazed us."

Xie Yu said, "There are not many Doctrine Artifacts in the world, and you are offering three pieces every day. That's really impressive. The thing is, if you continue doing this, the market will be badly influenced and your business will become less profitable. Why don't you give them to us to put them under the hammer?"

He stopped briefly. Then he continued, "Or can you keep building Doctrine Artifacts?"

"Three pieces a day, it won't take long to sell them out. As to auction, I've never thought about that." Jiang Chen knew the president was sounding him out. "This time I came here...I opened the shop here..." Jiang Chen pretended he had said something he should not say. Then he hurried to correct himself, "I opened the shop here to network and gain fame. If I hadn't done that, President Xie, you wouldn't have met me here."

"That's true. Master, do you mean you'll keep running the shop in our chamber of commerce?"

"Yes." Throwing President Xie a glance, Jiang Chen said, "Am I not welcome here in the Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce?"

"Of course you are! Of course, we want talented people like you to run shops in our chamber of commerce. Master, you are such a genius. We certainly won't slight you. If we only offered you average conditions, I would be considered incompetent at my job."

It turned out that Xie Yu intended to promise him some benefits so he would keep running his shop in the chamber of commerce. He told Jiang Chen to move the shop to the interior of the chamber of commerce. At the same time, Jiang Chen would enjoy the unique Master Card of the Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce. Jiang Chen became famous in only one day.

"Master, are you a newcomer in the Sky Reaching City?"


"Maybe my daughter can show you around so you can know the city better. You are about the same age. I believe there are many things you can talk about. What do you think?" Xie Yu said.

"Thank you very much, President. And I need some materials. I hope the chamber of commerce can help me with that."

"Just tell me, Master," Xie Yu said generously, as if there was nothing that he could not find.

Jiang Chen mentioned lots of things that were actually not so important. When it was about time to go, he said, "And Ice Soul Stone."

"Ice Soul Stone? Master, it doesn't exist in the world anymore." Xie Yu seemed to be surprised.

"Before the reappearance of those races, didn't we also think the formula of immortal elixir had been lost?" Jiang Chen said.

"That's true. I'll ask my staff to pay attention to that."

Jiang Chen stood up to say good-bye when they had talked about everything they wanted to talk about. Not long after he had left, some chairs in the room turned around automatically. The projections of the top management of the Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce were sitting in the chairs.

"What do you think?"

"This man is very ambitious and very talented too. He will do us at the Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce much good."

"He knows his own mind. We can't use him."

"So, we'll simply collaborate with him."



Jiang Chen arrived at an airship to meet the president's daughter.

"You are Master Luo. We are impressed that you achieved such a result in only one day."

The daughter of President Xie was very hot. She was quite open to people. It was easy to make friends with her. She was very different from her courteous father.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Xie," Jiang Chen said politely.

He turns out to be a silent man. Xie Ting was kind of disappointed. She had thought Jiang Chen was a young master. But it turned out all masters behaved in the same way. It was not about age.

"Are there any places you want to go? I'll take you wherever you want to go."

"I came to the Sky Reaching City not long ago. I know nothing about the city yet." Jiang Chen told her anywhere would be fine for him.

"So, let's go to the Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club. It's a must-go in this city in the evening," Xie Ting said.

Jiang Chen was shocked. He thought what a coincidence that was. That was where his practicing body was.

Noticing Jiang Chen's reaction, Xie Ting thought it was because he did not like the smell of blood. As a result, Miss Xie thought less of him.

Although the master was in a high position and his talent was admired, he had got such treatment thanks to the paramount power of martial arts. Otherwise, everyone would have chosen to be alchemists. Not so many people would have been risking their lives to practice. But Jiang Chen did not say no.

"Master, do you mind if I invite some friends?" Xie Ting said before leaving.

"No, certainly not."

"Okay." In Xie Ting's eyes, this master was quite easy-going and decisive. Jiang Chen saw her friends in the Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club. It was quite a coincidence that Lin Shuangyue was among them. They had just met during the day. And he found Ai Liang from the Thunder God Sect was also outside the martial arts club.


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