The Brilliant Fighting Master
1058 The Shangguans
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1058 The Shangguans

The Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce was a giant. It did not only exist on the Sky Reaching Continent, but also had branches on the other two continents above the Sky Reaching Continent, where the three academies coexisted. That was how strong the Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce was.

The buildings of the chambers of commerce on the three continents had a unique style. You would not find what was special about them when you looked at them separately. However, if you looked at all of them together, you would find that these three buildings made up a complete building. Their clients could visit the branches on the three continents while walking in the assembly room. They could find commodities thousands of miles away in the chamber of commerce without having to travel. When a transaction was made, commodities could be sent over through the portal of the chamber of commerce.

The Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce gained its current position with this genius idea. Even the Holy Lands and the Divine Religious Sects had to curry favor with them.

There was a giant crystal at the center of the chamber of commerce. The smooth cubic crystal showed information. Merchandisers who had shops in the chamber of commerce would spend a great amount of money to get on the crystal to attract more business. 

For immortal elixirs, they would have to ask a master to refine them. For spiritual herbs that could save people's lives, their manufacture depended on each patient's different case. These were businesses too.

The Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce did not take up the whole market. Instead, they allowed others to open shops here. In this way, they reduced the costs and were able to enjoy the fruits of others' labor. More important, able men from every corner of the world who were the best the chamber could find worked for them.

Currently, there were some well-known shops at the chamber of commerce. Their owners were all famous people in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts. There was an elixir shop, a weapons shop, and a formation shop. Almost no practitioners could live without these three things.


At the moment, on the Saint Reaching Continent, where all heaven-level continents met, it resembled greatly the Sky Reaching Continent, but it was more prosperous.

The most famous weapons shop was located in the chamber of commerce of this continent.

"Miss Shangguan, I'm very sorry, but we really can do nothing for this pair of Aeolian bells."

The customers were surprised to hear that in the shop. They all looked over out of curiosity. They tumbled to the reason when they had seen the Aeolian bells. This pair of Aeolian bells was quite rusty. They were not giving off any energy. Some of the metal bells had even been lost. It was not surprising that the Mysterious Weapon Pavilion said they could not fix them.

If it had been someone else who had brought in the Aeolian bells, they would have been laughed at. However, when they saw who the woman holding the Aeolian bells was, everyone held their breath and looked away. It was not because this Miss Shangguan was ugly. In fact, she was very beautiful. She was tall and slim. Her white clothes dragged on the ground. She gave off a charm that could be observed from far and near.

"There is nothing you can do? Her flawless face looked melancholic. That was the most touching for men.

The staff of the Mysterious Weapon Pavilion understood what her question implied. "Miss Shangguan, we've asked Senior Mo to check it." This meant that no one in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts could fix them.

Miss Shangguan walked out of the Mysterious Weapon Pavilion helplessly. She looked around, as if she was looking for someone.

"Miss Han is there." Her servant waiting for her outside pointed at somewhere nearby. Miss Shangguan saw her bestie laughing like a crazy woman in front of the crystal. Not only she, but also everyone else, was surrounding the crystal.

She walked over curiously.

"Ru'er, look there! This shop is so funny!" Her friend said excitedly. "Sundry Goods Store! Look at the name of the shop. It's so special."

"What's wrong with that?" Shangguan Ru did not get why her friend was so excited.

"Look at the introduction below the name. Selling elixirs, weapons, formations, and medical treatments."

"How exaggerated! They even claim they have Doctrine Artifacts and immortal elixirs."

"Seriously? They are not joking?" Shangguan Ru could not believe it.

"If this were only a joke, they wouldn't have paid so much to post the advertisement here."

"Yes, it's really expensive to post the advertisement here even for one day." Shangguan Ru nodded. She was reading the introduction to the shop, seemingly lost in thoughts.

"...Repairing weapons of doctrine level."

Not only she, but also the whole Realm of Heaven Martial Arts, had noticed the appearance of such a strange shop. Many people reacted in the same way. They thought it was simply a joke. What kind of people would name his or her shop in such a way in the Yunzhen Chamber of Commerce? And the scope of the business almost encompassed all of the popular areas.

Some people from the Sky Reaching Continent felt so curious that they had especially come here to visit this Sundry Goods Store. But it turned out to be average. It was not specially redecorated. There were hardly even any decorations at all.

However, at the door, there was a board on which there were four lines:

Below Immortal Elixirs, No.

Below Doctrine Artifacts, No.

Average Formations, No.

Patients Who Can Be Cured in Other Ways, No.

Many people were struck dumb by the four lines. Then they burst out laughing. Soon, the whole chamber of commerce heard about the four lines.

Jiang Chen got the fame he wanted, but there were no customers.

"Boss, let me have a look at your Doctrine Artifacts," Walking into the shop, some busybody said in a sarcastic tone.

"You can't afford any of them." Jiang Chen's response was quite simple.

"What is this attitude?" The man, who had come to pick a fight, certainly would not go away.

"You can buy whatever you want. If you don't want to buy anything, just get lost." Jiang Chen reacted in the same manner.

The man was very pissed, but he did not have the nerve to stir up trouble in the chamber of commerce, so he left reluctantly.

The shop owner, Jiang Chen, stretched

His practicing body was preparing for his new martial arts club. His other practicing body was having adventures at the Cloud Reaching Hall. He wanted to reach the Tower of the God of Longevity as soon as possible to find a remedy for his father.

As for himself, he was running the shop, preparing for the force he was going to establish in the future.

"Maybe I shouldn't have named the shop this way." Jiang Chen touched his chin. He thought it was funny, but it seemed that it had caused some reactions he had not expected. But there is no use in crying over spilled milk. Jiang Chen did not want to spend time thinking of another name. Just when he thought he had wasted the advertisement money this day, Jiang Chen suddenly noticed two pretty women at the door. The one in white was especially pretty.

"Ru'er, a drowning man will clutch at a straw. That's what you are doing right now. People will laugh at you."

"Let's give it a try. Maybe it will work."

"Listen to yourself, you sound exactly like those drowning people. Are these Aeolian bells really so important?"

"They once belonged to my deceased mother."


Jiang Chen seemed preoccupied while listening to them talking. However, he was greatly shocked when they had walked in. He could not perceive the energies of the two women. However, their smiles were so vivid and eye contact with them also seemed normal.

"No way!" They could not be like this, unless they were Divine Kings. And these two women were so young and so beautiful.


"Master," Shangguan Ru corrected her friend. Shop owners who had a shop in the chamber of commerce expected to be called master as long as what they did was technical work.

Jiang Chen got to his feet. He extended his hand to touch her beautiful face.


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