The Brilliant Fighting Master
1055 Great Offensive and Defensive Power
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1055 Great Offensive and Defensive Power

Surprised cries rang out, as the crowd witnessed Xiao Tianyu's seven sword lights being blocked. When the sword light came in contact with his fingers, they were all shattered.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes slowly and calmly as if he had just accomplished something trivial. "It seems I have overestimated you," Jiang Chen said, as he pointed his index finger at Xiao Tianyu.

"Why has it ended like this?" Xiao Tianyu asked, dumbfounded, and that was exactly what the crowd wondered.

Lin Shuangyue and the others who had assumed that Xiao Tianyu would surely win were also dumbfounded.

"Didn't they say that the power of Jiang Chen's Sword Doctrine hadn't reached transcendence level?

"This isn't related to the sword, or the Sword Doctrine's Power. It's just that his defensive power is too terrifying ."

"That isn't right. If there isn't a disparity between their Sword Doctrine's Power, how can he anticipate Xiao Tianyu's sword moves? It's impossible."

When their discussions reached Lin Shuangyue's ears, she said, "It's possible."

Upon hearing her, the people in the vicinity looked at her in disbelief.

"It demonstrates that his Sword Doctrine has surpassed Xiao Tianyu's Sword Doctrine greatly."

"That is right, this is the only explanation for it."

"But Xiao Tianyu's Sword Doctrine is from our academy."

The spectators finally realized that Jiang Chen wasn't someone who just depended upon external power.

"I have to say that there isn't any more suspense left," someone said in a low voice.

Regardless if it was Jiang Chen's ability to anticipate Xiao Tianyu's Sword Doctrine or his incredulous defensive power, whichever it was was already enough to determine the outcome of the fight. However, it was obvious from Xiao Tianyu's current look that he wasn't willing to accept it. "This isn't real!" Xiao Tianyu waved the sword in his hand and launched another fierce attack.

However, regardless of how hard he tried, Jiang Chen could still block all his attacks by using just a single finger. When the sword fell on Jiang Chen's finger, several ripples would appear on the sword from the impact. If the crowd hadn't trusted the Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club, they might have suspected that Jiang Chen was using external power.

"This is impossible. How can a four-star venerable like you possess such great defensive power?" Xiao Tianyu shouted loudly.

"What? Do you want us to stop so that you can call someone to come over to verify it?" Jiang Chen spoke in mockery.

A hideous look appeared on Xiao Tianyu's face. It was he who had invited the spectators here so that they could witness his own Seven Swords Move. No one expected that the outcome would be this funny. If the fight really ended like this, Xiao Tianyu would become a laughingstock.

"I probably don't have a body on a par with yours, but my Sword Doctrine is still more powerful than yours." Xiao Tianyu strived hard to keep his calm. When these words were heard by the spectators, many people frowned and started making guesses about what Xiao Tianyu meant by this.

"You have really disappointed me." Jiang Chen didn't hold any more expectations for such a sore loser.

"If you are skilled, compete with me with sword techniques," Xiao Tianyu spoke sharply.

"Disgraceful!" Lin Shuangyue, who was on the viewing platform, cursed him in a soft voice.

"Senior sister Lin, you can't say this. They are both swordsmen, and Jiang Chen can only convince his opponent by defeating him with sword techniques," a fellow disciple spoke for Xiao Tianyu.

"If that was really the case, he should have mentioned it at the start. Xiao Tianyu's Realm Level is higher than Jiang Chen, yet he still hasn't mentioned that all along. He was even worried that Jiang Chen might ask for it." If Lin Shuangyue hadn't wanted to witness Jiang Chen's sword techniques, she would have left long ago.

"You have wasted a precious chance." On the battlefield, Jiang Chen shook his head and uttered baffling words.

"Pull out your sword! You don't dare, do you?" Xiao Tianyu spoke angrily.

"I won't unsheathe my sword for the likes of you. But I can still let you feel the disparity between us." As Jiang Chen spoke, he extended his middle finger and interlocked two fingers to use a sword art. Jiang Chen still used the first eight moves of the Sword Scripture as before.

"If it's limited to just this, then you are really underestimating people too much." Xiao Tianyu didn't take the attack seriously and even wanted to compete with Jiang Chen. Moreover, since Jiang Chen didn't have the help of his Doctrine Sword, he only managed to get the upper hand while using the First Sword Move.

"Jiang Chen's mind isn't mature enough." The crowd had such a thought upon witnessing the change of the battle state.

It was obvious that Xiao Tianyu was looking for an excuse to step down, and the excuse he came up with was a laughable one. But Jiang Chen was still fooled by it.

Even if Jiang Chen managed to reluctantly get the victory through using sword techniques, Xiao Tianyu could then state that there was just a little disparity between them. One should never lower oneself to the same level as a rascal.

Is it limited to just this? Lin Shuangyue thought to himself.

Even though only a few people had great defensive and offensive power, Jiang Chen had resounding fame and many people held great expectations for him. But it seemed that they wouldn't get to see what they wanted.

However, after ten seconds passed, another change occurred. Jiang Chen's sword art didn't come to a stop and its aura was like fine rain. At first, it would seem average and unconscious because Jiang Chen didn't use a Doctrine Sword. But the might of Jiang Chen's sword moves overlapped, and as he changed the sword moves, his sword's might was becoming greater. Countless swords appeared on the battlefield, and a spectacular scene appeared there.

At first, Xiao Tianyu treated the attack disdainfully, but later he found dealing with it quite strenuous, and he quickly ended up sustaining injuries. However, he still persisted because he hoped to suffer a narrow defeat, which wouldn't be too disgraceful. However, Jiang Chen wouldn't fulfill his wish, and, after he had built up enough power, he used his ultimate technique. 

"The Ninth Sword Move!" As Jiang Chen used the sword arts, the swords turned into a howling wind and torrential rain, which pounced at the shocked Xiao Tianyu. Xiao Tianyu was stranded and suffered the torrential attack's impact. A helpless expression was plastered on his face, and, as he raised his sword, he didn't even know where he should wave it. Xiao Tianyu's hopes were quickly thwarted, and he suffered a disastrous defeat and even his sword flew out of his hand.

"He's too powerful!"

"He didn't use a true sword, yet he still managed to defeat a transcendence-level Sword Doctrine's power by depending just on master-level Sword Doctrine's power, didn't he?"

"It's because their Sword Doctrines are different. There are high-grade and low-grade Sword Doctrines."

"Every Sword Doctrine can let one use different sword techniques."

"However, the Heavenly Sword Techniques aren't worth anything in front of Jiang Chen."

"It's the same for Constellation Palaces. There are some people with Constellation Palaces with two Qi or even four Qi, and they could use different Doctrine Methods."

A spirited discussion arose in the Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club.

In a room on the viewing platforms, a person was standing before the windows, and he had witnessed everything.

"What an interesting youngster. Both his defensive and offensive power are great."

The outcome of the battle was determined, and the battlefield was closed, while Xiao Tianyu was sent back to the arena.

"Even the likes of you can state that I don't deserve to join the Abundance Land Academy. I really wonder what you are depending upon? I don't have the right family background, yet you are still just a worm in my eyes." Jiang Chen cursed him harshly.

Xiao Tianyu wanted to become famous and had wanted to use Jiang Chen as a stepping stone. At first, he caused trouble for Jiang Chen in the Abundance Land Academy, before he ran to the Tian Hu Hostel to cause trouble for him. Jiang Chen wasn't going to treat such a person leniently.

Xiao Tianyu felt too ashamed of himself and, when he suffered such hard insults, he didn't know how he should answer. In the end, it was he who had brought everything down upon himself.

"Senior brother Li won't let you off the hook," Xiao Tianyu spoke coldly.

Upon hearing this, the crowd in the Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club calmed down. Most of the people here were Abundance Land Academy's disciples and knew who such a person was.

As for Jiang Chen, it was his second time hearing this name, and he was quite curious about him.


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