The Brilliant Fighting Master
1053 Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1053 Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club

"This isn't a place youngsters like you can come to," a guest said.

A peal of laughter immediately erupted in the hall. They had all taken them for lovers who came here to have fun.

"Sir, will you reside here?" The waiter went toward Jiang Chen enthusiastically, and many people were dumbfounded by this.

Yao Yuntong had a sharp observation power, and when she entered here, she realized that regardless of how busy the hall was, the waiter just sat in a corner humming a song, and even the customers didn't have any objections to this. This was why they were surprised to see the waiter go to welcome them, and it meant that he had recognized Jiang Chen's identity.

"That is right. I want two rooms, and I will pay in advance for ten days," Jiang Chen said.

"You don't need to pay. The owner had already stated that you can stay here as long as you want free of charge," the waiter said with a smile.

Jiang Chen didn't expect this, and the customers in the hall were dumbfounded. The hostel's owner had never been this generous, and if someone didn't pay even a single day, he would be driven out by him. Who were these two youngsters, and why did they get such special treatment?

"It's Jiang Chen!" Someone recognized him.

"Is it Jiang Chen who looks down upon even holy lands and divine sects?"

"It's no wonder that it's like this."

"What the Heavenly Protection Owner hates most is holy lands and divine sects."

The customers were convinced of Jiang Chen's authenticity, and they didn't belittle Jiang Chen as before, and respect even appeared on the faces of several people.

Jiang Chen was confused by all this, but he still just followed the waiter to the third floor.

"Can I get to meet your boss? I want to thank him in person," Jiang Chen said.

"There is no hurry," the waiter said carelessly, not really giving an appropriate reply.

The waiter brought them to heaven-grade rooms, before he left quickly like a gust of wind.

"This is too amazing! That was the Wind Lore's great mastery!" Jiang Chen was startled, and he discovered that he couldn't catch his trails. Was such a person just a mere waiter?

Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong exchanged glances and saw the surprise in each other's faces. Yao Yuntong was worried that a trap was hidden here, but Jiang Chen felt like it wouldn't be the case. There was an excellent social order in Sky Reaching City, and all criminals would be punished severely, while Tian Hu Hostel had a good reputation and wouldn't tarnish it because of him.

As for why they were offered rooms free of charge, it was probably just because the owner sympathized with a like-minded person. At least, that was what Jiang Chen thought.

Yao Yuntong wasn't in a good mood like Jiang Chen, and she was still too worried. She couldn't depend upon Jiang Chen for her whole life. Let alone, Jiang Chen had already many troubles to deal with.

After they had just started residing here, trouble came at them, and two people they had met at Abundance Land Academy came one after the other to Tian Hu Hostel. It was unknown how they managed to learn that Jiang Chen stayed here. The youthful woman who had tried to deceive Jiang Chen before brought a message. "You should leave Ye Xue as soon as possible, or you will sustain severe injuries."

After the youthful woman transmitted the message, she said, "This is what senior brother Li Changqing said, and if you wait until he formally finishes his secluded cultivation, he will teach you a painful lesson."

"I don't usually mind beating woman, but I still feel like giving you a slap will be a disgraceful matter." Upon hearing this, the youthful woman was infuriated greatly. What was disgraceful about slapping her?

"Don't be too proud of yourself, brother Li Changqing is among the Human List's top ten."

"If you insist on getting beaten, then I can only do it reluctantly," as Jiang Chen spoke, he waved his palm at her.

The youthful woman was about to dodge it, but she still underestimated Jiang Chen's speed, and she was slapped out of her mind. Jiang Chen didn't use his whole power, or else she would have lost several teeth.

"You hit me, you unexpectedly hit me." The youthful woman held her cheek, while her gaze became filled with resentment and hatred.

"I told you I was going to slap you." Jiang Chen spoke disdainfully.

"Just wait, just wait for me!" The youthful woman extended her finger and pointed it at Jiang Chen's nose, before she slipped away.

Just after she left, Xiao Tianyu came and spoke in a strange tone, "You are really skilled in hitting women." There was a group of Sword Department disciples behind Xiao Tianyu.

"The Abundance Land Academy's disciples really have too much free time," Jiang Chen spoke in mockery.

Xiao Tianyu shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's an unavoidable matter because we have to teach a certain arrogant and ignorant person a lesson."

"Are you talking about yourself?"

"Stop trying to show your sharp tongue's skill here. Let's meet tomorrow at Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club. Do you dare to come?" Xiao Tianyu said.

"Why would we need to wait until tomorrow? Do you need to spend the whole night praying for gods and the Buddha to help you?" Jiang Chen extended out his finger and provoked him. "I will use just a single finger, and if you can injure me, it can be counted as your victory."

Upon hearing this, Xiao Tianyu's face almost became twisted from anger. "You don't have anything more than a sharp tongue, do you? You don't dare to come to a martial arts club, do you?" Xiao Tianyu still insisted on fighting in the Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club.

At first, Jiang Chen didn't understand what he wanted, and it was only when he noticed the fright in the deepest part of his eyes that he realized what he had planned. Jiang Chen could kill even supreme elders, and it would be dangerous for Xiao Tianyu to fight him by himself. So, he surely had many tricks prepared in the martial arts club to restrict Jiang Chen.

"If I don't agree to go to the martial arts club, you won't give up, and you will clamor in front of me, won't you?" Jiang Chen said.

"You just don't dare!" Xiao Tianyu gritted his teeth and bore his anger.

"Fine, in any case, I have free time, and I won't mind spending it in teaching you how to behave with integrity.

"Okay, it will be held tomorrow at noon. If you don't come, don't show yourself again in the Abundance Land Academy," Xiao Tianyu was overjoyed, and he quickly nailed down this matter.

There were many martial arts clubs in Sky Reaching City, which provided people a fighting stage. If someone fought in the city in private, he would be punished and, in severe cases, he might even be executed.

Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club, mentioned by Xiao Tianyu. was one of Sky Reaching City's most popular clubs, and it seemed like he had chosen it on purpose so that he could raise his fame by defeating Jiang Chen.

Since Jiang Chen became famous, he had never been defeated by anyone, and if Xiao Tianyu could trample him, he would surely become more famous, and he might even become the Abundance Land Academy's hero.

When Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong went to the martial arts club, they found out that many Abundance Land Academy disciples were present there, and they had all come here to compete against each other.

Jiang Chen had already got an understanding of the academy's departments on the previous day. Every department was divided into three grades: low, middle, and high.

Xiao Tianyu was among the best in the Sword Department's middle grade, and such a matter could be discerned from the performance he had demonstrated on the previous day when he led a group of Sword Department disciples and practiced with a sword formation.

Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club occupied a whole street, and it had a rectangular shape. The adornments inside it were quite simple, and an elevated stage was its center, while the viewing platforms were on its left and right sides. Every elevated stage formed an independent dimension, which could allow Star Venerables to release their power fully without qualms, while it would also prevent them from using any external power.

Xiao Tianyu was clad in battle clothes and was standing in the arena. He still wore an arrogant look as before, and the battle clothes worn by him were too pompous

'He is really treating me as a stepping stone he can trample upon,' Jiang Chen thought.

Jiang Chen looked at the viewing platform and couldn't see his senior sister there. He saw Lin Shuangyue, who he hadn't seen on the previous day. She was still as graceful and pretty as she was when he met her in Qingtian City. At first glance, she would seem simple and ordinary, but at second glance, one would be stunned by her. Their gazes met for a moment, before they averted them.

"You don't need to look around. Ye Xue knew that you would suffer a disastrous defeat, and that is why she didn't come," Xiao Tianyu said.

Those were just simple provocative words, yet they brought upon Xiao Tianyu Jiang Chen's ferocious gaze. He realized for the first time how terrifying Jiang Chen was, and his hair stood on end.

"You don't deserve to utter her name," Jiang Chen spoke coldly.


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