The Brilliant Fighting Master
1050 Xiao Tianyu
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1050 Xiao Tianyu

Jiang Chen raised his head in surprise. After he had had a clear look at what happened, he heaved a sigh of relief.

There was a group of Abundance Land Academy disciples practicing with their swords in the sky. There were in total 30 or 40 people, and they were practicing a joint sword formation. Jiang Chen had assumed mistakenly for a moment that the sword energy formed by the formation had been released by a single person. If that had really been the case, then such a person would be at the very least a Sword King.

"The Sword Department disciples are very flamboyant."

"The Heavenly Mysterious Sword Heart Formation is considered invincible among Star Venerables."

The people in the vicinity stopped in their tracks and observed the sword formation in the sky. It couldn't be denied that such a sword formation was really exquisite. Every time they practiced using it, every person's skill would improve.

Jiang Chen swept the Sword Department disciples with his gaze but didn't see Lin Shuangyue among them. Last time he was in Qingtian City, she had represented the Abundance Land Academy Sword Department. As Jiang Chen thought back about Lin Shuangyue, he couldn't help but recall that other charming and naughty young girl.

After a short while, the sword formation's practice in the sky reached its end and everyone started to put away their swords. They all moved nimbly and smoothly. When the sword energy disappeared, applause echoed from all five mountains and even Jiang Chen applauded lightly. All the Sword Department disciples in the sky were geniuses with great potential, the cream of the crop.

When Jiang Chen was just about to leave, he noticed that someone's gaze was locked on him. He frowned and discovered that the owner of this gaze was the leader of the group that had just finished practicing—the youth with the strongest Sword Doctrine power. Jiang Chen stroked his cheeks and discovered that he had forgotten about changing his appearance. He had passed the past two weeks in a desolate area outside cities, and once he reached Sky Reaching City, he had forgotten to change. Now, it seemed as if he had been recognized.

"Jiang Chen?" It seemed as if the person in the sky wasn't sure whether it was him, which was why he shouted so loudly.

Upon hearing this name, everyone's reaction was surprised, and they all looked over at Jiang Chen

"Jiang Chen? Is that the Jiang Chen who intruded into the All Saints Sect to save someone?"

"It seems like it's really him."

"I have seen his portrait, and it's surely him."

All the Abundance Land Academy disciples on the mountain displayed an intense reaction, and a great commotion arose. After a short while, both the mountains and plains became packed with people.

"Is this what you mean by a nobody?" Yao Yuntong spoke mockingly.

"Becoming famous isn't really good." Jiang Chen smiled bitterly.

The expressions of the people in the vicinity were quite complicated. They didn't really welcome him here, and some people had looks filled with hatred.

"Did you come to join our Abundance Land Academy? I advise you to give up on such an idea as soon as possible." The Sword Department disciple, who had called Jiang Chen's name, landed slowly on the ground. He wore an arrogant and haughty expression with his nose in the air. Such a look really didn't flatter someone with such a handsome face and sharp features. But, if one observed his outfit, one would realize that he surely had an outstanding status.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Are you qualified to speak like this to me?" Jiang Chen mocked him.

Many people exclaimed in alarm. They had already heard that Jiang Chen didn't care about anything, and it seemed like it was true.

"How daring! You dare to speak to senior brother Xiao Tianyu in such a way."

"Don't you know what you amount to?"

"The academy isn't a place where you can cause trouble as you like."

The Sword Department disciples all landed on the ground and surrounded Jiang Chen.

"It is obvious that it was you who tried to cause trouble for him first, yet you still have the face to say such things?" Yao Yuntong spoke angrily. It was Xiao Tianyu who had provoked him first and insulted him.

"I'm representing the Abundance Land Academy, and you can ask yourself whether there is anyone willing to let you join it?" Xiao Tianyu snorted coldly without any shame on his face. The people in the vicinity kept their silence, and if one observed them carefully, one would discover that they really didn't want to welcome Jiang Chen here.

The reason was Jiang Chen's family background. When the three academies sent invitations to Jiang Chen, the people who reacted the most negatively to it were the disciples. Becoming an academy's disciple was a great glory and a highly esteemed feat. Everyone was aware that the reason behind this was that everyone in the academies was a genius. But now, if even a person from the Nine Heavens Realm could become an academy disciple, such a matter delivered a grave blow to their pride.

In those people's eyes, the Nine Heavens Realm was just a backward area, and if Jiang Chen became a disciple, then the other disciples from whichever academy he chose would surely be mocked by the other two academies' disciples. This was the reason why the disciples had already come to an agreement. They planned to show off their might to Jiang Chen upon his arrival and force him to leave. In the Abundance Land Academy, the group who was involved in scaring off Jiang Chen was the Sword Department.

"Why should I care whether you welcome me or not? Who do you think you are?" Jiang Chen's reply befitted his character well.

Vile looks appeared on the faces of Xiao Tianyu and the others, and they all began sizing up Jiang Chen.

"Did you really assume that you could run amok without fear just by depending upon the Alien Flame and cloning technique. Do you believe that I can prevent you from roaming the Seventh Realm as you want," Xiao Tianyu said.

"I don't believe it, get lost!" After he spoke, Jiang Chen revealed a faint smile and said, "Or, you can let me see what you amount to."

"Do you think I'm afraid of you? Even if you used your clones' self-detonation, I can still kill you by myself," Xiao Tianyu shouted.

"I won't need to use any external power to kill the likes of you," Jiang Chen said.

It seemed as if those two people were at daggers drawn and would shortly start fighting. But then someone came to handle this matter.

"Why are you gathered here? Go do what you have to do." That person rebuked the spectators.

"Xiao Tianyu, are you questioning the academy's decision?" The man looked at Xiao Tianyu and spoke coldly.

"Elder Yunhe, I don't have such an intention." Xiao Tianyu didn't dare to act arrogantly in front of the elder, and he curbed himself.

Elder Yunhe was an old man with white hair and brows. He had an air of transcendence and an outstanding demeanor.

"What are you still doing here?" Elder Yunhe said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Xiao Tianyu looked at Jiang Chen with his sharp gaze and spoke in a voice that could only be heard by the two of them. "Even if you join the academy, I can still teach you a painful lesson." Xiao Tianyu left those words behind him, as he took the Sword Department disciples with him and left.

After the others had left, Elder Yunhe turned around, faced Jiang Chen, and started sizing him up. A satisfied look appeared on his face, and his eyes lit up as if he was examining a perfect piece of jade. "As expected of a divine body who broke the curse, you can rival a ferocious beast," Elder Yunhe praised Jiang Chen. The academies' disciples disliked Jiang Chen for his family background, while the members of the academies' upper echelons valued Jiang Chen's divine body.

Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong greeted Elder Yunhe.

"You have good foresight since you have chosen our Abundance Land Academy," Elder Yunhe looked at Jiang Chen and spoke.

"Senior, you misunderstand. I have just accompanied her here, and I don't intend to join any academy," Jiang Chen spoke bluntly to avert any misunderstandings.

"It isn't like you don't want to join the Abundance Land Academy—it's just that you don't want to join any academy at all?" Elder Yunhe asked.

"That is right, I have an impulsive character, and I don't have qualms about anything, and I even have feuds with many clans. An academy can protect me and ensure my safety, but it will also prevent me from incurring any more hatred from the other clans," Jiang Chen said.

Elder Yunhe nodded. This was a definite matter. If Jiang Chen became an academy disciple, he mustn't fight the ancient races anymore.

"We can mediate between you and help you resolve your feuds," Elder Yunhe said.

"A debt of blood must be paid with blood. The Holy Wings Clan plotted against my father. There isn't any room for reconciliation with one's father's murderer."


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