The Brilliant Fighting Master
1049 Moving Mountains
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1049 Moving Mountains

Jiang Moliang had come suddenly, and she left suddenly. She didn't wait for Jiang Chen to start talking about their past. She just merged with the void and left.

"That was really a marvelous assassination technique," Yao Yuntong sighed and said.

"However, its flaw is that they must reveal themselves while making an attack. If they were able to attack while still in the void, then no one could defend against them effectively," Jiang Chen said.

Yao Yuntong cast a glance at him, and, upon witnessing him wearing a look of regret, she couldn't help but say, "If that was really the case, then an assassination target like you would never be able to sleep in peace."

"You should look at it from another perspective. If such a magical ability existed, it wouldn't be used to kill a nobody like me."

"You still have the face to state that you are just a nobody." Yao Yuntong rolled her eyes at him. Even though she had come to the Seventh Realm only recently, she had still heard many people talking about Jiang Chen. At first, she had assumed that it was just someone with the same name and surname, but then she verified through their descriptions of him that it was the same person.

Upon learning that Jiang Chen had intruded into the All Saints Sect to save someone, she was both moved and confused. A year ago, Jiang Chen had turned into a demon, and turned the whole Spirit Zone upside down, and he almost destroyed the Blood Shadow Dynasty. It was all for a woman called Nangong Xue. Yao Yuntong was aware that the name of the woman in the All Saints Sect wasn't Nangong Xue, and she couldn't help but wonder whether Jiang Chen was fickle or just too passionate. However, she still came to the conclusion that, regardless of everything, becoming Jiang Chen's woman was a blissful matter because he was willing to brave any dangers for his women.

As Yao Yuntong pondered over this, she couldn't help but curl up the corners of her mouth.

"Let's leave!" It was a pity that Jiang Chen was still quite insensitive.

This place had already been discovered by the Nether World School killers, and it would be dangerous to continue staying in it. They continued traveling toward Sky Reaching City.

"Did your lightning power reach divine lightning level?" Yao Yuntong started to look for a topic of discussion.

"That is right," Jiang Chen replied.

"You should then be able to use the true lightning method."

They were both lightning method inheritors, and thus this gave them a common topic for discussion. Since Jiang Chen possessed divine lightning power, what he could achieve wasn't just limited to releasing lightning with his hands.


After half a day had passed, they stopped on a mountain. A group of people appeared. They were the men and women driven away by Jiang Chen. What Yao Yuntong was worried about really occurred. Since these people were unable to get the lightning method, they notified the Thunder God Sect.

A team from the Thunder God Sect was floating in the sky atop their heads. They were all robust men and emitted a powerful aura. They were led by a youth sitting on a great throne floating in the sky. It was made from precious metals and adorned with golden and decorative symbols. It was extremely luxurious! The youthful man was sitting lazily there, supporting his chin with his right hand, and his sharp face had a devilish charm. His gem-like eyes were roaming around the forest. The man's hair was draped over his shoulder, while his shirt was wide open, showing off his chest.

"When did lightning method inheritors become this cheap?" The man sat straight up and sighed. "Any random nobody can now be a lightning method inheritor."

"Young master, should we continue chasing them?" A robust man asked.

"I will first teleport to Sky Reaching City. My time is precious. Let's just wait for them to walk right into our trap."

The robust man next to him hesitated slightly. If they waited until they reached Sky Reaching City, they wouldn't be able to attack as they wanted. But, he was aware that if he defied the young master's decision or questioned it, he would have a miserable fate.

At that moment, the man slapped his throne. Dazzling light emanated from the throne, and many mysterious Spirit Symbols appeared in the sky. When those Spirit Symbols formed a complete design, the youth and his throne disappeared from there.

After two weeks, Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong reached Sky Reaching City. Such a trip should have taken just two or three days, but they were delayed by air pirates.

However, when they sighted Sky Reaching City, they didn't have anything else to complain about. This was the largest city that they witnessed in their lives. Its territory stretched from the south to the north, and it contained many plains and mountains and the continent's greatest rivers in both its eastern and western regions. The city possessed three types of landforms and could accommodate more than 100 million people. Sky Reaching City didn't forbid people from flying above it. If it had really had such a restriction, the residents would have had to spend the whole day on traveling.

Jiang Chen was now in the sky, and he didn't know where he should proceed. He found himself at a loss because the city was so big and vast. So they landed on the ground and started walking around in the city. They bought a map. Jiang Chen found the three academies' locations on the map.

"Which academy's invitation did you get?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"No academy invited me." Yao Yuntong was baffled by such a question.

"What?" Jiang Chen was confused by this. He thought that it was only after getting an academy's invitation that one would get a chance to join it.

"If one possesses a special body or inheritance, one can apply to the academy and can become a disciple after passing their test." Yao Yuntong dispelled his doubts.

"Oh! Which academy do you plan to go to?"

"What about you? Where do you plan to go?" Yao Yuntong asked back. She hoped for them to stay together.

"I don't plan to join any academy."

"Why?" Yao Yuntong exclaimed in surprise.

Even the people in the vicinity looked at Jiang Chen in surprise. Was there any youngster in the world who wasn't willing to become an academy's disciple?

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and replied in a low voice, "The academy can't provide any help to me, and it will still restrict me."

"But at least, you can get their protection," Yao Yuntong spoke anxiously.

Jiang Chen was making enemies everywhere in the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm, and all factions were biding their time just because of the three academies' invitations.

"Won't it be more exciting like this?" Jiang Chen had already made up his mind. In the past, he had joined the Natural Law School, the sacred institute, and the Flying Dragon Dynasty army, and he had already come to the conclusion that he didn't like to be restricted by anything.

"That's fine then." Yao Yuntong was aware that Jiang Chen was an obstinate person and wouldn't easily go back on his decision.

"However, I will still go to the Abundance Land Academy to visit a friend," Jiang Chen said.

"I will also go there with you." Yao Yuntong was curious about the friend he mentioned because it seemed from his tone that it was someone close to him.

Didn't this mean that Jiang Chen already had three women? Was he that fickle? Many emotions welled up in Yao Yuntong's heart, as she flew with Jiang Chen. It took them a whole hour to reach the Abundance Land Academy.

The academy was built on a vast plain and had five great mountains side by side, which seemed like a hand stretching out toward the sky.

"Those mountains didn't exist here formerly," Yao Yuntong told him.

Jiang Chen nodded. He had also noticed that such great mountains couldn't exist in the center of such a plain, and, if one observed them carefully, one would notice that the five mountains had been moved here.

"Moving mountains and draining the sea, it's really outrageous!" Jiang Chen sighed and said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This was just one of the three great academies' spirit-grade branches.

After a short while, they reached a city on the mountain, and it was where the Abundance Land Academy was located. Moreover, while they were looking around, sharp sword energy rose up to the sky and danced around atop their heads.

When Jiang Chen noticed how pure the sword energy was, his expression changed drastically. The sword energy's level had nearly surpassed transcendence-level Sword Doctrine power.


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