The Brilliant Fighting Master
1047 Thunder God Sec
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1047 Thunder God Sec

Jiang Chen looked like an average man in his disguise. Although he was in the Fourth Constellation Palace, no one thought he could be a rival for these air pirates. People were curious about what Jiang Chen had up his sleeve. They watched him posing for attacks. He was going to fight with these air pirates without any external help.

Many people shook their heads, regarding him as a hot-blooded youngster like those that could be found everywhere. It was evident the air pirates were not taking him seriously either. They did not exert their strongest movements, but their attacks were still potentially fatal ones.

Average practitioners in the Fourth Constellation Palace would definitely die of these attacks, but, unfortunately for these pirates, their enemy was Jiang Chen. He threw his palm over. The force of holy thunder devoured four or five air pirates right away, turning them to ash. The unexpected result freaked many people out.

All of those air pirates were in the same state as Jiang Chen. No one could explain such a result. But down on the ground, Yao Yuntong's eyes lit up. "Another inheritor of thunder methods?"

People came to conclusions. Since he and Yao Yuntong had spoken at the same time, they could not help but assume maybe they knew each other.

Almost 100 air pirates surrounded Jiang Chen. They were staring at him fiercely.

"Make way." The air pirate leader did not try to deal with Jiang Chen in person, because he did not want to waste his energy. After all, this was a robbery, not a competition. "Unfortunately, I only need one thunder method." The red-masked man gave off a gloomy coldness facing Jiang Chen.

"You don't deserve any thunder methods. The force of thunder is used to slay demons and get rid of evil. A thunder method is supposed to deal with people like you, but you want to get it instead. That's impossible." Jiang Chen scolded him quickly, not afraid to irritate him at all.

The air pirate leader's chest heaved up and down. It seemed like he was really pissed.

"Pick Stars and Slay the Moon!" Irritated by Jiang Chen, the air pirate leader launched an attack directly. He lifted his arms. A mysterious change happened in the sky. A meteor shower started unexpectedly. Shooting stars kept whooshing across the sky. A sharp energy appeared between the hands of the air pirate leader. It was powerful enough to destroy the universe. As he lowered his arms, the energy was aimed at Jiang Chen. This man was using the power of the formation to intimidate others who wanted to fight back. The lethal power of the energy was beyond any Star Venerable's limit. This was why the air pirate leader had shown up alone.

Jiang Chen went all out. His real face was disclosed. Yao Yuntong was the only person who knew him. Others might have heard about him, but none of them had ever seen him in person.

Jiang Chen confronted that dreadful energy. The Big Dipper Star Formation arose again. Aided by the two Doctrine Swords, its strong fighting power was beyond imagination. Even the air pirate leader was greatly surprised.

This was not all. The eight groups of spiritual beings appeared again to protect him at the last minute. When the energy arrived at Jiang Chen, it bounced off him. He was not injured at all.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At the same time, Jiang Chen threw his two Doctrine Swords over to kill the air pirate leader. No one could see the face behind the mask, but, needless to say, his facial expression must be very interesting.

Unfortunately, he woke up too late. He underestimated the Fourth Constellation Palace.

"You're Jiang Chen..." However, he recognized Jiang Chen before his death.

Other people tumbled to the reality. The grand supreme elders of the Tianyi Holy Land had died not long ago. His state and age matched the description of the killer. It was natural to associate him with the killer.

"What are you waiting for?" Jiang Chen looked toward the survivors after killing the air pirate leader. At first, they were struck dumb, but soon they looked toward the other air pirates fiercely. Although there were a lot of them, the quantity did not matter anymore after they had lost their leader.

The air pirates started to flee. They switched the formation off. The survivors, greatly pissed, did not let them go. They started to chase them.

Jiang Chen did not join them. He landed on one of the peaks.

"Long time, no see," Jiang Chen said first.

"Yeah. It has been almost two years." Yao Yuntong was very happy to see him.

"You are the same as before." The words rolled off Jiang Chen's tongue when he thought of what she had done.

"So are you," Yao Yuntong said with a smile.

At this moment, she stopped smiling, because her companions also flew over.

"Are you in any trouble? Tell me about it. They are not good people," Jiang Chen said to her through holy awareness.

"Yes. I need your help."

"No problem."

The two were talking through holy awareness. Her companions arrived at this moment.

"Yuntong, you were so imprudent. Fortunately, nothing happened to you." The man behaved like he had never asked for her help.

"I know." Yao Yuntong nodded. Pointing at Jiang Chen, she said this was her friend.

The man and the others showed complicated facial expressions. They had fear in their eyes. Rumor had it that Jiang Chen was a crazy man.

"I will stay with him during the rest of the journey. So I won't be bothering you," Yao Yuntong said.

The man obviously was not very happy to hear that. He reacted strongly. "Yuntong, how can you do this?! You are turning your back on us. We've been risking a lot to protect you!"

"I think you just want her thunder method," Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

"You! That's nonsense!" The man had enough nerve up to refute him.

"Whatever. Leave now. As to the favor you did Yuntong, take my help as the pay. You didn't get robbed or killed thanks to me." Jiang Chen did not look kind. He did not want to waste time speaking too much.

The man was going to argue, but his companions stopped him. They left reluctantly in the end.

Jiang Chen was going to ask Yao Yuntong what had happened, but she pointed at the sky. She said, "Jiang Chen, they are stealing your trophy."

It turned out someone was taking the corpse of the air pirate leader away.

Jiang Chen was puzzled. He did not know what a corpse could be used for. Yao Yuntong told him every air pirate had a bounty on its head. They could exchange a red-masked air pirate leader for resources at any of the academies.

After learning that, Jiang Chen immediately stopped the person who was trying to take the air pirate leader's corpse away.

"He, he." He smiled, embarrassed, not daring to argue with Jiang Chen. He was just taking advantage of it since Jiang Chen did not take it after the killing. Jiang Chen did not blame him. He just took the corpse with him.

"Let's leave here now." Yao Yuntong flew up to him. She looked nervous.


While leaving, Jiang Chen learned what had happened to Yao Yuntong.

The Mysterious Thunder School of the Three Middle Realms turned out to be a branch of the Thunder God Sect. The Thunder God Sect's name was a household name for Jiang Chen. In the Sacred Zone in the old days, their headmaster was Sage of Thunder, one of The Four Sages.

Similar to the Ancient Clans, since the passage to the Sacred Zone had been closed, the branches located in the Three Middle Realms, the Seventh Realm, and the Eighth Realm had been greatly weakened. As a result, the Mysterious Thunder School was the only branch left. At first everything was fine. The Mysterious Thunder School was not associated with the branch in the Seventh Realm.

Not until Jiang Chen had helped the Yaos improve their thunder method did people have their eye on the Yaos, forcing the Yaos to give the thunder method to them. The Yaos had to agree due to the rules. They gave these people the complete thunder method, but their troubles did not end there.


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