The Brilliant Fighting Master
1046 Air Pirates
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1046 Air Pirates

Curses and bloodcurdling cries rang out. Practitioners who could fly were experiencing a zero-gravity feeling. Some of them wanted to escape and fly out of the airship. However, the ship was not as fragile as it looked. And they were falling. It was difficult to get out. Jiang Chen was one of those who succeeded in getting out. He burned a hole in the hull.

It was already night. The sky was starlit. They were over a bleak and desolate wildland. The exterior of the ship had been badly damaged and was burning.

At the thought of Yao Yuntong, Jiang Chen decided to go back to rescue her. But to his surprise, loud sounds of wind and thunder came from the ship. Yao Yuntong managed to escape by herself, followed by the people who had been with her.

In the end, the ship crashed onto a mountaintop. The noise it caused rent the tranquil night. Angry flames soared from the ruins and heavily injured passengers could be seen escaping in groups and individually.

Jiang Chen was carefully observing the surroundings. He soon realized a great formation had been deployed in this area.

"Watch out! It's air pirates!" Someone shouted loudly. Jiang Chen's assumptions were thus confirmed. The ship had been attacked. The attackers were quite cruel. They let the ship fall and watched people die or get injured. It saved them a lot of work. Soon, the air pirates came into sight. Each of them was wearing a ghost face mask and a black robe.

Jiang Chen recalled what he had heard on deck. Some passengers had been worrying about the chance of running into air pirates. And his companion had called him a jinx.

Air pirates were notorious criminals in the Sky-Reaching Continent. They committed all kinds of crimes, from murder to arson to robbery.

Different from the other spirit-level continents, there were three academies on the Sky-Reaching Continent. The competition here was quite fierce. And, thanks to its rich resources, it was a place full of opportunities. Many people came to this continent to fight for a better life, in the hopes of moving up in society.

These air pirates had come here for the same reason, only they had turned to an extremely evil way of succeeding in life. They treated the forces of the three academies equally, robbing them lawlessly. It was exactly because of this that they were very famous.

The academies had tried to collaborate once, intending to eliminate the air pirates, but they could not even find them. The air pirates laid low for some time and then staged a comeback. They came and went. No one knew where they were living.

"Give us everything. Don't do anything silly!" An air pirate wearing a different mask said to everyone.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The other air pirates were all wearing black masks, while his was red. A Star Venerable at his peak! Those who wanted to fight back, including Jiang Chen, saw the leader's strength. No one on this ship was in a higher state. It was not weird. After all, no Martial Emperor would take such a ship. The air pirates must have investigated everything before acting. That was why they were so bold.

Some air pirates landed beside the crashed airship. They extinguished the fires and started to search for treasures. There were still some people on the ship, heavily injured but still alive. However, the evil air pirates killed them. The survivors in the air realized these air pirates were not fooling around. Seeing how cruel they were, those who had wanted to fight back gave up the idea one after another.

"Stop!" However, some of them still came forward. Two voices rang out in sync. It was a man and a woman. They were Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong.

Regardless of her companions' warning looks, Yao Yuntong landed at the peak. Emitting thousands of thunders, she forced the air pirates to retreat.

"What you want is money. You didn't have to kill those people," Yao Yuntong shouted.

"Inheritor of thunder methods?" Everyone in the air was surprised. Her companions were as pale as ghosts.

As to Jiang Chen, who had spoken at the same time, he did not get any attention.

However, the red-masked air pirate gave him a glance. Then he was surrounded by people immediately.

"Stand in a row!" It was impossible to tell from the air pirate leader's voice whether he was male or female. There were 20 survivors in the air. Exchanging a look, they lined up without discussion.

Jiang Chen did not join them, because he was surrounded by a group of air pirates.

"We have our rules. As long as you don't fight back, we won't hurt you." The air pirate leader looked at Yao Yuntong, surrounded by some air pirates as well.

"You fought back, so you and your companions have to die." It was impossible to perceive his cruelty from his voice, since it had been disguised, but everyone knew he was not bluffing.

Yao Yuntong's companions started to beg for his mercy. At the same time, they drew a line between them and her.

However, the air pirate leader did not believe them. He kept staring at Yao Yuntong.

"But I'll let you go because you are an inheritor of thunder methods, as long as you give your thunder method to me," said the air pirate leader.

"I swore a blood oath. It's impossible. Besides, believe me, you don't want to learn it." Pulling a long face, Yao Yuntong was very serious.

"That's not your concern." The air pirate leader seemed to have anticipated that. Without any hesitation, he went on, "Your blood oath must have some binding conditions."

Yao Yuntong turned pale. She knew what he meant. If he was her significant one, he would not be restricted by the blood oath.

"I happen to need a woman. I'll treat you well." The air pirate leader was not ashamed at all to say this in the presence of so many people.

"I won't satisfy you even if I die." Yao Yuntong was very resolute. As long as she did not surrender, the air pirate leader could do nothing to her.

"Well, so I'll kill all of your companions in front of you." The air pirate leader was good at threatening people. He said, "If you impart your thunder method to me, I'll let go of your companions. What do you think?"

"Yuntong, help us." Her companions, who had tried so hard to separate themselves from her, begged her one after another. The man Jiang Chen had seen walk out of the room was nervous and crying.

Yao Yuntong hesitated. She could not decide what to do.

Jiang Chen knew she was a stubborn woman. Such people did not like to cause others trouble.

"Hey, you are forcing a good woman to prostitute herself. And you sound so righteous. How do you justify it?" Jiang Chen said, trying to save her blushes.

As a result, the air pirates who were going to deal with Yao Yuntong first looked toward him.

People had detected that he was in the Fourth Constellation Palace. They did not expect him to have the nerve to speak.

The air pirate leader threw him a glance. Then he said, "Are you eager to die?"

"I don't mind helping you die faster," Jiang Chen said.

By then all of the air pirates were giving off an extremely aggressive energy.

Yao Yuntong's companions were secretly blaming Jiang Chen. They were afraid he would piss off the air pirates.

"Kill him, but don't let him die too fast," the air pirate leader ordered.

The air pirates who had surrounded Jiang Chen attacked decisively. Killing was nothing for them, but Jiang Chen was used to killing as well. Seeing these ants courting death, he only curled his lips. He was not carrying swords with him since he was in disguise. However, he did not need swords at all to deal with these people.


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