The Brilliant Fighting Master
1045 Sky-Reaching Continen
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1045 Sky-Reaching Continen

A few days later, the elimination of the Tianyi Holy Land team created a huge disturbance on the spirit-level continents. Three grand supreme elders, one premier disciple, and ten-odd esoteric disciples were all lost to the Tianyi Holy Land.

Since it happened on the Celestial Pole Continent, at first people thought it was the Yao Family who were behind this. However, the Yao Family clarified immediately that they had nothing to do with it. They did not even participate in it. Then some disciples who had survived went back to the Tianyi Holy Land, and the truth was thus disclosed.

Most people could hardly believe that Jiang Chen had done this all by himself. Jiang Chen had managed to force the All Saints Religious Sect to compromise themselves because they could not locate his true body.

People were surprised at Jiang Chen's fighting power. They really admired him.

"This guy is improving very fast!"

Some people said that Jiang Chen had broken the curse of the divine body and that he would become the strongest man over time. Thinking it over, this seemed very probable. In less than one year, no man could be a match for him anymore, and he could already kill grand supreme elders easily. It seemed only Martial Emperors had a chance to kill him.

Those forces who hated Jiang Chen were hesitating about whether they would send Martial Emperors to deal with him. On one hand, they could not afford a loss if their man were to lose. If any Martial Emperor died, it would be a great loss for the Holy Lands and the Divine Religious Sects. But then again, they knew that if they did not send Martial Emperors to deal with him now, no Martial Emperor would be able to stop Jiang Chen in the future. This was the long-term view.

So the Tianyi Holy Land, the All Saints Religious Sect, and the Heaven Fire Religious Sect got together and hired killers to go after Jiang Chen and destroy him. The Heaven Fire Religious Sect was the Divine Religious Sect in charge of the affairs of the Wing Men. They were the first force to antagonize Jiang Chen. In the Realm of Nine Heavens, Jiang Chen had even killed the clone of their Sacred Lord. Although Jiang Chen had not run into the Heaven Fire Religious Sect yet since his arrival in the Seventh Realm, this Divine Religious Sect had been paying close attention to him.

People guessed Jiang Chen might join one of the academies to hide from his enemies, but no one knew that Jiang Chen had ruled out the option to join an academy. He had perfected the practicing methods of the Four Qi. It was not necessary for him to go to an academy anymore.


At the moment, Jiang Chen was considering Tianyin's proposal—to establish their own force. He had started his preparations ever since he had broken through to the Fourth Constellation Palace. What he needed first were abundant resources.

He had put the only immortal elixir he still had under the hammer. Then he had used the money he received to purchase more herbs. After repeating this several times, his earnings could be compared to those of Holy Lands and Divine Religious Sects. Of course, he did not forget about practicing. His new practicing bodies did not stop practicing for even one minute.

"With the initial approach of Xuan Ling Qi, I don't have to worry about my state anymore. So I'll focus on my sword doctrine." The transcendent force of sword doctrine and sword methods containing real doctrinal charm were what he was questing for.

For this reason, he arrived in the Sky-Reaching Continent. It was the center of all spirit-level continents. The spirit-level divisions of the three academies were situated on the same continent. As a result, this continent was much more prosperous than the other continents. The other continents were like cities and towns, while this continent was like the capital—a vast ocean into which thousands of rivers ran.

The three academies had chosen to settle here not only because of its geographical position, but also because of its vast area and rich resources. However, the Sky-Reaching Continent had not been fully explored yet. One of the eight forbidden lands of the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts was also located here.

After disguising himself, Jiang Chen came to one of the border cities of the Sky-Reaching Continent through a portal. Border cities were usually just jumping-off points where people would arrive but few would stay. So they were usually the most undeveloped, lawless, and often chaotic. This was especially true on the Sky-Reaching Continent, where the three academies, namely three forces, coexisted.

Like most people, Jiang Chen was going to go on to a prosperous big city. He was going to meet Ye Xue at the Academy of the Land of Abundance.

"Only people from the academies, Holy Lands, and Divine Religious Sects can use the portal to travel to the Sky-Reaching City." Since there were too many travelers, the use of the portal was limited to certain groups.

Most people had to spend days traveling through the Star Orbit in airships. Jiang Chen had his own airship. However, he was stopped when he was just about to fly to the Star Orbit.

"Hey! Do you know the rules or not? Private airships can't use the Star Orbit." The speaker was an average-looking, middle-aged man wearing epaulets.

"Yeah?" Jiang Chen said, feeling it funny. He had designed the Star Orbit in person. No one knew more clearly than he did which kind of spiritual airships could use it and which kind could not.

"You don't believe me? If you want to use the Star Orbit, you must take a big airship," the middle-aged man said.

There were all kinds of airships in this border city. The big airship he had mentioned belonged to some chamber of commerce. Jiang Chen realized the Star Orbit had been taken over by the chamber of commerce. This was completely against his original intentions when building the Star Orbit. However, he knew it would be useless to argue with them.

Thinking it over, he decided to keep a low profile. So he paid a great amount of money to take the airship flying to big cities.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Oh?" To his surprise, Jiang Chen met a friend on this ship. Yao Yuntong! The inheritor of thunder methods in the Three Middle Realms. He was surprised to see her having adventures in the Seventh Realm as well. They had been pretty close. Her father, Yao Tianshi, had helped him a few times.

Jiang Chen was just about to greet her when he realized that Yao Yuntong seemed to be hiding from people. She was wearing a headscarf to cover her face. If it were not for the energy of her thunder method that had caught Jiang Chen's attention, he would not have recognized her either.

Taking a closer look, he discovered that Yao Yuntong seemed to be in hiding from something. She did not want to be discovered. There were a few men and women of her age next to her. Their facial expressions were pretty similar.

Jiang Chen was very curious. He hesitated for a while. In the end, he decided to observe the situation from afar before speaking to her.

Soon, the big ship flew into the Star Orbit, advancing at high speed. All of the passengers entered their cabins.

Jiang Chen found a place where no one was around. He switched on his Eye of Heaven to find Yao Yuntong's room. The door happened to open from inside at this moment. A man walked out, pulling a long face. Jiang Chen recognized him. He had been standing with Yao Yuntong on the deck. Thinking it over, he decided to follow this man with the Eye of Heaven. He saw the man enter a room where there were four other people: two men and two women.

"You failed?" Seeing the man's face, they realized immediately.

"That woman is too prudent. She is grateful to me, but our effort will be wasted if I try to force her," the man said.

"What should we do then?"

"We can't miss such a chance."

"Maybe we can put on an act."

Although Jiang Chen had no idea what this was about, he knew from their conversation that they wanted something from Yao Yuntong.

"I'd better just go and ask them." Jiang Chen was just going to show up. These people were nothing in his eyes.

However, the airship shook violently just as he was about to ask them what they wanted from Yao Yuntong.

"That's not good!"

The airship was flying in the Star Orbit at light speed. Any accident could be extremely destructive. As expected, the airship was shaking more and more violently and giving off disturbing noises. Then it suddenly started to fall. All of the passengers were terrified as this unexpected happening.


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