The Brilliant Fighting Master
1043 A Desperate Fight with Grand Supreme Elders
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1043 A Desperate Fight with Grand Supreme Elders

The founding member of the Tianyi Holy Land was not there, so their strongest men available on the airship were the three grand supreme elders. Only one step away from Martial Emperor, they were really strong men among Star Venerables. They were called Tian Nan, Tian Bei, and Tian Xi. They, plus Tian Dong, who was not there, were the well-known Four Elders.

The three told their disciples to stay on the ship. They flew toward Jiang Chen carefully.


When they were close enough, Tian Nan gave the order decisively.

They collaborated to throw a fake Doctrine Artifact over. It was a sword of an incredible size. It was more than six feet long and as wide as the palm of an adult man's hand.

"Heart Killing Sword!"

Jiang Chen recognized the counterfeit right away. It was a sword used as a war weapon. Thrown over by the force of three grand supreme elders together, it could hurt people of emperor level although it was only a counterfeit. Evidently, they took Jiang Chen very seriously. They had gone all-out in the very first attack.

Facing the sharp blade of the Heart Killing Sword, Jiang Chen gave off resplendent golden lights. The Buddha's powers of the invincible golden body and the eight groups of spiritual beings were injected into his divine body at the same time. He opened his mouth. An angry flame roared out and hit the Heart Killing Sword. The Heart Killing Sword slowed down, trying to move forward against the Alien Flame despite difficulty. All of a sudden, the Sky-burning Evil Flame disappeared. It was Jiang Chen who was facing the sword. He gave the blade a punch.


A harsh sound rang out. The Heart Killing Sword shook violently. The sword's radiance was flickering. The three grand supreme elders looked like they were working very hard, but they could do nothing but watch the Heart Killing Sword lose control.

"He is so strong!" On the ship, the disciples of the Tianyi Holy Land were startled. As disciples of a Holy Land, they knew how powerful the Heart Killing Sword was. They could hardly believe that it had been sent flying by a single punch.

Meng Lang felt anxious, although he knew Jiang Chen had used external force. However, it was not humiliating to use external force. Actually, everyone wanted to do that. As a disciple of a Holy Land, even he did not have such a powerful external force. Except in a competition, no one would be so stupid that they would reserve their external forces in a life-or-death fight.

"He is alone, but he is strong enough. He doesn't need to be afraid of spirit-level Holy Lands or Divine Religious Sects," they realized, feeling jealous.

"Immortal Tying Lock!"

On the battlefield in the air, the grand supreme elders did not give up. They launched another attack. Each of them was holding a long thick iron chain with spiritual patterns formed by numerous interwoven veins. When the three iron chains were thrown, three kinds of forces, electricity, fire, and water, were released. Aiming at Jiang Chen, they did not give him any chance to dodge. Soon, they twined around Jiang Chen's body, not in a casual way, but following the outline of his body, so the movement of his joints would be restricted.

"Great!" Seeing Jiang Chen caught, the disciples of the Tianyi Holy Land all felt thrilled.

"You can't kick up a storm by yourself!" Tian Nan said coldly.

Then the three forces, electricity, fire, and water, of the Immortal Tying Locks instantly erupted.

Jiang Chen was heavily injured. His bones were rattling. Then just as people thought he was dying, his body suddenly exploded and turned to a mighty energy. Before anyone could realize what had happened, this energy, together with the eight groups of spiritual beings that had fallen from him, flew far away.

Another Jiang Chen appeared there. He caught the eight groups of spiritual beings and absorbed all of the strength of his practicing body. He was emitting lights in this process. The lunar vision and the solar vision rose again. At the same time, the sky clouded over. The sunny day suddenly became extremely overcast.


Thunder rattled in the clouds. The sound froze people's blood.

"Kalpa thunders?!"

"He used the same thing to kill some strong Ancients in the forbidden land of the Three Middle Realms."

"He wants to do it again? He thinks we're gonna take his bait?" The three grand supreme elders went back to their warship calmly. They told their disciples to be on guard.

Once Jiang Chen was approaching, they should fly farther away to avoid the Ko of thunder.

"We can't move very fast in a Ko of thunder. He will be barking at the moon if he wants to succeed when we are on our guard!" Elder Tian Nan smiled coldly.

"Distraction is the last thing wanted when going through a Ko. He is doing just the opposite. So, let's give him a great present!" Tian Bei added.

Then the weapons on the warship were all fired, aimed at the clouds. They did not expect to shoot Jiang Chen down. They only wanted the firing to distract him, hoping he would die in the sea of thunders. Unfortunately, the gunfire was restricted and the weapons were smashed into pieces as soon as they reached the sea of thunder.

Only treasures like the Heart Killing Sword or the Immortal Tying Lock could reach farther, but they were so precious that the three grand supreme elders obviously did not want to use them.

"Let's wait a little longer."

They waited patiently for Jiang Chen to go through the Ko.

Fifteen minutes later, the sea of thunder started to vanish. The kalpa clouds were also dispersing. Almost at the same time, the grand supreme elders launched another attack. The Immortal Tying Locks were thrown over. Jiang Chen, who had just succeeded in going through a Ko, was tied up again by the three iron chains. The scene was almost the same as before. When people thought the result would also be the same, Jiang Chen snarled in fury. To everyone's surprise, he broke free of the Immortal Tying Locks that had tied him up successfully. Then Jiang Chen dashed toward Tian Nan.

"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!"

Seeing this palm attack, the people on the airship felt like they were in a trance. They felt the world was ending. They were imagining that if it were them facing this palm attack, they would absolutely die. Facing Jiang Chen, the disciples of the Holy Land turned out to be fairly fragile.

Fortunately, the grand supreme elders did have good strength. Elder Tian Nan held his breath at the crucial moment. A loud sound that could be compared to a landslide came from his body. Then, a semi-transparent soul flew out of his body, like an astral projection.

"He is out of his physical body?!"

Jiang Chen gave the soul a punch, and it was heavily injured, like a broken ice sculpture. But soon, this semi-transparent soul was recovering.

"Even though you are in the Third Constellation Palace, the gap between us is still huge!" Tian Nan snorted, pointing at Jiang Chen's forehead.

Staying out of the physical body was a very mysterious Doctrine Method that could be used to protect oneself. No poison or weapon could hurt a person who had exerted such a method. It would be the soul that bore all harm caused, while the physical body stayed safe and sound. A man who could be a grand supreme elder was surely not simple.

At this moment, Tian Bei and Tian Xi also arrived on time. They were holding the Immortal Tying Lock in one hand and exerting a Doctrine Method with the other.

"Star Falling Holy Fist!"

"Heaven Cracking Palm!"

Jiang Chen was not only facing the dreadful power of the Immortal Tying Locks again, but also that of the palm and fist attack.


Seeing his practicing body unable to persist any longer, the true body of Jiang Chen exploded from not far away. The essence of the practicing body and the eight groups of spiritual beings came back into the true body again.

Everyone on the ship felt they were having déjà vu.

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"How dare you come to seek revenge? You are not strong enough at all. What a joke."

"This is your true body, isn't it? What are you gonna do now? You wanna run?"

On the ship, the disciples of the Tianyi Holy Land started to celebrate. They were complimenting their grand supreme elders.

Jiang Chen's true body did not speak. Kalpa clouds appeared in the sky again. He was going to break through to the Fourth Constellation Palace.

"Deploy the formation! This is his true body. Don't let him escape again!"

This time, the grand supreme elders did not try to prevent the Ko of thunders anymore. Instead, they ordered the disciples to surround Jiang Chen.

They were going to kill Jiang Chen!


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