The Brilliant Fighting Master
1041 A Cleansing Lotus
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1041 A Cleansing Lotus

Lin Shuangyue threw Jiang Chen a sympathetic look.

One's name is what matters the most to a person. No matter how our appearances change, the name given at the time of our births will be with us throughout our whole life. People who changed their names after awakening meant they had discarded something.

Since Fan Tianyin, no, Man Tianyin, had walked out, she had not looked at Jiang Chen even once. In their few occasional eye contacts, she only looked curious and puzzled.

Later, a sacred lotus rose from the ground and soared into the sky. When its leaves opened, the whole sky dimmed.

"It's a vision. It's a cleansing lotus!"

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People were looking up at the lotus. Regardless of positions and states, they all seemed small under the cleansing lotus. Then the lotus closed and went back to Man Tianyin's body. Her hair stopped dancing in the wind.

When people looked toward Man Tianyin again, they were looking at her in a different way. It meant they had been convinced that the spirit of the Great Sovereign was not a joke. It was true. The big shots present felt surprised as well as scared. They also held respect for the Sovereign Spirit Palace.

All of a sudden, Man Tianyin disappeared from their sight. She disappeared so suddenly under numerous strong people's gazes. It was really strange.

"She reduced a long distance to inches! It's a paramount physical movement. Must be an extraordinary Doctrine Method from 500 years ago." A white-haired old man found some ripples in the air where Man Tianyin had been standing.

Jiang Chen had left too.

Watching him leaving, Ye Tian shook his head. He also had a complicated feeling.

Mr. Wolong had also disappeared.

Man Tianyin and Mr. Wolong appeared respectively over an unknown mountain close to Qingtian City.


Mr. Wolong was surprised to hear her call him that. This meant his apprentice had not discarded everything after awakening.

Thinking about her behavior just now, Mr. Wolong, as a person who had experienced all this, realized something. "You don't want to cause Jiang Chen any trouble, do you?"

Man Tianyin nodded. The complicated expression on her pretty face was impossible to interpret.

It was not weird for Mr. Wolong. Getting connected to a soul of 500 years ago and having a double life could break people who were not mentally strong enough.

"Jiang Chen will have a great future. He broke the curse of the divine body. He will become a successful person for sure," Mr. Wolong comforted her.

However, before that, she could not be with Jiang Chen. As to the reason, it was related to the Sovereign Spirit Palace.

"Master, in addition to this, there is another person who I can't forget. His face has been more deeply engraved in my mind after these 500 years. I don't know what I should do in front of Jiang Chen."

The current Man Tianyin was not as carefree as before.

"Is that person from the Sacred Zone? He should be dead now," Mr. Wolong said.

"Yes. He was dead before I went into reincarnation, but I can't get over him." Man Tianyin looked pained.

"What was he like?" Mr. Wolong knew letting these feelings out was better than hiding them, so he wanted to straighten her out.

"A man who could not practice, but he gained a high position in the Sacred Zone through his talent and strategies. The Sword Master's descendant and he addressed each other as brothers. All the women were crazy for him. He cracked the great formation deployed by the Goddess of Empyrean. In this way, the 3,000 great doctrines created by her were disclosed. Even legendary people would fight for the elixirs refined by him. I'm just one of the thousands of women who were in love with him. It was the first time I got drunk the day he got married. But ironically, the next day, he was found dead in his wedding room."

"... Ah!"

As she spoke, Man Tianyin started to scream painfully, holding her head.

"Kid, give yourself a break. Don't think too much. Your memory needs time to recover." Familiar with all this, Mr. Wolong hurried to comfort her.

Man Tianyin burst out crying. Her voice was hoarse. "But I can't recall his name anymore. I am sure I know it, but I can't recall it. It's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't recall it."

"I understand that. Things will get better," Mr. Wolong said.

Memory loss was the result of reincarnation.

"Master, I'm still deeply in love with Jiang Chen. I can't forget what we went through together. But can a person be in love with two people at the same time? Isn't a woman like this a bad woman?"

Man Tianyin almost passed out.

"Don't try so hard. It's okay to escape from it for the moment. Although it's a little cowardly, it works. Because you won't be able to confide this to Jiang Chen anyway."

What the master had said calmed Man Tianyin down. She wiped away her tears. A few days later, in Qingtian City, still only a few people knew about the Waker.

Everything in the city stayed the same, but those big shots were leaving one after another.

Mr. Wolong announced that he would like to be the Guest Elder for some time in the Yao Family to thank them for their help. The Yao Family were very grateful. They would not have to worry about the Tianyi Holy Land and the Holy Moon Religious Sect for the moment.

Not long after this news had been announced, the Yao Family came into power on the Celestial Pole Continent again. Everything in Qingtian City went back to normal. After all, nothing here was attractive enough to keep the strong people in the city.

Jiang Chen never left his house during these days. Neither did anyone who knew what had happened come to disturb him. Lin Shuangyue wanted to pay him a visit before leaving, but the idea did not seem appropriate, so in the end she did not.

However, Ye Tian came. He said no matter whether Fan Tianyin had forgotten about Jiang Chen or not, their agreement was still effective.

"I didn't pursue her because she was the Waker. She has things I like, so I won't give up." Then Ye Tian also left.

As to Man Tianyin, she had left for the Sovereign Spirit Palace after the conversation with Mr. Wolong.

"Tianyin." Unlike what others supposed, Jiang Chen was not too sad. He was at most a bit low. He had guessed Tianyin was deliberately hiding her feelings.

Is the Sovereign Spirit Palace in some kind of trouble?

Who on earth is that Long Xing? Why had I never heard about such a powerful man?

He interpreted the mysteries of nature and made such an incredible plan. What did he want?

Bewildered by these questions, he could not figure them out anyway.


One day, someone knocked on his door. Jiang Chen opened the door and saw Qing Xian there.

"Apprentice Elder Brother Jiang Chen, my apprentice elder sister sent me to give this back to you." Qing Xian gave him a jade pendant.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. He did not remember that he had ever given this to her.

"Your apprentice elder sister told you to give it to me?" Jiang Chen asked.


Qing Xian knew nothing about the Waker or reincarnation. She thought her apprentice elder sister had left Jiang Chen for a better future. And she gave back the present to him to draw a line between them.

Different from the first time she had seen Jiang Chen, Qing Xian felt pity for him. She even blamed her apprentice elder sister for her cruelness.

Jiang Chen took the jade pendant. It was a precious smooth jade, but he did not see anything special about it.

After Qing Xian left, he checked the jade pendant carefully again.

"Scripture of Nature?!"

Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised to find out the secret about it. The practicing method of Xuan Ling Qi was hidden in the jade.


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