The Brilliant Fighting Master
1040 My Name Is Man Tianyin
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1040 My Name Is Man Tianyin

Jiang Chen knew nothing would change even if Mr. Wolong had not told him anything in advance. It was out of good intentions that Mr. Wolong had told him about it so that he would not find it too difficult to accept what would happen next.

"Tianyin told me you were in need of the practicing method of Xuan Ling Qi. I'll help you with that," Mr. Wolong said.

Jiang Chen frowned. As he recalled, he had never told Tianyin about that. But he felt relieved soon. He assumed Tianyin had seen through what was bothering him.

Switching off the restrictions, Mr. Wolong told him he could leave.

Walking out of the palace, Jiang Chen saw Qing Xian and Fan Tianyin waiting not far away.

"...Real Star Venerables have at least one constellation palace illuminated. In this way, it's possible to exert Doctrine Methods at will and carry out the spirit of martial arts in a profound manner." Jiang Chen happened to hear Fan Tianyin's expectant voice after walking closer. It weighed heavily on his mind.

Illuminating a constellation palace would wake the spirit of the Great Sovereign in her. It was as simple as that. The only way to stop Tianyin was to stop her making any progress.

Jiang Chen believed that if he asked her to give up, she would do it for his sake, but Jiang Chen did not want to be so selfish.

Going back to the palace again, he asked Mr. Wolong seriously whether the waking would erase her original soul. 

Mr. Wolong understood what he was worrying about, so he explained everything in detail. "Her soul won't be erased. Let me put it this way. It's like a villain who has lost his memory is taken in by a good-hearted family. You'll see the kind part of the villain will be awakened. When his memory is lost, he will do things he had never expected himself to do. He will be happy to help others. All of a sudden, one day, his memory recovers. Then he will probably turn over a new leaf and continue being a good person. But it's also possible that his evil doesn't go away at all. Maybe he will kill the family. It will depend on which wins out in the conflict, the evil before the memory loss or the good after the memory loss. No matter what happens, you can't deny he is still the same person. This example is very extreme. I'm using it to explain to you because the conflict between evil and good is exactly what you are worrying about."

Mr. Wolong was a nice old man. He was kind of comforting Jiang Chen in the end. It was hard to say whether Fan Tianyin would still love Jiang Chen after waking up.

"You can tell Tianyin." Mr. Wolong said, "Let her decide."

"Can I?" Jiang Chen could hardly believe it.

"That's also why I told you. I don't know how to tell her," Mr. Wolong said.

"Isn't this against the rules of the Sovereign Spirit Palace?" Jiang Chen asked.

Mr. Wolong did not speak. He only replied with a smile.

"Thank you, senior." Jiang Chen thanked him sincerely. Then he walked out of the palace again. He came up to Fan Tianyin to tell her everything about the spirits of the Great Sovereign and the reincarnators.

"No wonder I had that feeling."

"No wonder Ye Tian was so clingy. The love at first sight he claimed is nonsense. He just wants my spirit of the Great Sovereign."

Fan Tianyin's reaction kind of surprised Jiang Chen. She took it well.

"I will illuminate my constellation palace." Fan Tianyin said decisively.

Jiang Chen did not know how to describe his feelings. He did not know what to say.

"Because I'm sure I won't forget you. Your face has been engraved in my mind. No one can erase it." Looking up suddenly and gazing at Jiang Chen's eyes full of tender affection, Fan Tianyin said something beautiful.

In an instant, Jiang Chen even felt guilty for his concern. "I trust you." It was all that he could say.

Soon, the practicing room was ready. They had worked so fast to curry favor with the future Great Sovereign.

When Fan Tianyin walked into the practicing room, many big shots from the Seventh Realm were there.

There were only a couple of youngsters, Ye Tian and Lin Shuangyue. The fact that these people were here meant they all knew about the spirit of the Great Sovereign.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

That was why Ye Tian was so surprised to see Jiang Chen. 

"Aren't you scared?" As surprised as Ye Tian, Lin Shuangyue could not help but ask.

"Of what?"

"She could be a different person. Anything can happen. Aren't you worried?" Lin Shuangyue looked full of curiosity. She wondered whether Jiang Chen was faking his feelings.

Jiang Chen knew she would not believe him. So, he just said, "Even if I don't agree, you won't allow her to give up."

"That's true."

Lin Shuangyue tumbled to the fact. Putting aside those unrelated forces from the Seventh Realm who had just come along for the ride, the force in charge of the spirits of the Great Sovereign would in no way agree. It was not difficult for them to force Fan Tianyin to illuminate her constellation palace.

"I see." Ye Tian, listening to them secretly, nodded. He somehow felt relieved. Maybe he thought no one would be so noble. What he did not have, others did not have either.

Fan Tianyin walked into the practicing room. She turned around to throw Jiang Chen, standing in the crowd, a glance before the door was closed. She did not have the divine body. She would not cause the Ko of thunders.

Fan Tianyin did not even ask Jiang Chen for that immortal elixir, because she did not think it necessary. But everyone knew the most important thing was not the illumination of the constellation palace, but the awakening after that.

Many people were as dubious as Jiang Chen, but they were also looking forward to witnessing it. It was complicated.

If the whole thing was true, that Long Xing was really a dreadful person, because he was able to make such an unbelievable thing happen. Putting the spirits of the Great Sovereign aside, the reincarnation sort of realized immortality. More than that, it also traveled through time and transcended history.

When people were thinking about such unrealistic things, a great disturbance came from the practicing room.

"She has made it!"

They all knew it was the sign of illuminating the constellation palace successfully.

Fan Tianyin had accumulated lots of energy during her one-year imprisonment. She had also gotten the initial approaches from Jiang Chen. It was just a matter of time for her to succeed. Her current success was as sure as shooting.

Holding their breaths, everyone was expecting to see what would happen next. They could feel the unquiet in the practicing room. An unspeakable change appeared in the sky. Something seemed to be gathering in the room. It was not that the spirits of the universe were gathering in the room. It was not that simple. The big shots present there tumbled to all kinds of lore and laws that were still too profound for Jiang Chen's current state.

He was staring at the door of the practicing room with undivided attention.

Soon, sounds came from the stone door. It opened with a muffled sound.

Fan Tianyin, in her Second Constellation Palace, walked out of the shadows.

"She has changed!" Someone exclaimed.

The charisma Fan Tianyin gave off was so evident. It was something new in her. She looked indifferent, transcendent, as clear as crystal and as bright as the moonlight. Her beauty was beyond comparison. She looked so serious that people did not have the nerve to look at her.

Jiang Chen suddenly felt he had seen someone with that charisma somewhere before.

"My name is Man Tianyin," she said.


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